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The Block – Do The Previous Contestant’s Relationships Survive The Experience?

With reality TV show The Block back on our screens it makes you wonder what has happened to the previous contestants and whether their relationship has survived the rigors of drilling, sanding and painting. In most cases it would appear that it had.

Now most reality TV savants know that Dr Andrew the winner of season 2 is now a media personality on Network Ten, and seen regularly on the 7pm Project. He is now married with three children.

But where are the rest of them, thankfully Woman’s Day helps us out:

Amity and Phil:

Phil and Amity were in the first season of the block relocated from Sydney to Adelaide four years ago and are now the proud parents of son Jamison 4, and newborn daughter Poppy.

“When you’re on a TV show like that, it always pushes the boundaries of a marriage,” says the advertising and events agency director, 40. “But we just had fun with it. We’d do it again in a heartbeat!”

After her stint on The Block, Amity released an album, The Lighthouse, then True To Me in 2006.

Now 32, she is still singing up a storm both with her band Hepburn, and for her cabaret show she is making into a musical.

Fiona and Adam:

The won season one of The Block, and Adam Thorn and Fiona Mills are still ruling the renovation game.

After taking home a prize of $256,000, the pair wrote a book, Adam and Fiona’s Renos On A Budget: How We Renovated Our Way To The Block, featuring tips and tricks about how to make money from DIY.

Next stop was starting an interior design and renovation consultancy business, Design and Everything, which meant the couple “had nothing to talk about at home!” says Fiona. “We got a bit bored working with each other,” laughs Adam, 38. “We’d get home and all we’d talk about was work and money!”

The pair, who live in NSW, decided to pursue different careers and Fiona, 35, now has a business in the beauty industry, while Adam works for Freedom Kitchens.

The couple married in 2005, still have a passion for overhauling houses. With six under their belt so far, they are now looking for another project.

“We’ve never really sat and enjoyed a house after we’ve renovated it,” Adam muses. “We usually just sell it straight away, just when it’s all done up really nicely.”

Having lived in their latest home for four years though. Fiona admits this one will be hard to let go.”We’re attached to this one!”

Kylie and Paul:

For Paul and Kylie Ingram, signing up for The Block meant exposure for their plumbing and maintenance business, New Era. They gained not onlay a booming business, but new insight into their partnership.

Seven years on, the pair, who say they have fond memories of the show, are still going strong and are proud parents to daugther Sahara 4.

“There are definitely some pressure moment during your time on the show that can be very testing on any relationship, but [with] partners and neighbours, but that’s what makes the show so successful,” says Kylie.

Now the couple, both 38, live in Sydney’s south and are busy caring for Sahara and running businesses including a fireplace dealership and styling homes for real estate agents.

But The Block experience isn’t fully behind them. Looking to put their renovation skills to good use, the pari are selling their home and buying another to make over.

“Being involved in the building game, you see so many designs and products and you really want to have them in your own home,” Kylie explains. “We can’t wait to find a new place and get started.

Gav and Waz:

Gavin Atkins and Warren Sonin were the designer duo of the original Block in 2003, and gave us a dose of gay pride as the first same-sex couple on Aussie reality TV. The irrepressible pair still live a luxurious life, but now they run their business Designer Boys from the peaceful surrounds of a 24ha property in Byron Bay in NSW.

“We’ve got 30 cows wandering around,” says Waz 45. “Basically our lives changed completely since we were on The Block. If you think that was chalk, then this is cheese!”

It’s an entirely different landscape to the corporate jobs they once knew.

“We thought, if we can survive The Block, we can do this,” Waz says. “So after the show we quit our jobs and started Designer Boys. But nothing has been handed to us – we’ve probably worked harder than anyone else.”

The pair are clearly thrilled with their tree-change. The solitude of their home allows Gav to indulge his passion for art, which he provides to hotels and resorts through Designer Boys Collections, while both say the silence is a very different but welcome kind of luxury.

“We can shut the farm gate and close the world out behind us,” Waz says. Both agree their extensive renovations on their 1880s farmhouse make their work on The Block seem like a walk in the park. “We bought the farmhouse 30km away, split it in half and transported it on two semi-trailers. Then we built a 450m road to bring the house in!” says Gav 43.

Between their booming businesses, and still strong relationship, the couple have no regrets. In fact, Waz says there’s only one thing they’re lacking. “It’s great, but we need a holiday!”

If you know what the previous contestant’s of The Block are doing please let us know.


1 Injera { 09.27.10 at 11:53 am }

Is Amity the same “Amity Dry” who has been blogging for Fairfax’s “Essential Baby” blog? Saw her byline on the website last week.

2 Reality Raver { 09.27.10 at 12:03 pm }

That would be correct.

3 Angel86 { 09.28.10 at 11:23 pm }

Hey, I read something somewhere recently about some drama that Fiona and Adam had in the first season over a heater or something? Does anyone else remember that? I’ve drawn a complete blank and I can’t find it online.

4 nittywitty { 04.24.12 at 3:55 pm }

Angel86 – Fiona and Adam wanted to move their hot water system from inside where it was in the laundry to outside against the back wall leaving lots of room to extend the bathroom. However, because the new position was considered common area or something , they needed permission from the others and consequently not given unless the couples from the upper floor were given title to the roof and therefore valuable attic space .No agreement was reached.

5 stephen connell { 05.30.13 at 8:44 pm }

I seem to remember a Melbourne couple in an earlier series of the block. that nobody go along with by the end of that series Is that right?