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New Reality TV Kitchen Opens In Brisbane – Conviction Kitchen

Now I wonder if food bloggers will be racing to get to taste the food at the restaurant that is about to open in Brisbane for the Channel Seven reality show Conviction Kitchen. I know if I lived in Brisvegas I would definitely be checking it out, however I am not sure I would be sending anything back if it was not cooked properly….

Anyway the press blurb states:

The CONVICTION KITCHEN restaurant, ‘Conviction’, will open its doors to the public on Friday October 8, 2010. 

Helmed by high-profile European Group executive chef Ian Curley and renowned Brisbane-based restaurant and events manager Lisa Parker, Conviction is located in the former Three Bistro space in Brisbane’s prestigious Emporium complex.

 CONVICTION KITCHEN follows the redemptive journey of 12 ex-criminals – six in the kitchen, six on the floor – being given another chance as they learn the skills to successfully run a high-end restaurant. All profits from Conviction will go to charity.

 Conviction will offer a unique fine dining experience and a menu based on The European’s elegant, continental fare. Conviction will be open five nights a week (Wednesday to Sunday) for a six week period, taking both bookings and walk-ins.

 All patrons entering Conviction will be filmed for the program CONVICTION KITCHEN, coming soon to Seven.

Contact details for bookings are:

Address: 55/1000 Ann St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

Phone Bookings: (07) 3852 3135

Opening Hours:

Wednesday/Thursday: Dinner from 6pm

Friday/Saturday: Lunch from midday; Dinner from 6pm

Sunday: Lunch from midday

If anyone goes can you contact me to tell me what it was like. 


1 lisa { 03.04.11 at 5:54 pm }

I am ‘LISA’ and u dont know me. The people that know me least are my family and they seem to be the ones making all the so called comments cause they are too gutless to do it to my face. Maybe they shouldnt judge someone they dont even truely know. And if people wanna pay me out for doing the dhow, it means they would still rather see me and my 2 kids sleeping on a friends floor (homeless) then in my own house with a job paying the rent and giving my boys the best life i can as a single mum. And calling me fat….hahahha take a look ut ur self, i just had a baby for god sakes and im now back to a size 8. Karma will get u on that one lovely. Conviction kitchen gave me a start to my new future…… More then any other sole in this world (apart from my best friend who is my biggest support)
Guess what, dont need u ‘negative’ people in my life anymore and ur loss for not being in my beautiful boys lives.
And does anyone maybe think, if i had the emontional support in the first place i might not of committed the crime…. When ur own family doesnt expect u suffer from depression and when u would rather steal then ask them for help, then maybe there is something wrong there. But of course they woulddnt know cause they would rather sweep things under the carpet and ingore it then actually talk to me, just like thats what happen when i went to jail.
My boys are my life and none of ur comments can take my love for them away.
Good luck…. Judge ur own so called life. Some of us didnt have mummy and daddy giving us hand outs and bailing us out.

2 Angie { 03.04.11 at 6:48 pm }

Keza – I too knew Marijana but about 10 years ago. She was a good woman and its great to see her on the show. Hope it all goes well for her.

3 taz { 03.05.11 at 12:15 am }

well said lisa

4 Jayne { 03.05.11 at 8:10 am }

Well said Lisa.. You look great for just having a baby! People need to learn that comments like “i’m glad she got fat” is the reason why most people get eating disorders… Keep doing what your doing Lisa, love and support those boys at the end of the day they are what you are working for, one last part of wisdom from me is “Family isnt always what your born into it is what you make it”

5 leah { 03.05.11 at 8:23 am }

very well said lisa, and if you people don’t have anything nice to say, than don’t waste your time, and to say that your glad someone is fat well that is a dead give away to me that you have always been jealouse of that person, im the one that but lisa last name on here when i really should not have and im really sorry for that lisa, but for the horrible comments, if you don’t like her thats fine but there is no need to be nasty, have abit of respect for her and her boys and let her move forward without other people crap. like lisa said KARMA its a bitch and it’ll get everyone

6 Megan { 03.06.11 at 12:14 pm }

All I can say is go guys ur doing an awesome Job and just block out the negativity especially Lisa don’t listen to them they don’t deserve to try and pull you down when your trying your hardest to get on with your life live the show guys hope to see more if you all in future

7 Naomi { 03.06.11 at 12:24 pm }

Wow, never realized how self centered, low and immature some people are. Take a look at society these people are just like you and me just waiting to be given a second chance. Certain families up bring their children into a criminal lifestyle, only leading them to follow in their footsteps. Look past each and everyone of their mistakes and im sure you would find the time to appreciate the will and strength to not only change for themselves but everyone else around them.

8 Midnight { 03.07.11 at 11:11 pm }

Have been watching and looks excellent. Want to go for dinner. So proud of you guys. Hope it helps you all out. Can’t believe the question, Is it SAFE!!!! What neighbourhood did you grow up in. Of cause it would be safe. Get a reailty check please. Just cause people go to jail, Doesn’t mean they airn’t like everyone else!!!!!

9 Robynne { 03.07.11 at 11:25 pm }

Good luck to all off you, some of you didn’t have the best upbringing and I aplaud you all for trying to turn your lives around. No one is perfect and I thing a lot of these people who have negative comments should look in the mirror as I am sure they have done wrong at some time in their lives. Just wish it was still open and we had known about the resturant before as we would have been in like a flash. Hold your heads up high and keep good thoughts and your children future in your minds they can’t be good people if their Mum or Dad isn’t with them.

