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The Block – Erin And Jake Are Not Going To Win Any Popularity Contests

This week in the Sunday paper’s a Queensland academic said the lack of sleep the contestant’s on The Block were having is dangerous to themselves, and to others. This was when they  are working with dangerous tools, and driving  their cars.

Here are a few comments on tonight’s episode of The Block:

  • Ok the payment issue has been clarified as the tradies have to be paid $60 an hour, we know what Chez did have to pay her carpenter friend. Of course he could have dropped a few hours.
  • However this vignette of information was not aimed at Chez and Brenton, but Erin and Jake. The boys had found out the sporty couple only paid $100 for waterproofing of their ensuite. Which apparently is too cheap.
  • When confronted Erin did say she got a quote, whilst the others were paying the tradies an hourly rate, I don’t have a problem with that if they are giving fair quotes;
  • But it was game on and Mark and Duncan were pissed that Erin and Jake were also breaking the 10-4pm of not being allowed on the site and they called them on it;
  • Erin started crying and threw her grandfather’s death in his face as justification for the breach;
  • I have to be honest I was not feeling much sympathy for them.
  • I did feel sorry for Chez and Brenton and their tiling issue. What hope to renovators have in Sydney when even people with cameras on them get screwed over by tradies. Anyway to rectify it meant it will cost them $5000;
  • They were having a shocker as someone had broken their splashback as it was laid on a ground outside which was pretty dumb of them;
  • I am finding Jake’s twin brother being sent to make up with the other team quite amusing, but it just show what douches Jake and Erin are for thinking this is appropriate they are;
  • When the other teams find out about the twin they are going to be miffed, how I wished Australian production companies did reunion shows like they do on Bravo as this could be fireworks.

The judging:

  • The judges liked Neisha and John’s  and called it a “good blank canvas”, though their laundry is not up to standard;
  • Erin and Jake’s kept the art deco theme going and I like it at least they are making a statement and both judges were gushing;
  • Chez’s curved shower wall was seen to have the wow factor, but did not like that they did not have a bath.
  • Again Mark and Duncan got criticised for some of their design features.

I was bemused about the judges comments about the laundries, as I got the feeling neither of them really ever used one in real life.

Erin and Jake won, much to the disgust of the other teams, and I do agree with Mark and Duncan that the open shower would be a major pain.

Tonight’s gratuitous plug was for Sam The Paving Man.


1 dmc { 10.27.10 at 10:52 pm }

Don’t forget the plug for the 3D TV. Those scripted comments were hilarious.

2 Reality Raver { 10.27.10 at 11:00 pm }

Agreed DMC they did nothing for sales of the item

3 MelbaToast { 10.28.10 at 8:43 am }

Ugh….this show is really starting to lose my interest. I’m about to embark on a bit of a rant…just a warning!

Firstly – why don’t “they” explain the rules of The Block in the first episode…we find out bits & pieces here and there, and then when there is an issue we really get no resolution on it.

Secondly, Erin & Jake seem like cheats. If you cannot work being 10am – 4pm then you cannot work between 10am – 4pm. It seems pretty clear to me that a Time in Lieu system doesn’t apply to The Block.

Thirdly, Jake is a total tool thinking it’s funny to have his brother step in and make his apologies. I don’t get that at all – it’s so immature and is the kind of plan boys in grade 8 would hatch. And it sounds like Jake & Erin will just do whatever they want anyway as neither of them were agreeing to playing fair…it was Jake’s equal as dumb brother.

Fourthly – ever time I watch this show I feel sooooo sorry for the people living in the surrounding unit blocks. I’d not want to hear Scott Cam wolf whistling whatever time it is every Sunday morning.

Rant over!

