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Survivor Nicaragua – Yes It Is Still Great Without Russell Hantz

If the first two episodes are anything to go by, this season is going to be fantastic. We had nutters, fights, and even Jeff Probst was unleashing a bit at tribal council.

Well it was the old versus young and I reckon the over 40’s could kick arse. As some of the guys on the younger team were thinking this was Jersey Shore in Nicaragua. Something that I still thought when the team came into the first challenge doing some stupid dance.

Shannon was strategising as he thinks Keli the girl with the one leg will be too much of a threat if it went to a jury vote. Something the whole of that tribe were thinking, if the whole tribe was thinking this, then I don’t think anyone who lands on the jury will think of it as a factor in their voting.

Old guy, Jimmy J aka Coach as he was a former NFL coach was finding it tough physically, but hell he was smart mentally. He told his tribe that no jury is going to give him a million dollars, but he wanted to help someone in the tribe to win it. A couple of them were not buying it ie Marty and Jimmy T.

Wendy Jo the Goat herder was no rocket scientist and slightly fruit loopy. At tribal council if they were not going to vote for her they certainly were now. She was upset no one asked her age. Well they would know she was over 40. Also she gibbered on and on, and she fulfilled her husband’s prophecy who said she would be  the first one to be eliminated. Even host Jeff Probst who is normally so neutral gave a sardonic “is there anything else you want to tell us?”

She thinks if she had not been reserved she would still be there. I think not.

The over 40 team has a lot of practical experience however the physicality is going to let them down. The challenges have been toned down but you can see they were struggling to win them. Maybe the Medallion of Power is going keep them in the game.

The second episode revealed there are a few nutters in the tribes. For the record in the first episode I saw Holly and instantly thought nutter, and she was cracking by episode two. She was chucking out snails that people were eating, and then stole the Brooklyn guys shoes and sunk them in the water. Oh and then confessed to it once she realised what a dumb thing she had done. Chances of her winning the game are zero.

Why would you bring a $1600 pair of schools on Survivor anyway?

The other potential nutter on the oldies team is fisherman Jimmy as he looks like he has crazy eyes.

On the other tribe Naonka the PE Teacher was having a meltdown accusing people of taking her socks, so she then pinched Fabio’s socks and wore them. Then screamed at him before he could confront her about it. However this did not seem to matter as she was not in the mix when it came to their tribe discussing who they wanted to eliminate at tribal council.

Now I would be aligning with ER doctor quickly as she showed she had brains in working out where the immunity idol is. She was savvy enough to let Marty in on it, so an alliance could be formed. Though I don’t know how solid the alliance is going to be. Even after she literally had to point to the spot where it was he still shouted out “I found the immunity idol”.

But in an episode which had a number of highlights, including the girl with one leg kicking arse in the immunity challenge, tribal council was a cracker.

If anyone is thinking of going on Survivor use this scene as a guide on how not to act in Tribal Council. Tonight it was Shannon versus Brenda, as some of the girls in the tribe wanted Brenda out as they did not like her closeness to Chase. Something I think they were probably quite right about. Shannon who thinks of himself as an alpha male thought he would be able to swing the numbers to vote her off. Well it was kind of even before Shannon started losing it.

However the biggest nail in his coffin was when he said to Sash ” Are you gay?, New York is full of gay people.” I think that little outburst swung two votes from Brenda to him.

Jeff Probst in his weekly blog said this about the tribal council:

That was not editing – I asked one opening question and Shannon just started talking. Much like Wendy, he just wouldn’t shut up. The more he talked, the more he influenced the tribe to vote him out. When someone is that aggressive it’s hard not to have a reaction. Shannon was aggressive.

Also here is Jeff Probst’s blog from the first episode.

I think he sealed his fate when he asked Sash, out of nowhere, “Are you gay?” And then followed it up with, “New York is full of gay people.”

However what he had to say about the Chase and Brenda alliance cracked me up:

Chase, I know you prayed to God to bring you someone you could trust. But who are you kidding? You don’t “trust” Brenda because God sent her to you, you trust Brenda for the same reason every guy would trust Brenda – she’s hot. Just say it. Own it. It’ll feel so much better. Everybody can appreciate falling for a beautiful woman. No slight to God intended, I’m just saying that this decision didn’t need anybody’s blessing. It’s a slam dunk.

Sorry about the lateness of the post I will be more timely this week.


1 Wurstsemmel { 10.04.10 at 2:51 pm }

That second tribal council was a hoot. Looks like it will be an entertaining series.

2 Annon { 10.05.10 at 2:07 am }

Great wrap up RR. That tribal was one of the oddest things I have seen in a while. Can’t wait for next week

3 Culinary Boner { 10.05.10 at 10:51 am }

“The Lord Jesus” or simply “God” – noun. patron diety of all US reality shows and contestants. Called upon regularly by many contestants as the reason why they deserve to win, or at least blow away the opposition. Also offered regularly by the same contestants as an alternate expanation to the more widely accepted concept usually called ‘luck’ but which on these shows is really just f***’ing ‘coincidence’. On reality shows requiring the formation of alliances, the God-botherer contestants (aka Christians) will usually quickly find each other and form an alliance that, while deluding them with its comfort, will be a millstone to their further progress as they invariable end up alienating other, more rational contestants. Those contestants who prattle on about God or Jesus more than once per episode usually carry an aura of wide-eyed lunacy normally associated with having spent 40 days wandering aimlessly through a desert. While in theory such activity could give one an unfair advantage on a show like Survivor, the ‘desert’ in this case is purely metaphorical – and is in fact a description of the contestant’s mind.

4 Suzanne { 10.05.10 at 12:50 pm }

Thanks RR. Caught up with Survivor only this weekend. Usually I don’t really care while they are still so many contestants, but the crazies grabbed me right from the start! The sinking of the shoes??!! The sock saga??!! Do these people have some sort of foot fetish?
Agree about the doctor, she seems quite level headed and (dare I say it) normal.
The immunity idol looks too much like the Travelocity gnome from The Amazing Race – maybe it’s Nicaraguan cousin??

5 Reality Raver { 10.05.10 at 4:39 pm }

Wurstsemmel – looks like it is going to be a cracker.

Annon – from people in the know have told me tonight is fantastic as well.

Culinary Boner – what always amazes me is that they think God would even give a rats about them being on a reality show.

Suzanne – good call on the immunity idol and Travelocity gnome. I don’t particularly like the immunity idol I think once it is played that should be it.