10 Samantha { 03.08.11 at 12:02 am }

Spewing I didn’t know about this earlier. We happened to be in Brissy when they were filming, and were driving around a lot of the places that they were at, such as the Magistrates courts etc having a sight see (my partner is from Brisbane). I would have loved to have gone there and had a chat to the staff there. I work at a school where numerous children come from underprivileged backgrounds and I reckon that something like this may get them to gain some life skills and some pride in their lives. School isn’t for everyone, and if people get enjoyment out of doing something like this, or another trade, good on them and hopefully they can get their lives on track again. I hope everyone did well from this show because they all seemed like they really wanted it, some maybe not quite knowing how to show it at first.

Especially a “good on you” to Adrian, being the FOH door manager. Must have been a tough gig being the first person that customers saw. He did exceptional tonight on opening night (on the show), so well done. I hope he keeps the piercings out though, he looked so much better without them.

11 curly { 03.14.11 at 9:05 pm }

To all those who are knocking these people because of their past mistakes- would you have the guts to get up in front of millions of people and tell them of your past mistakes. then go on to serve those people who were willing to judge without the full story? I very much doubt it. They are willing to admit their mistakes in a very public forum, and with the profits going to charity they are helping the community. These people can hold their heads high and be proud of what they are achieving. They have more courage and strength than those who are constantly knocking them.

Thankyou to those with the foresight to start this project, and to those willing to bare themselves to educate others on their mistakes. Congratulations to you all for giving it a go!

12 Butch { 03.14.11 at 10:09 pm }

Agreed with Curley’s comment, How many of these guys could have just left prison and gone back to their old ways. If you cant see it in there eyes during the show, dont watch it. Good luck with it all. Also noticed these funny covers on your trays when removing one from the fridge the other night. More info possible?

13 tarnz { 03.14.11 at 11:01 pm }

i agree with carly, for all the people that are on the show I give them a big congrats for having the courage to be on the show firstly, accept that they have problems and moving forward with their lives….congrats to you all. As for all the criticsm… you people are absolutely pathetic! I am absolutely proud of Seline for having the courage to expose all the problems that alot of the public avoid or think bad of. This lady has shown enough courage to leave an abusive relationship, become independant, give back to the community and encourage other domestic violence victims that there is help when you need it, you can befriend and trust others and there is a life after abuse! and for everyone else on the show also a huge congrats on getting your life together….I support this show 100 per cent!

14 red { 03.14.11 at 11:33 pm }

wow there’s some really negative comments going on there. Im no psychologist but man at least these people are actuallay trying to do something with there lives and seeing that the world they use to have is not where they want to be now and that is a huge step forward. Orsome guys hope you succeed and if you take 1 step back don’t beat yourself up about it just carry on 2 forward. Good luck :)

15 Kylie { 03.14.11 at 11:35 pm }

I think the show is opening up the minds of people who have been sheltered by a ‘normal’ upbringing.
It’s easy to judge others for their indiscretions, it’s hard to take the time to understand them, the show shines a light and answers questions most people have… There is more to the story than ‘ I just fell on hard times’…
All the luck to those on the show=)

16 Sharon { 03.21.11 at 9:35 pm }

I’m going in the middle of April and can’t wait!!
Why can’t people see that everyone deserves a second chance.

17 Nyki { 03.24.11 at 12:03 pm }

Sharon I believe it only went for 6 weeks, but if they are coming back I would love to know when exactly s0 I can go again. ; ]

18 Butch { 03.24.11 at 12:25 pm }
19 alicia { 04.05.11 at 7:24 pm }

i was wondering if the restaurant is still open with the staff from the show? My partner has suprised me with a trip to brisbane this weekend and i would love to go here for dinner.
I have to give a huge congrats and thankyou to curly, I will be honest and when i saw the ads before the show started i was closed minded as not all but many of the negative comments on here. But After the first show i was hooked and realised that everyone does deserve a second chance to make wrongs right. I fell in love with the cast and give a huge applause to the ones who are staying strong and on the straight and narrow.

20 lisa { 04.23.11 at 7:10 pm }

Too some1,
Too bad ur too gutless to say who u r. Clearly u know nothing about me or my life. Get ur facts right. I got my car many years before this happened and my holiday had nothing to do with it, consider i stopped taking money when i meet my partner and u gave me money for my holiday when i was over there. So u wanna mouth off get ur facts right hey.
U got something to say…..say it to me, or cant u back it up if i know who u are.
Some people wouldnt know what support was if it slapped them in the face. If i felt i had someone to go too or someone who understood me i would never of took the money. Certain people think they know what there talking about, but guess what, news flash…..u dont have a fucking clue!

21 sue { 09.09.11 at 7:39 pm }

ok biana is a complete racist!! she kicked out the black kid on day one because she did not like his hair, yet took a group of whites to get their hair fixed the way she wanted!! she even had one kid’s tooth repaired &paid for another drug addict to move to a better part of town. but she kicks out the black kid on day one for looking at her sideways?? but then she bends over backwards for the whites, saying eveyone deserves a chance. everyone but black apparenly. does anyone else see this??

22 sue { 09.09.11 at 7:48 pm }

I think that everyone derves a second chance but let me tell u all something: if you have ever been a victim of a crime, you will NOT have such a liberal view of disgusting criminals. it takes people many years sometimes to put their lives back together after having been victimized. so when people are calling lisa horrible names (i don’t know her), she probably caused them a lot of pain & I don’t blame them all. the same way u don’t to judge ”saint lisa”, don’t judge the people she hurt so harshly either!!

23 lisa { 09.10.11 at 5:24 pm }

i would like some one to NAME one of my so called victims? because i went to jail for fruad, and the money i took was from a large company i worked for. there was no ONE PERSON i directly hurt but the betral of my boss the company i worked for. who are my so called victims that i caused a lot of pain too and cant seem to talk up?