4 ToniTones { 10.28.10 at 9:03 am }

At first I really liked Jake & Erin, but now they really grate on me. The whole breaking of curfew thing, stupid twin brother apologies (I like the idea of the Bravo reunion show), but what grates me the most is when they bitch & moan about not having enough sleep & having to get up early to do his rowing training. I mean, WTF?!?!? Surely when signing up for the Block, they would’ve read about what they were in for. Why sign on for a reality tv show if you need to focus on training for the Olympics?
And Sam the Paving man who said he “just happened to be around…” yeah, f*ck off, like ch9 didn’t put a call in beforehand so say we’re coming around to film. I’m not that naive…

5 Wurstsemmel { 10.28.10 at 9:26 am }

Everything ToniTones said above and more…..

The producers obviously think viewers have been stunned into a state of stupidity….Sam the Paving Man….”just happened to be there…” What a load of bull.

I originally thought Chez was going to be the baddie of the series but actually it’s Erin. Very quick to jump on others when she feels they’re doing something wrong, quick to deny her own wrongdoings. And the twin brother thing? I hope they get busted on that stupidity soon. If I were the people this twin brother has made the fake apologies to, people that have appreciated what they believed to be a genuine apology, I’d be fuming.

RIP The Block because this series is not a shadow of the old series and that’s a real shame.

6 seepi { 10.28.10 at 2:12 pm }

This series is a bit of a dud. Shame. I still like it, but it is nothing on the original Block shows.

I just hink it is moving too fast. And what for? Why not have it run a bit longer, and give them a week to do the ensuite, then a week to do the laundry and the driveway stuff.

What benefit is there in making them get 3 hours sleep. It isn’t going to make them do better designs. and if they are hoping fatigue and rush will lead to funy mistakes – well it hasn’t so far. And renovations always involves mistakes anyway, even without the bizarre deadlines.

And on the 3D tv – ICK – i had forgotten that hideous moment when we got a pointless close up of some volleyball woman’s nearly naked backside. Who chose that clip to show??? Did they forget this was the Block, not the footy show?

I still like Jake and Erin. I love their designs too. do we know if it is him or her who comes up with the design? And why dont’ we know??

And why don’t they show the couples walking through all the rooms at the end, not just the winning one?

7 Reality Raver { 10.28.10 at 2:56 pm }

Agree with all the comments above. Also they did this big thing about the couples having to do the outside as well this week, all they had to do is hire the tradies.

Also the 10 – 4 rule dumb so couples who have flexible working hours can get more time in, but ones who do work the full 8 hour day plus travel time are disadvantaged.

Also for the students (yet to see Jake doing his day time job) does this mean he can go to his family or his own place and sleep?

8 scruffnkelsmum { 10.29.10 at 8:52 pm }

I think we are being prodded by the producers and some very selective editing to see who is going to be the “bad guys” each week.

Please note also, that all the other teams admitted to working in the banned period- so they are all guilty of this. I do think Jake & Erin should have got some time in lieu because of the grandfather- but they should have got it approved 1st.

Still don’t like Chez- but maybe that is also producer’s portrayal!! But if she can shop during her seemingly endless lunch breaks and web surf for products/stuff while at work- a little bit of leniency for the others re the curfew times should be in order.

The twin thing- silly, but kinda funny, and relatively harmless.

the cost/quotes thing- if the producers have not ruled Jake & Erin as doing the wrong thing, then I say kudos to them for getting a ‘job done” quote- as long as they stipulated he needed to include $60 and hour in the quote. if the job takes more time- then they win if they have accepted a quote for the job. Have no idea if this is/was the case as we actually don’t get to see much of all that.

9 Jess { 11.10.10 at 8:49 pm }

Erin thinks she can cry her way out of any situation… and claim that they are cheating because it is not fair that the other teams get more sleep….thats not their fault – its your poor time management… she knows she is breaking the rules like on tonights show, she knew she shouldnt do it but said the other teams wont know if they all go out. Then when Scott Cam said he haid video evidence of people painting until 11pm she still tried to say it was only 15minutes. Rules are rules and you know what you signed up for when you signed the contract…ARGGGHHH shut up, stop cheating, stop complaining about your lack of sleep compared to the other teams, and stop crying… she is sooooo annoying