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Ricki-Lee Coulter Rolling Around On A Bed

Ricki-Lee Coulter

I am not even going to bother to ask whether you would hit it? As Ricki-Lee Coulter is looking super saucy in this photo for Instyle Magazine.

Life is good for her, she has a great career and a new love which she credits for her new look. X Factor contestant’s take note an early exit from the show does not mean your career is over.


1 brain dead dave { 10.12.10 at 11:48 am }

Ricki Lee Coulda

2 Paul { 10.12.10 at 4:30 pm }

Sorry – what career ?

3 bella vita { 10.13.10 at 12:13 am }

rumored to be hosting the up coming Dont stop believing…Sophie Monk’s name was also dropped in some mag or column last week?

4 Jen { 10.13.10 at 2:10 am }

She looks amazing! Good on her

5 reality raver { 10.13.10 at 9:56 am }

Paul she has a huge media career in Sydney, hosts morning radi0 show on Nova with merrick. also on the TV constantly.

Bella Vita – great she would be good as host. Not sure about Sophie

6 Culinary Boner { 10.13.10 at 10:33 am }

The Boner finds Ricki-Lee very uplifting

7 Paul { 10.13.10 at 11:08 am }

Hi RR,
Oops – I forgot about the Sydney morning radio gig.

8 brain dead dave { 10.13.10 at 2:59 pm }

She’s shown a lot of guts over the years.

9 sourkraut { 10.14.10 at 1:32 pm }

Career not dead, but only if you have a body like that

10 Culinary Boner { 10.16.10 at 10:52 pm }
11 minty4211 { 10.22.10 at 2:53 pm }

It’s amazing what Photoshop can do.