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Australia’s Next Top Model Public Vote Is Controversial

Clearly the Australian Next Top Model producers were not concerned about the result of the Federal election as they have decided to put the decision in who will win this year’s title into the hands of the voting public.

Yes that is right the judges will have no say in picking the winner it will be all up to the public to decide between Kelsey, Amanda, and Sophie.

One person who apparently underwhelmed by this decision is the editor of Harper’s Bazaar who according to Sydney Confidential is “furious” that they are unable to choose their own cover girl.

The article said:

Edwina McCann agreed Harper’s would run the winner of the Foxtel series on the cover on the provision McCann was part of the judging panel – except it was announced on Tuesday that viewers would decide the winner. Behind the scenes sources say Mc Cann is “far from happy” because, having already shot the top three contestants to mock up three covers, she has a clear favourite.

“When the winner is announced they will literally press print on the issue,” our source said.

“She is unhappy there are three girls in the final. Edwina wanted Amanda and Kelsey in the final.”

McCann did not return Confidential’s calls yesterday.

In 2008, when Vogue was attached to ANTM, editor Kirstie Clements, pulled then-winner Demelza Reveley from the front page – famously declaring the pictures did not warrant a cover.

If this story is true it will be interesting to see if they sponsor the show next year.


1 emily , 10yrs old { 09.24.10 at 1:05 pm }

plz plz plz p[lz let kelsy win she diserves to plz

2 Natalie { 09.25.10 at 11:02 am }


3 bella vita { 09.26.10 at 8:31 pm }

The lady from Elite NY stated that Sophie could work there right now and she would book her in a minute. If thats not an endorsement i dont know what is!

I wouldnt be surprised if Harpers now pull support for future shows ala Vogue. Vogue hated Demelza winning thus no front cover, and the ANTM franchise were embarressed by that fact. If Harpers dont get who they want, watch them give the winner a 2 page spread in the mag instead.

My pick for winner, not that i give a shit is Sophie based purely on what Elite said. Kelsey will do well in editorials and Amanda will fade into obscurity.

4 Phoebe { 09.27.10 at 8:13 pm }

I think that Sophie should win Australias next top model, even though I have a strong feeling that Amanda will win :/
Sophie deserves to win, because she is a good photo taker, and she is very enthusiatstic about modeling, but I still think that Amanda will win, sadly.

5 Miki { 09.27.10 at 8:18 pm }

I think that Sophie could win, because the lady from Elite NYC, and Harpers Bazar, had said that she could work there now and fit in perfectly with the other models. But on the other hand, I think that Amanda could win, because she had a strong catwalk, and Alex Perry had said that she is better than some of his girls now, and the other guy judge (I dont know his name :L) had said that she was the best girl on the catwalk, includig the professionals.
But i think that Kelsey could win, because she takes very good photos, and is a very good catwalker, but the only thing against Kelsey, is that she is only 5ft 7 inch, and your supposed to be 5ft 9inch to be a model.
Over all, I think it will be very close, and I hope the best one wins. :)