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Kyle V Amanda – The Article That Pissed Kyle off

Anyone who saw The X Factor tonight saw Kyle Sandilands tell Amanda Grafanakis how unhappy he was about her comments in the paper today.

On The Xtra Factor, Shelly Horton from the Sun Herald said it was an article in her paper he was miffed about. She was about to tell us more then transmission was pulled.

Personally I find Amanda’s comment innocuous, but here is the article below so you decide whether you are on Team Amanda or Team Kyle.

The Sun Herald article said:

Being the only dad in the bunch Ronan Keating is proving the pick of the judges when it comes to mentoring The X Factor.

The Irish crooner who has three young children has the mother hen touch says Amanda Grafanakis, 27, who tells S she and her fellow over-25 contestants had scooped in the judging stakes.

“He’s amazing. He’s so into it and he really cares,” Grafanakis says.

“Everyone keeps telling us we’re the luckiest and it’s so true. He even took us out to dinner.”

Insiders say Kyle Sandilands – spotted leaving the Piano Room in Kings Cross in the wee hours of Friday morning with a 21-year-old leather pants wearing Tamara lookalike – is proving the least motherly of the group. One of Sandiland’s group, a tearful Chris Doe, was the first to be evicted.

Grafanakis was also adamant Sandilands was trying to sabotage her when he spoke of her “upsetting people” backstage. raising eyebrows in the audience as to what she had done.

“It was typical Kyle style,” Grafanakis says. “I had upset one of his crew and made a joke – and I have a good sense of humour – and it was taken out of context and blown out of proportion.

“I apologised to the member of Kyle’s entourage.”


1 Sniffer Dog { 09.27.10 at 1:44 am }

I think I know who Amanda’s talking about. I was in the audience last night, and Kyle was the only judge who had his own personal assistant (not a member of the X Factor crew) who kept bringing him various items throughout the night. Kyle was also the only judge who kept disappearing from the judges’ table during several commercial breaks. Must be one hell of a bladder problem.

2 Winnie { 09.27.10 at 1:47 am }

hmmm… it sure does look like he is trying to sabotage her. He is a judge, why not stick to commenting on her performance.. instead weekly now he seems to be making it personal. She looked great tonight, soft and elegant. Her voice is pretty, and tonight she performed well, but the length that the contestants can perform for, does not do their voice justice..

3 kimberly { 09.27.10 at 3:14 am }

hmmm i think is deaper than that, when kyle mention the personality and the ”incident” you can see natalie imbruglia be in an agreement. so, whats that about??

4 constant { 09.27.10 at 7:00 am }

seems that kyle should not be on this show and has someserious issues to sort out,Ronan is a great judge and knows what he is talking about,but kyle well no way,he should leave the show before he destroys it.

5 scruffnkelsmum { 09.27.10 at 8:23 am }

I can see how her personality could grate, but surely Kyle can’t bloody well comment?? Kyle is the most obnoxious man on TV or radio, and an absolute douche!!!!!!

and for the record, she did look great last night and did a very credible effort on a very hard son. I liked Sally and India best tho……

6 Jade { 09.27.10 at 3:42 pm }

I heard this morning during the radio segment Kyle said that Amanda said something about one of his staff. Then a moment later he said something along the lines of ‘ I love gays’ or something to that effect. I heard that apparently she had made a gay slur against one of his staff. He was not very pleased about it at all, and rightfully so.

7 Gerdy { 09.27.10 at 8:57 pm }

At the end of the day. Does it matter what kyle gets up to. Its none of my business or anybody elses for that fact. But I would suggest she (Amanda) pay him respect weather she likes or not, because she can learn from him and he can shot her down in a second. :)

8 Nikki..xx { 09.27.10 at 9:10 pm }

well in my opinion kyle is an ass, and a perv…
i dont no wat amanda sed about him but i no he shouldnt of sed that “he could destroy her” i think that was over the top…
also did yu see him checking that lesbian chick out,, i cant remembe her name but she has red hair and is curvy..
andd wat the hell is kyle doing on that show i mean he couldnt sing even if his life depended on it so wat makes australia think that he could judge huh?? anways ok im out o ps.. amanda hunny dont even listen to wat the fool sez he is just jealous that he isnt greek like yu and me ok lols… xx

