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The X Factor – Musical Heroes Night

Well I am glad that Matt Newton and Alytian Childs are not on The X Factor together, as there would be far to much fragility on stage.

Some of the artists decided to take control of their own musical destiny tonight and Alytian was one of them. I think he needs to reflect on why he his not a rock god playing in stadiums internationally, and maybe listen to Ronan’s advice. Was he trying to channel The Damned by singing the whole song in falsetto? But more on his performance later.

Also what was going on with Ronan and Guy Sebastian’s outfits? Did I miss the memo that it was fancy dress tonight? I thought it was a tad Amish, but I thought Kyle nailed it when he said it was the Colonel Sanders and Charlie Chaplin.

The Kyle Sandiland’s and Amanda Grafanakis feud continued with Kyle saying it takes him awhile to get over things, which I hope translates into fireworks between him and his former wife Tamara Jaber tomorrow night. Also he told her he was not happy with what she said in a paper today

Also interesting was on The Xtra Factor that when Shelly Horton was talking about said article transmission went. The conspiracy part of my brain says this was not a coincidence.

It was a fairly solid night with a few highlights and some lowlights which is what we want from a reality talent show.

Sally Chatfield – Evervescence – Wake Me Up In Side

This was her best performance since her amazing audition. She looked fantastic apart from those two studs above her mouth. Also the performance basically said to the others come and take The X factor crown of me biatches.

Alytian – Kiss – Prince

Ok the positive side his performance  was it did make me laugh, but I do hope the Robert Palmeresque back up dancer got paid extra money to put up with him writhing up against her.

As mentioned above there had been a debate between Ronan Keating and Alytian about the falsetto singing. Ronan had wanted him to sing it in his normal voice but Alytian had wanted to do the falsetto thing. Quite frankly it did not work and was a bit of a train wreck.

Alytian was defiant and said “Commend the risk factor, instead of condemn it”. I do hope he sticks around for a few weeks as you just never know what is going to happen with him. He appears to be very highly strung, but he needs to drop the I am so cool attitude, at 35 years of age that persona is uncool.

If he avoids the bottom two he should sacrifice a goat or virgin to the relevant God. Or maybe the viewer should as at least we won’t have to listen to him to sing that song again.

Mitchell Smith – Baby – Justin Bieber

Unfortunately for Mitchell most of the Bieber fan base was in bed by the time he got to sing. I think Mitchell has potential, but his voice is a bit weak, something that Guy alluded to. But I won’t be voting for someone who has Justin Bieber as a musical hero, or copies his hairstyle. Personally I thought the whole performance was pure cheese.

But Kyle was thrilled that Mitchell picked a Bieber song. I really question Kyle’s taste in music, last week it was Rhianna and now teen heart throb of the moment.

Mahogany – Lady Marmalade

These girls rocked this song, they sounded amazing and looked super sexy.

I have noticed one of the girls in the group must be the stronger singer as she gets to do  the lead vocals each week.

Kyle didn’t know why they are not already superstars. I wouldn’t go that far yet, but things will only start getting tough for them when it gets to the final five. They do need to strengthen their media skills when talking to camera they always look startled when they are asked a question.

Hayley – Respect – Aretha Franklin

Did anyone else think she looks like Tina Arena tonight?

I think Hayley was right about wondering if she could bring something different to a song that had been done many times. And to be honest I don’t think she did. She sang it well except for a few bum notes at the end. I think she will be safe, but next week she needs to do something that will make her stand out more.

Kyle thinks she is missing star quality, and maybe she doesn’t have the ‘hooks’ that Sally and India-Rose have.

Andrew Lawson – Where Ever You Will Go – The Calling

Andrew was another one this week who decided to walk his own path. He went outside his jazz genre as he wanted  to show another side of him, and the song he chose did not really showcase his voice or him.

When are people on these shows going to learn that you let people get to know your style for the first few weeks, and then you switch it up later.

The start of the song was shocking and the Inspector Gadget jacket did not suit either.

Amanda Grafanakis – Christine Aguillera

She appeared to do a Celine Dion version of a Christine Aguillera song. Also Ronan sorry Amanda is not the best singer in country. It was a good rendition but it will be interesting to see if this Kyle fracas will make her fans or will we shed them.

However she should get extra points for her great impersonations of people.

Luke and Joel – Little Lion Man – Mumford and Sons

This was a much better performance and it will probably keep them safe this week, but not sure they  really have the vocal strength or personality to stay in for many more weeks. Loved that there was washboard on the stage, I didn’t love that I could not hear it.

India-Rose Madderom – One – U2

India looked really impressed that Natalie announced to over one million viewers that she stuffed up the start of the song. NOT. I was one viewer who had not really noticed I had thought it was the arrangement.

Look I see that she is gorgeous and she can sing, but it is annoying me that everyone is really promoting her. Out of the three under 25 year old  girls her voice is the weakest, but she seems very popular and is one of the favourites to win. Hopefully over the next few weeks we will see more of her personality as well as get to see her rap.

James McNally – Maggie – Rod Stewart

Bad song choice it is so boring. He did  a good job with it but there was nothing captivating about his performance. He said he did not want to get down on his knees each week on stage, but he needs to be reminded that he still has to entertain the viewer as they are the ones that vote.

