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The X Factor – My Predictions For The Top Twelve

Alytian looked so stoked when Ronan introduced Boyzone and was bouncing up and down, he has definitely decided to drop his cool rock star persona. And he remember his lyrics. However I think one of the Boyzone boys was right when they said he thought he was already a rock star, but he is so dramatic.

I think Ronan has really pulled the short straw with this group, as Amanda Garafanakis the only one with a standout singing and persona. Alytian has the persona so maybe that will pull him through.

Natalie Imbruglia has a plethora of talent in the under 25 girls five out of her six girls are more then capable in giving the The X Factor title a good shake.  Richard Branson was helping her pick which will also help her as he did start up a record label, so should be able to spot potential.

Guy Sebastian turning out to be really  fantastic in his role as judge and mentor. He is showing personality and also knows what he his talking about musically. The only issue I have is whether he can be impartial towards the group Mahogany. They are now in his top three so will be on the live shows. Will they be the female Random of the competition?

All I know if I was the other group, particularly The Real Sisters I would not have had a bitter taste in my mouth. They were sent home.

By the way I wish I was like Guy and when I couldn’t make a decision got to go to New York. He was taking his other four groups to New York to then decide who would get the final two spots. Also I liked his thinking that he wanted to make sure they were all different styles. A good bit of strategy as you don’t want to split your voters.

Actually surprisingly like Snoop Doggy Dog, but the only time he smiled was when the was a Bob Marley reference when Jahmaking It Funky were singing. I don’t think we need to go there on that one.

Again the under 25 year old boys had to contend with a gorgeous girl to sing to. Kelly Rowland was assisting Kyle Sandilands with his choices,  but this time the boys did not appear to choke so much. Kyle Sandiland’s needs to give them a bit more feed back, all are these boys are under 20 years of age I think they could do with some positivity to help them keep their confidence.

Ok this is a big call but here are my predictions for the top three in each category:

Over 25’s:

  • Amanda Grafanakis;
  • James Mc Nally; and
  • Alytian Childs but now I have seen him bawling on the previews I am not as confident.


  • Mahogany (they are already through);
  • Luke and Joel;
  • Lazy Jay and Big Guy

Under 25 girls:

  • Sally Chatfield;
  • India-Rose Madderom; and
  • Hayley Teale

Under 25 guys (I think this is the most difficult to pick):

  • George Walter,
  • Chris Doe,
  • Mitchell Smith (just because he is my favourite of the boys voice wise, NOT in a pervy way).


1 Sally { 09.13.10 at 7:01 pm }

The Guy/Mahogany thing is just a beatup.

“Do you think it will matter to Australian X-Factor voters that you knew Mahogany before they auditioned?

No. I know a lot of the contestants on this show. It’s Australia. The industry is small. The fact is Mahogany are NOT my back-up singers. They did tour support on ONE of my tours and thats it. I barely know them and the truth is it would have been a crime for me to not put them through the initial rounds because they delivered EVERY time. They were both Snoop and Ushers favourite performers on the day because they nailed the harmonies and didn’t forget words etc.”

2 Bella vita { 09.13.10 at 8:00 pm }

Way off the mark with a couple of choices but we shall all find out in good time!

3 Reality Raver { 09.13.10 at 8:44 pm }

Sally – Interesting maybe Guy needs to tell the voice over dude as he kept on saying they were his back up singers. Also I thought they were put through before Usher saw them. Wasn’t Snoop in LA and Usher in NYC? But that could just be the editing.

Bella Vita – Oh I knew I was going get some majorly wrong. But just put it out there for discussion.

4 Sally { 09.14.10 at 12:32 am }

It probably suits the producers to whip people up to a minor frenzy over this stuff. The same with LJ and BG, who were apparently crashing and burning. They just didn’t show it on TV. I don’t know about the sequence of Usher and Snoop and them seeing Mahogany. Guy might have asked Usher to look at Mahogany video. I don’t like Luke and Joel either, but I think Guy got painted into a corner on that. He loved LJ & BG but by the time he faced it that they weren’t going to make it, he didn’t have much left to choose from.