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The Apprentice – No Standout Candidates As Yet

I know it is unfashionable but I love Donald Trump he is just ballsy with a wicked sense of humour. In the latest edition of TV Week he proclaims he is good in bed, but then says maybe his wife wouldn’t think so, and he was certainly in a chipper mood in the board room this episode.

There are no standout candidates yet, it is just the usual selection of aggressive personalities and varying degrees of intelligence.

The challenge tonight was to be the team to sell the most icecream. Poppy was the girls project manager, and and Dave headed up the guy’s team.

I know Dave was a bit strange last week, but I thought he was OK in this task. He was amusing, and did some good strategic thinking. However I think he thinks he is more of an alpha male then he is.

I love the way Donald Jr tries to get the same facial expressions as his father, but I disagreed with him that the girls were losing sales opportunities by not harassing people going in and out of the subway station. People normally don’t want to be stopped when they are going somewhere.

I am sure both teams were told they had to be in a certain location in New York, and wear something to stand out. Maybe it helps create drama if the teams are in similar locations.

Stephanie was full on, I would have hated to work for her, as she is so aggressive, however Poppy threw Lisa under the bus as her weakest player.

Dave named Alex and James as his weakest players. Dave said James over thinks every item given to him. James was getting heat because he has no sale experience, but he did take them to Father Demo square on the first day where they made good sales.

The girls won making $1800 of profit, the guys only  made $1500.

Dave kept James and Alex into the boardroom with him. James was throwing Alex under the bus, whereas Dave was throwing both James and Alex to the wall.

In the end Alex was fired.


1 Injera { 10.28.10 at 7:06 am }

I can’t wait until the teams are trimmed down a bit – at least then the shrieking might come down to a less ear-splitting level in the boardroom. Lisa clearly learned nothing from last week’s boardroom, not to mention all previous seasons of the show. PMs have to nominate a weakest player, and at least Poppy phrased it as “least strong”.

Boring task, though… and I agree that Dave thinks he’s more alpha than he really is.

2 Maryann { 10.28.10 at 9:27 pm }

When is the Apprentice airing? I loved Allan Sugar’s version. Hilarious!!

3 bella vita { 10.29.10 at 9:51 pm }

I am enjoying this’s been a while for a non celeb version.
David is the only stand out to me, he seems like an emotional timebomb waiting to go off.
I have to admit to a crush on Don Jnr while hubby has the hots for Ivanka! I do miss the days of Caroline and George as the pairing much more interactive than what Jnr and Ivanka do. Interesting that Eric Trump isnt involved in any shows (except a brief cameo in last season’s Celeb)…have you seen him? Certainly not blessed with the good looks button