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OPEN POST: The X Factor – Rock Night

Sorry I am sick so there will be a delayed recap. But please talk amongst yourselves about the show and who you thought was the best and the worse.

One thing I do know is no matter how badly Mitchell Smith sings he will be safe


1 Jen { 10.17.10 at 9:07 pm }

Mitchell sang “Jessie’s girl”. Not bad but still not great. I can’t believe he is still in the competition as he has a weak voice and little charisma or performance skills. Very wooden. He might improve though. He is very young.
Hope you feel better soon RR!

2 gogogarnetgirl { 10.17.10 at 9:09 pm }

I’m back. Qantas lost my bag – let’s go out? How’s y0ur dad? I need a girl’s night…

3 Heléna { 10.17.10 at 10:02 pm }

I hope you are feeling better soon! xx

ditto Jen! – it’s so hard to believe he is still there – when they do the final package his performance always looks so weak compared to the others – hopefully you can catch up with the acts tomorrow RR :)

4 Gillian { 10.18.10 at 7:27 am }

I hope you’re feeling better soon RR. Altiyan was great and it was nice of Kyle to stand up for him again. I saw Kyle’s face when he looked over to Ronan. He knows he’s a contender for the title. I wish I’d watched the earlier eps now when Altiyan was forgetting his words and deemed a loser. I love a dark horse!

5 Lea { 10.18.10 at 9:44 am }

Mahogany and Altiyan were awesome this week! Also Luke and Joel keep getting better every week – pity about the sound issues at the beginning of their performance. I turned the channel b/c the sound was completely gone, and only made it back towards the end of their song, but what I caught sounded great.

Poor performances this week: Mitchell as always (off pitch, bad timing, what a shocker), and India-Rose. I agreed with Kyle – the dress was pretty offputting, but how rich of of him to mock Zeppelin on rock week and pick ‘Crocodile Rock’ for one of his acts! LOL

6 Paula { 10.18.10 at 10:01 am }

I agree with everything above. Also, Kyle looked like he was on the same medication as Paula Abdul last night. The other judges seemed embarrassed by his antics, especially on the Xtra Factor. Will there be an Australian Celebrity Rehab soon?

7 reality raver { 10.18.10 at 10:54 am }

Paula – I wish there was a celebrity rehab, however I will have to watch the show to see how badly Kyle behaved and if he would be a contender.

Australia should have a version, I am sure we could stump up one season, even if we have to fly over our celeb’s to Dr Drew himself.

Feeling better, just realised I needed an early night or it would be a shocking week if I got worse. Also recaps would have been super duddy, a bit like Mitchell’s singing.

8 Wurstsemmel { 10.18.10 at 4:19 pm }

Feel better, RR. Must be all this talk about packages putting that temperature up!

9 dmc { 10.18.10 at 5:24 pm }

Altiyan rocks. Mahogany were much better. India Rose is sinking.
Andrew and Mitchell are so bad I feel like I’m watching another show when they are on.

10 Injera { 10.18.10 at 8:59 pm }

Hope you’re feeling better, RR. Thanks for putting the open post up – I can “watch” X Factor while catching up on “Great British Menu”!

11 brain dead dave { 10.18.10 at 9:09 pm }

Mitchell Bieber’s gone. How can I go on?