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The X Factor – Kyle Sandilands and Tamara Jaber On Same Show

I am definitely watching Monday night’s elimination show of The X Factor to see Kyle Sandilands and Tamara Jaber in the one room.

Tamara will be performing in her pop duo Scarlett Belle, a gig that was arranged before the split. I wonder if Kyle has given the orders to the cameramen not to pan to him whilst she is performing…

It is likely Tamara will also be on The Xtra Factor as the other performers were last week. So the chances of Kyle going to the set to chat to host Natalie Garonzi will be slim.

But some sort of kerfuffle between the to former partners could just be the ratings boost The X Factor needs.

Also Kyle has apparently pulled his head in and now says he did not realise how much work the mentoring of the boys will be. Obviously the reality check of having one of his singers eliminated has brought out the competitive streak in him.

Also the show is continuing to want to play up the “feud” between Kyle and Amanda Grafanakis with her telling the Daily Telegraph that she was glad she did not get him as a mentor.

The article said:

And at least one other contestant has admitted they’re grateful to have avoided Sandilands’ lackadaisical mentoring, with favourite Amanda Grafanakis joking that she “thanks God every day” that she is under the tutelage of former Boyzone singer Ronan Keating.

“He’s amazing,” she told Confidential. “He has a lot of really good ideas and has heaps of feedback which is great because it shows what a difference a personal mentor can do.”

Also props to Syd Con for doorstopping (see video) or rather cafe stopping the notoriously media shy Kyle who talks a bit more about the rigours of appearing on The X Factor.


1 Culinary Boner { 09.24.10 at 4:58 pm }

they make such a lovely couple

2 brain dead dave { 09.24.10 at 9:45 pm }

Here today,gone Tamara….