9 Nikki..xx { 09.27.10 at 9:23 pm }

come on who agreeees with moi?? o and ps.. i love justin bieber he is so sexyy

10 Nicole { 09.27.10 at 9:51 pm }

Kyle needs to sit back and think about the not too distant past and remember that it’s easy for things to be said before putting more thought into it. Not too long ago, he was crucified by the public and even his own employers for his comments to a young girl who said she’d been a rape victim. I heard Kyles comments on that show and i felt that he just chose a poor choice of words in haste. Pot calling the kettle black kyle?

11 Sober { 09.28.10 at 7:10 am }

The only thing Amanda can learn from Kyle is how not to conduct oneself as a human being.

12 Shay Narsey { 09.28.10 at 3:11 pm }

kyle speaks the truth and alot of you just cant handle it!
if she wants to get kicked out…keep messing with kyle….he has the number hit music radio show in Sydney and can give her some real bad publicity which is what she got after sundays show and look where she ended up in the bottom 2 just scraping through in the end!

Go KingKyle!

13 Jade { 09.28.10 at 4:17 pm }

Im with Shay GO KING KYLE !!!

14 Reality Raver { 09.28.10 at 4:24 pm }

Interesting how Kyle sandliands polarises people you either love him or hate him.

15 Matt { 09.29.10 at 1:45 am }

ok…kyle is an ugly, fat, old, poor excuse of a man…what does he know about music?….in a sense of how to sing correctly and perform???? he is only on this show cos he sucked some guy’s wang and got the gig! everyone can see that his group cannot sing at all, and should not have been picked for his final three…get rid of the crap! i think all the male acts on the show are terrible, but the females are all really good singers and performers…the sooner kyle’s boys are kicked off, the sooner we can get rid of kyle!!!

16 Anonymous { 09.30.10 at 10:00 pm }


17 kyle { 09.30.10 at 10:05 pm }

hey guy, you shouldnt talk bad about me, im just a sexually suppressed overweight, middle aged male that doesnt really know what hes talking about, just let me be a complete dick and use my little bit of irrelevant fame to shape the carrier of some poor girl, who i realize is actually talented, but …..well, im out of time, thats because im also a slow typist.

18 kyle { 09.30.10 at 10:06 pm }

i have fat fingers.

19 matt { 10.01.10 at 7:12 am }

there is something about amanda that puts me on edge,, whats up with all that fake bronx talk she sounds like a wanna be,
i think kyle is the only person who seems to speak the truth the rest of the judges are all suck ups, if it wasnt for kyle this show would suck even more

20 Shay { 10.01.10 at 5:29 pm }

Does anyone else notice how over bias Ronan is …Amanda Best Vocalist in the country my ass! james is the best vocalist in the comp my ass…glad he’s gone..why cant the rest talk about thier acts as honestly as Kyle… like yes your mentors but your judges too not just their to keep praising your contestants! you can do the praising during the week but be honest on the panel!

oh and have you heard about Mahogany… only the Lead singer is singing all the other 3 sang in the studio and recorded their parts and are just lipsyncing on stage! thats crap!


21 King Kyle Schming Kyle { 10.02.10 at 8:37 pm }

Well, hell, if that’s what they said on the Kyle & Jackie O show, then it must be true!

22 Matt { 10.04.10 at 10:56 pm }

why are those two shit singers still on the show?? im talking about kyle’s group of course… if you all think that kyle speaks the truth then why doesn’t he admit that he picked the wrong people for his group? why doesn’t he say that they cannot sing? how can he compare his boys with any of the other acts? if those guys are not kicked off before anyone else…then this show is full of shit!

23 Magpies 2010 { 10.04.10 at 10:58 pm }

Good old Collingwood forever!

Carn the Pies!!!

24 asdf { 10.27.10 at 11:49 am }