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The X Factor – Songs That Define A Decade

“We haven’t seen you in this competition open up emotionally yet” says Ronan Keating to Alytian Child. Well clearly Ronan and I have been watching different TV shows as all I ever see is Alytian have some sort of emotional meltdown. More on Alytian’s performance later.

Natalie Imbruglia was glowing tonight. It could have been a number of reasons. Firstly betting agencies have her three girls as being the ones that will take out the competition or she could have just been loving looking at Ronan’s rippling tattooed arms.

Kyle stepped it up tonight and was quite funny, and a lot of what he said made sense. However, I do disagree with his view his boys should be making a lot of their own decisions. As Natalie pointed out the whole point of the show is for these kids to be mentored.

Tonight was Songs That Define A Decade, and did some song choices were particularly dubious.

Hayely Teale – River Deep Mountain High

Hayley seriously needs to sing something more contemporary, last week Respect and this week River Deep Mountain High. I know Guy Sebastian suggested she was a soul singer, but she needs to bring it in to the 21st century.

Kyle said she needed more star quality  and needs to own the stage. The other two loved it.

Andrew Lawson – I Just Whisper Your Name – Harry Connick

Last week he wanted to show his versatility and he tanked, so now he his  back in his comfort zone of swing and jazz, and if this is what we can expect over the next few weeks it is going to be dull.

Ronan thought he was uneasy working with the dancers on stage, and wants him to get over his awkwardness. Natalie disagreed.

Kharizma – I Stand By You

They were having pitch problems tonight and it was an ok rendition but did not make them stand out from the crowd. I hope this pair did not reach their peak in week one.

India-Rose Madderom – Sweet Dreams

India-Rose was being difficult about the dress that Natalie had picked her to wear, but luckily India won out as she looked hot tonight. I would have loved to have seen the one Natalie had picked for her.

I thought India-Rose stamped herself as a contender tonight. It was a great song choice which suited her voice. I still think the producers are pimping her over others.

Ronan said “He was scared she was in the competition.”. Kyle confessed that she was his favourite, not sure what his boys will think of that. But then Kyle would probably thinks the name of the show is The Perve Factor.

Alytian Childs  – The Lady Is Red

Compared to his other performances this was toned down, hence it was a bit dull. Had to agree with Kyle who said he wants to see him be a fruit loop.

Kyle and Natalie were dubious about the song choice, and I agree I don’t see him singing Lite & Easy.

Luke and Joel – Smooth Criminal

Rai Thistlethwaite who was mentoring the boys this week was concerned about Guy’s song choice of Michael Jackson as

There were too many dancers on stage and at times I lost them, both visually and vocally.

Natalie and I were on the same page here. Ronan thought they nailed it. Kyle thinks Guy thinks Luke and Joel are better than they actually are and that he pushes them too far.

Sally Chatfield – Your The Voice

“it’s like singing the national anthem” said Luke Jacobz. Yes and it is just as dull.

Well I was gobsmacked by this song choice. Yes she sang it well, but I was bored half way through. Whereas this week I have been humming her song all last week.

Kyle said it like it is and he thought it didn’t really work as there was so much chopped out.

Mitchell Smith – To Be With You

For a moment I thought I had been transported back to a Young Talent Time episode, it was amateur hour and  it was the worst vocals of night. However it won’t matter as his fanbase is huge.

Ronan thinks his voice is weak. Natalie thinks he has superstar potential but thinks the song was too big for him.

Ronan was starting to look pissed at all the cracks Kyle was sending his way, but I thought Ronan actually zinged it back at him with him telling him what bands Mitchell should be singing.

Mahogany – Time After Time

I love this song, but hated this rendition. Surprisingly their vocals were off at the beginning of the song but they pulled it back in towards the end. I think Guy should just get it over and done with and give them an En Vogue song.

Amanda Grafanakis – Vogue

Well my recording stopped prior to her performance, but from the brief bit seen on The Xtra Factor it looked great.

The worst performance was Mitchell Smith probably followed by Andrew Lawson. However considering their fanbases, my prediction for the bottom two is Alytian Childs, and Luke and Joel.


1 TB { 10.03.10 at 11:58 pm }

I really hate the song choices that Natalie gives Hayley.

Totally agree with you re: India-Rose pimping; order placement is always in her favour, she’s the one they show when they refer to the final, and what’s with the constant announcement of her as Beautiful India-Rose?

To be honest, the overwhelming mediocrity of this show and the little emphasis/importance on vocals is turning me off. I’m pretty much only watching for Mahogany and the SYTYCD alumni at this point – Jesse (S2), Amy (S2), Kate (S1) were all there tonight and awesome.

2 Kaylen { 10.04.10 at 3:53 am }

I think Amanda and Sally were the stand-outs. All the others were forgettable.

Am not getting the lovin’ about India-Rose – to me, she’s just a sub-par performer. *shrugs*

Xtra factor was awesome as always, and the What Would Yulia Do segment was pure awesome, too.

3 TDK { 10.04.10 at 9:14 am }

I’m back, and so is survivor!!
Anyhow, early rant from me, agree with TB on “the overwhelming mediocrity of this show”.
I feel sorry for Ronan having to witness and try to be nice to this bunch.

4 dmc { 10.04.10 at 10:57 am }

Yes, this is pretty dire stuff at times. Mitchell and Andrew are just plain bad (though Mitchell is only 16 and may mature well). Am not getting the India-Rose thing – okay vocals, bad posture, uncomfortable stage movements… the one thing she does do well is show a connection with the song on her face.
This was the first time I really thought that Altiyan may well have the best voice in the competition. I’m not mad on the song, but it’s not easy to sing well and his voice was rich and interesting.
Yes, it’s like watching SYTYCD. That muppet Matt was on as well.

5 Reality Raver { 10.04.10 at 1:27 pm }

I saw Kate and Jesse but did not spot Amy or Matt. Also cracked up at the Guy Sebastian rant about the dressing room, he must be on the lowest rung on the judges food chain. Pity as he and Ronan are the best ones. I would love to see Kyle’s dressing room is it bigger or smaller than Ronan’s?

Kaylen – Yuliya needs her own show, love her.

6 TB { 10.04.10 at 2:38 pm }

RR – If you watch it again (although god knows I wouldn’t subject myself to a second viewing of the episode!), I think Amy was in Altiyan’s song.

7 Reality Raver { 10.04.10 at 2:42 pm }

TB – I think I will take your word for that…..

8 dmc { 10.04.10 at 4:00 pm }

Matt has very short hair now.

9 TB { 10.04.10 at 4:15 pm }

RR – Hee, yay for self-preservation instincts!

10 Jaime { 10.04.10 at 7:30 pm }

Who are these Matt and Amy and people you are talking about?

11 Jaime { 10.04.10 at 7:31 pm }

ohhhh So you think you can dance … c’mon people does it really take that much longer to type it?

12 Reality Raver { 10.04.10 at 9:57 pm }

Jaime – LOL but it cracks me up that those dancers are like Madonna recognisable by their first names.