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Four Weddings – Yet Again The Nice Girl Lost

Four Weddings has been a surprise for me, it is entertaining and addictive TV. The only downside is the bitchy or undeserving bride always seems to win. But as @MolksTVTalk pointed out the nice ones score higher, and the bitchy ones lower so it skews the score.

Marlana’s wedding was first and it was a beach wedding, which Heather was not impressed about as she hates sand. The bride arrived by sea plane, which they missed seeing it land.

I thought as she got out of the plane I thought there was going to be a nipple slip through her $4000 dress. The others thought her food was not great because there was no seafood, and the belly dancing was boring.

Diana who was the scrag of the night had a wedding which was described as do it yourself (DIY). What was the age difference between her and her husband, however their kids were so cute. Personally I would have been worried one of the toddler was going to fall into the pool whilst the ceremony was occurring. The other brides thought the reception room was too overdone.

Heather an older bride was wearing a replica of her mother’s wedding dress and her groom brought his other woman which was his crane. Yes I did think both had attachments to strange things.

Heather got the thumbs up for the reception decorations and food.

Diane who seems to be the arbiter of good taste and class was drinking a Bacardi breezer. She was moaning about everthing, including not having a steak knife for a steak that looked pretty tender. Lucy gave her a back hander to camera by saying “I would have liked a steak knife at her wedding.”

Lucy who was the lovely bride tonight, had a bush elegance theme. However  the others thought it looked more Italian.

Diana thought Lucy’s dress looked cheap. Diana obviously had not realised that her dress had made her look 10 years older.

The entree was bread, but the main course was huge. Clearly camembert chicken and beef fillet are the dishes to have at wedding receptions as it was at Lucy’s and Heather’s.

Unfortunately Lucy did not win, it turned out to be a tie between Marlena and Diana. The other girls had to decide and Marlena was sent on the honeymoon.


1 Maz { 09.29.10 at 9:31 am }

Hi RR,
I am so glad you have covered Four Weddings! Agree Lucy was a lovely person (or a bit more savvy on the possbilities of how she may be edited) but it goes without saying the show’s appeal is the judgemental hypocrisy of the brides.

The age difference between Diana and her partner was sixteen years!!!

2 seepi { 09.29.10 at 11:44 am }

I love it too – I think this one will only work for one series, as the brides will work out that really bitchy remarks just make them look bad.
– how rude was the one who refused the request to wear a hat and said ‘she can shove her hat up her ar#e”

3 sourkraut { 09.29.10 at 1:51 pm }

nice girl loses again…..wot a surprise….bit like a newspaper with GOOD news.
The only ever exception I can think of was the delectable blonde Natalie on Survivor 2 series ago.
and the pattern of this new survivor series is easy to pick.
dumb a@#sed American alpha males who think through their d#&k to allow some ball breaking character to romp off with a lousey $1m. (not much on current exchange rates)