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The Block 2010 – The First Room Judged And Design Wins Out

The thing about the first room being judged is we will get to know what exactly John McGrath, real estate agent, and  Neale Whitaker the editor of Belle magazine are looking for. Would they prioritise design over  practical thinking?

With Jake and Erin winning the first room with their shabby chic bedroom I thought design was the winner.

Personally if buying the flat I would not be wanting a chandelier in my spare bedroom/study, nor the feature wall paper as it was something that would date far to quickly. However I did love their floorboard colour.

Personally I preferred Neisha and John’s kids bedroom if I was buying as you could use the room as a bedroom or study, however if everyone had decorated it like theirs the show would be pretty boring.

Chez again provided the highlight of the episode with her brilliant idea of these  dark wallpapered sliding doors in front of the guest room which the judges laughed at. The other thing that was picked up was that some of the renovation work was not up to scratch. A dint in the wall could be seen. However I did love their colour scheme and art deco touches.

I thought the two old boys room was over done. I understand what they were getting at but does anyone want so many built in drawers and bookshelves. I loved the features of their ceiling but I prefer my art deco without halogen lights.

But having said all that I thought it was a good start and considering that would be considered a ‘minor’ room it will be interesting to see what they do with the rest of the apartments.

The mystery was resolved regarding what the Melbourne couple would be doing, they had been found jobs, but we were not told where. Could Chez a real estate agent be working for McGrath?

Also is Scott Cam the sex symbol for the baby boomer set? He does nothing for me, and yes Scott there is a thing called YouTube and you can learn a lot from it.

Also if you are wondering if The Block apartments held their price it would appear not. But I got the feeling that furniture is included in the bidding price. (Source: Daily Telegraph)


1 life in a pink fibro { 09.30.10 at 10:11 am }

As a work at home mum, I loved the look of all those drawers and pigeonholes, though agree that the decorating in that room left a lot to be desired. The shabby chic thing filled me with horror. The kids bedroom was cool. Those big sliding doors were major overkill and might cause some problem in renovating the hall. I tell you what, though, I’d kill to get my hands on one of those (unrenovated) apartments – the proportions are to-die-for.

2 Wurstsemmel { 09.30.10 at 2:18 pm }

I liked the office set up but I think it was let down by a lack of finishing touches. I didn’t really like the room that won. The kids room was good but not spectacular. I hated those sliding doors. What the? Big, big turn off.

I’m not finding the Block as exciting this time around. Is it because the challenge seems somewhat less? Is it because it’s Scott Cam rather than Jamie Durie? Something is missing.

3 seepi { 09.30.10 at 3:17 pm }

I loved the chandelier and the feature wallpaper. the room seemed small though. Isn’t it more normal to have a bed longways in a long room?

I liked the kids room too, and i didn’t even mind Chez’s sliding doors – at least they were a bit interesting.

I liked the study room too – so basically I liked them all!

4 Caddyshack { 09.30.10 at 4:44 pm }

Can anyone help me? I’ve searched the Block homepage, but can’t find the specific wall colour used in the winning room…anyone know?

5 Fontana { 09.30.10 at 6:00 pm }

I’d check back on the OS for when they update the details online @ this link

6 Fontana { 09.30.10 at 10:03 pm }

Caddyshack –
Wallpaper from the Annandale Paint & Wallpaper
Dutch Wallcoverings in White Damask (08521-50).

7 Reality Raver { 09.30.10 at 10:30 pm }

Thanks Fontana for helping out Caddyshack, I was on the official site earlier today to check the blogs of Jason Sullivan and the Editor of Real Living and the were not up. I will go back now to see if they are.

Life in a pink Fibro – I think for practical purposes for onselling it might turn some people off the apartment. However if everyone was practical they would be staining their floorboards, and painting all rooms in a shade of white for resale, and that would be dull.

Wursts – You have Phil tonight to help you get over the lack of sex appeal of Scott Cam.

Seepi – I didn’t not like it, I just was thinking like a buyer and isn’t the point of the show to optimise profit and to me most potential buyers would think that look would be dated in 2 years. But the sale does come with all the furnishings so maybe people just move in.

8 bella vita { 10.01.10 at 12:04 am }

The Block this time around is def missing some pizzazz….personally I think apart from Chez, none of the people give good TV.
The people that won personally have the personality of glad wrap…who cares to watch him training?

Noone is great looking either (not that it matters, but with boring personalities would at least be better to watch), and really feel the dynamics of the group are boring…one married, one engaged, one mates and one bf/gf…..would have loved to see some retirees, really rich and really poor people and of I loved Gaz and Woz from Series 1!

Noone blew me away with styles….Series 1 were more definable about who they were and what style they liked. Chez, for a real estate agent clearly has no idea!

9 dmc { 10.01.10 at 8:36 am }

Has more than a whiff of Homemade about it (even with the same judge) and we all know what happened with that show.

10 brain dead dave { 10.02.10 at 12:20 am }

Scott Cam is a suck symbol.

11 Reality Raver { 10.02.10 at 5:12 pm }

Bella Vita – I reckon it will take a few weeks before we get a handle of the personalities, but Chez is a definite highlight.

DMC – I thought Homemade had potential, but it should have been more liked Top Design (a Bravo production) rather than the renovation rescue it turned into.

Brain Dead Dave – I don’t know where you think of these things. But I like it.

12 Larna { 01.03.11 at 9:41 pm }

Thankyou so much to Fontana, I have been looking everywhere for the wallpaper the they used in that room!!! Thankyou :o)

13 jacqui { 07.07.11 at 9:19 pm }

wanting to know what magazine’s the sister’s read to get there idea’s?

14 EKS { 07.16.11 at 8:38 pm }

Does anyone know what the things that cover the air return grills are called or where you can but them? In Jake and Erin’s first room they used them on the wall that had the wallpaper… They are the holes in the walls in old places. You can get nice covers to go over them….