Kharizma – Single Ladies – Beyonce

Well the latex leggings make another appearance this week, maybe it was there good luck charm from their cracking performance of last week. But they did not look as smoking hot as they did last week.

And I did laugh when Kyle Sandilands said “you should have been brave and gone the leotard, everyone would have been talking about it tomorrow”.

They were a tad ordinary this week, and I hope my prediction on twitter that they will win the show is not a death knell for them, as it was for Masterchef contestants this year.

Bottom two prediction for this week – Alytian Child, and one of Kyle’s boys, probably Andrew.


1 Kaylen { 09.27.10 at 1:08 am }

Hmm. I’ll agree with the highs and lows comment – it honestly was.

I loved Sally. She doesn’t get the… exposure she should, I don’t think.

Hayley was good, but… something’s missing. India-Rose was good, but I don’t see the hype about her.

Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchell – you’re awesome and everything, but Justin Bieber? Seriously? Musical hero? Duuuuuude. My respect for Mitchell went down with that. Plus he didn’t have the voice for it and no matter how much this makes me gag, Bieber does it better. :(

Andrew… eh. James…. eh. Alytian… my ears (and eyes) started bleeding. Amanda… was good, but Christina Aguilera is just, as was said, untouchable.

Kharizma… not their best. One of them was left lost during the song, and it was painfully obvious. Luke & Joel… eh. Mahogany… it was good, but seemed too clinical and managed. Lady Marmalade is anything but. 😉

Loved the Xtra Factor – most live shows have a buffer, so that “glitch” was it probably being dumped. I wonder what was said. 😉 I don’t think what Amanda said in the Herald was anything bad, or even needed to be commented on. I guess Kyle has issues.

And, oh my – the What Would Yulia Do segment is awesome, and I loves it. 😀

Apparently there were glitches with the fireworks, too. That would have probably unnerved the contestants some too.

Production costs has seemed to go up on the Xtra Factor too. Which is good.

Overall? It was good, and at this stage of the competition the talent is to be expected.

I just wish people would stop with the India-Rose lovin’ and give Sally some lovin’. 😛

2 Reality Raver { 09.27.10 at 1:23 am }

Yes they are really pimping India-Rose I found it interesting what when the twitter questions were coming through none were for India-Rose.

More Yuliya please. She is hilarious.

3 brain dead dave { 09.27.10 at 12:26 pm }

RR is spot on to note Altiyan’s defiance in the face of the judges criticsm. When he was canned for the falsetto excesses,he reacted like a vampire being shown a crucifix.

I too hope he sticks around because I was in stitches when he started busting a few moves. What a nutter!

James McNally ….daytime TV fodder as Kyle said.

4 TB { 09.27.10 at 12:34 pm }

Re: the India-Rose pimping, I thought it was interesting that most of the contestants order of performance was shuffled around from last week, but she still got to have the last spot of the girls again.

I love watching this show for the cheesiness and OTT productions, no doubt I’m watching it for reasons the producers would rather I didn’t! But I really hate how the show just doesn’t seem to give a crap about vocals. I understand that it’s called the X-Factor, but you can learn how to perform efficiently, you can’t learn how to sing if you’re clearly having issues. A LOT of these contestants have their shitty vocal mistakes glossed over because of their “performance”. eg, Amanda, Altyian etc. Whilst others with really amazing voices get severe criticism for their “performance”, eg, Hayley, James. Give me Hayley and James to listen to any day.

Btw, poor James! Last week they beat him down for his amazing performance saying it was too overdone or whatever, he tones it down this week as per their instruction and they all routinely tell him to turn it up!

Also, there’s a problem when the voice-over guy who pronounces the contestants name WWF style has more dynamics and range than some of the singers, just sayin’. 😉

5 TB { 09.27.10 at 12:35 pm }

Oh yeah, forgot to say that I also loved the Altyian trainwreck – again for the wrong reasons! It was Husny on Idol levels of hilarity.

6 Lea { 09.27.10 at 1:08 pm }

I thought Mahogany were once again brilliant, and Sally’s song choice this week allowed her to connect much better than last week. India-Rose was better than last week but I’d probably like her better if she was actually as good as they make her out to be.

Disappointed in Andrew’s boring song choice, and while I couldn’t help scoffing at Mitchell’s ‘idol’, I realise we can’t forget that he’s still a young lad. However, his vocals were anything but ‘deserving to be on this show’ as Ronan said. He needs more training.

Still not sure what to make of Altiyan – all I can say is he’s entertaining. There are worse places for talented James to end up than on daytime tv. Hayley and Amanda were both good but Amanda’s performance was overshadowed by the Kyle-tiff-thing. Luke and Joel had good energy and were surprisingly better and more endearing than I’ve seen them previously. I would’ve written them off before last night. Kharizma had an off night, but hopefully they can come out of this funk for next week.

My guess is that Mitchell’s going to be the next off the show – too bad for Kyle, but not too bad for Mitchell because he’s got years ahead of him. With more training and some exposure, he might find a career in pop.