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Junior Masterchef – The Top Eight

The nicer and more gentle Junior Masterchef has eliminated four kids at once tonight, and we now have a top eight.

The eight remaining contestants in the competition – Siena, 9 (VIC), Cassidy, 12 (VIC), Nick, 10 (NSW), Pierre, 12 (NSW), Lucy, 11 (VIC), twins Isabella and Sofia, 12 (QLD) and Jack, 12 (TAS).

Alex, 11 (NSW), Anthony, 10 (NSW), Emily, 11 (SA) and Sam, 11 (QLD) were eliminated.

Masterchef Junior is rating 1,445, 000 over 300,000 than The X Factor.


1 KC { 10.26.10 at 6:55 pm }

I am in love with this show. It lacks the tension, drama and criticism that contestants from the adult Masterchef but it makes up for it with cuteness, extreme talent and happy joyfulness 😀

2 Izobel2 { 10.26.10 at 9:45 pm }

I’m enjoying it too. Most of the food looks delicious, and the judges aren’t anywhere near as annoying or cheesy. And I’m enjoyng the fact that they show so much of each dish and show every finished product. Masterchef senior should adapt this concept. Admitedly there are probably some shocking dishes that the judges sugarcoat, by saying the cream was lovely when the cake was crap, but the show is good all the same.

3 Fides { 10.27.10 at 11:13 am }

Those kids are freakishly talented. Wonder if it makes your average ten year old who mucks around in the kitchen feel completely inferior… and I wonder if most chefs were like that at their age. The kids are on the whole adorable and I love the enthusiasm, especially from Gary and George – you can tell they love seeing what these kids are doing.

Agree Izobel2, I like that we actually get to see the food – the editing still makes it obvious who is going to do well, but it’s nice to see all their efforts. Dunno if I would want to eat it all though… speaking of which, I just feel like these judges are eating eating eating. How much chocolate cake did they have to eat the other night?!

I still find Anna annoying – perhaps that’s just how she is and she’s not really talking down to the kids, it’s just her manner. Seems so deliberate and exaggerated, but then again, Matt was always like that to the adults anyway.

I’m glad they’ve edited out most of the tears – that would be really hard to watch. I noticed Donna H teared up the other night (BTW has she lost weight?) And on the Monday when four were eliminated, a couple of the kids who made Top 8 had clearly been crying when the Gs were giving the goodbye spiel to the others. I hope it’s not all too traumatic for them.