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The X Factor – The Top Ten Form Guide

The X Factor live shows have been on for three weeks, and now it is time for Reality Raver’s form guide of the top ten. Please take note if I had written it last week I would have said James McNally was a contender, as I definitely thought he was the strongest of the over 25’s.

Anyway no responsibility taken for money punted as regular readers know I usually get these things horribly wrong.

Over 25’s

Amanda Grafanakis – Amanda has a great voice, looks good, and each week puts on a great performance, but for some reason I don’t think she can win.  I think she should use this exposure to pitch for another job in the entertainment industry. However, Amanda should stick in the competition for awhile as she has been attracting a lot of online interest due to her feud with Kyle Sandilands.

Alytian Childs – this guy is like watching a roller coaster ride with he emotional out pourings. He is great reality TV as you just don’t know what he is going to do next. His first two performances on the show were highlights – one in a positive way, and one negative. He appears to be very popular, however he needs to gives a bit more of his personality, as his monosyllabic responses to questions are starting to grate. You are not a rock star yet.

Under 25 boys

Mitchell Smith – I think Kyle stuffed up and chose three boys that were awfully similar. Having said that Mitchell appears to be very popular, and if we had a Disney production company in Australia he would be signed up. The problem with Mitchell is that he cannot really sing that well. But he is attracting plenty of votes, as well as marriage proposals he will have to really tank a song to not make the top five.

Andrew Lawson – After copping a lot of criticism last week for singing outside his genre, he has settled back into his swing groove, however if this is all we are going to see I don’t expect to see him in the competition for much longer.

Under 25 girls

Sally Chatfield – Natalie Imbruglia has won lotto with her three girls, and has a real possibility of having two in the final. Sally is my favourite, with two great performances so far – her audition and her cover of a Evanesence song. These were songs she had picked for herself, so Natalie should let her have a greater say in what she is performing.  A strong contender.

India-Rose Madderom – She appears to be the producers and judges favourite, as she is the full pop package, beautiful, talented and engaging. However will the obvious pimping turn voters off? She will probably score a record contract anyway.

Hayley Teale – I really like Hayley but she needs to do a standout performance soon otherwise she will be left in the other two girls wake. Great voice and great look, but she needs to bring her songs into the 21st century to make herself a contender.

The Groups

Kharizma – After the first live show I thought these girls could win, but after two shaky vocal performances I am not so sure. I am unclear whether the single mum is starting to find it hard being away from her kid, or it is just poor song choices. But they need to get their groove back and fast.

Mahogany – Yes they are super slick and sing great harmonies, but I put them in the Amanda Grafanakis category we are not going to see a lot of growth with them, and that is what can get you votes. Yes I think they will make the top 5, but take out the show – hell no.

Luke & Joel – Their performances are far too schizophrenic. I think they will find it hard to beat their week two performance. They lack vocal strength and stage presence. I predict they will be an early casualty.


1 Jaime { 10.04.10 at 7:08 pm }

Could not agree more with your rundown. I think its showing that Kyle has the least musical ability in chosing his boys. They are not shaping up so well. I think they are both great but Kyle obviously has other ideas than most he just doesnt know how to get the best of them with song choice and so on. I mean having them sing Rhianna songs? Oh dear!

Alytian Childs is a frigging weirdo. I can’t stand how he over acts everything. PAINFUL to the MAXX!!!

India-Rose … meh ….

Mahogany cannot get better and are just who they are middle of the road RnB … nice voices but thats about as good as it gets.

Sally is EXCITING!

and Luke and Joel?? I don’t get it at all … how are they even in this??

Kharisma is a terrible name … very trashy… I do like these girls though. They did mention last night that one of the girls heart wasnt it in. I hope it doesnt ruin it for the other!!!

2 brain dead dave { 10.04.10 at 7:46 pm }

Three things stand out about Kharizma….
* thunderthighs
* saddlebags
* their lack of talent

As for Altiyan, he’s starting to remind me of Jack The Shining.

3 Jaime { 10.04.10 at 7:51 pm }

DAVE!!! You did NOT just say that. Thats SO Mean!! Is Sally ok to be overweight because she can sing? Is it the singing or the bodies that its about?? So offended!