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Beauty and the Geek – It Is Only Episode 2, But the Second Season Is Ordinary

The thing I find offensive about Beauty and the Geek is that is says what supposedly intelligent guys really want dumb and attractive girls. Banal utterances from these girls are seen as riveting conversation by these guys.

Last season I quite enjoyed the show, tonight I was mildly amused but irritated. It all seemed so set up, to the lines the “beauty’s” were spouting, to the cabana scene around the pool at Star City. It is all a bit fake.

Tamika had breakfast in bed by Thomas. Thomas is an Hawaiian shirt enthusiast,  I don’t know why that makes you a geek.

He has a crush on her.Of course.

But then Tamika, a cocktail waitress, is the “star” of the show. She combines Jessica Simpson looks, and her Anna-Nicole Smith’s personality. As@nesski46 tweeted to me if we don’t see her at next years brownlow, words won’t be able to express my disappointment. Neither will tamika…

I suggested Brynne Edelsten could be her mentor.

Tonight the geeks had to make cocktails, whilst the girls had to work on their arithmetic.  The producers know how to make the beauties to look stupid they just used a four syllable word. Of course someone took the bait and asked what arithmetic is.

The girls challenge was to add up bugs and creatures that each had a different points value, and the boys challenge was to be cabana guys by the pool.

Cue to girls squealing, and guys being geeky when interacting with people.

What I would love to know is how to the girls like being pawed by the guys. As there is a fair bit of hugging going on.

Daniel is a little cutie, and also smoother them most, and Michael is funny maybe they should have applied for Dating in the Dark instead.

Derek and Lynette were nominated, as were Daniel and Donna. Derek and Lynette were eliminated. Did I care? No.


1 Jeb { 10.29.10 at 12:35 am }

C’mon rr it’s not that bad. I mean for sure it’s set up beyond belief but still – if you suspend belief it’s ok for a few laughs.

Re the show being offensive because it says that all these smart guys want is a dumb hot girl… not sure about that. These guys aren’t smart at all – they’re geeks. Smart guys want smart girls. All guys want hot girls. But that’s not the show – it wouldn’t work if the girls were hot and intelligent. The show also wouldn’t work if the genders were reversed. And all that being said, the basis of the show has parallels to real life eg Brynne Edelsten.

Watching Tamika I got a flash back to an episode of two and a half men when charlie’s mum had some of her butt fat injected into her lips. Massive trout pout. Do you think her lips effect her speach at all – she’s got a bit of a lisp or something. Anyways she is the star. She’s either extremely, extremely slow or a fantastic actor.

The annoying thing about this show for me is seeing the guys just gush over the girl and start talking about what a great person they are, how strong they are etc. Total cringe. However I guess that they can’t state the obvious – she’s got awesome boobs… Now if they said that it would be a great show!

That dude with the beard is my tip for this years not a geek.

Don’t know why they bother with elimination on this show. No one cares.

One last thing to say – it’s funny comparing the skin colour of the guys and girls. Generally it’s pale as vs tandoori.

2 seepi { 10.29.10 at 10:12 am }

Really – I’m loving it this year. Only caught a few shows last time.

I was really shocked to see Daniel having several love interests next week. Also – why does the brown haired girl care if he got it on with the twin? She didn’t like him did she? I thought he was a bit pushy insisting on getting to know each other better etc. i love his high school type lines as well!

Tamika – the trout pout is terrible, but she does seem genuinely quite nice.

Hawaiian shirt enthusiasat – strange title, but come on – if that guy isn’t a geek who is!

There is something fundamentally good about this show, if even a couple of the geeks develop a bit of self confidence, or learn to dress better or something. That kernel of good makes up for the dreadful premise.

My tip for the one to be surprisingly good looking is beardy with the looooong straight hair. They do get makeovers at some point yeah?

3 wallah { 10.29.10 at 12:15 pm }

Weren’t these guys on a dungeon raid on World of Warcraft with me last night? How can they be on tv at the same time?

4 seepi { 10.29.10 at 12:50 pm }

Most of the geeks do seem convincingly geeky. they nearly all have really bad haircuts – mostly just a normal haircut grown too long. Which did briefly make me wonder if they had a clause in their contract, not to cut their hair from when they were chosen, until filming began, which would conveniently lead to bad hair all around.

Except our ‘hawaian shirt enthusiast’ has normal hair.

I do feel like some of the beauties are exaggerating their dimness – surely everyone over the age of 5 knows what arithmetic is.

5 Culinary Boner { 10.29.10 at 1:39 pm }

“The thing I find offensive about Beauty and the Geek is that is says what supposedly intelligent guys really want dumb and attractive girls. Banal utterances from these girls are seen as riveting conversation by these guys.”

Welcome to the power of the penis.
Overriding all commonsense, boredom and self-respect, the average geek pant python (a generous description, I know) takes total control as it, lemming-like, converts to a moisture-seeking V2 missile (generous again) aimed at the baby-smooth, nether regions of any dim-but-pretty bimbette within a 2-metre radius. Problem for these so-called geeks is that they have even less control over the pant python than the rest of us.

I essence they’re just livin’ large the immortal advice Pete Cook’s Devil gave, when he advised Stanley (Dud Moore, aka The Sex Thimble) in ‘Bedazzled’:
“In the words of Marcel Proust — and this applies to any woman in the world — if you can stay up and listen with a fair degree of attention to whatever garbage, no matter how stupid it is that they’re coming out with, til ten minutes past four in the morning… you’re in.”

6 sourkraut { 10.29.10 at 2:23 pm }

I thought the couple with the first beauty to eat a witchetty grub was going to be free from nomination for boning, but at the end Kara (who won by a bug’s whisker) and her partner seemed to be up for nomination anyway. If I was Kara I think I would then have projectile vomited the remains of the bug at the host!
Shame about the pair that got ousted. I would have loved to see Daniel (smartarse) get the boot instead. In fact I wonder if he is not this year’s “non-geek” plant. (although I thought last week that it was the bones man).
Anyway, hope Tamika or Kara are half of the winning pair. (Guess why Raver!)

7 mzd { 10.29.10 at 3:40 pm }

According to her online bio, Jessie (the girl who asked what arithmetic was) failed high school so…I am guessing that was probably wasn’t a fair stretch…

8 Angel86 { 10.31.10 at 8:00 pm }

In the preview for next week, where the Beauty is having a go at Daniel for kissing someone else, does anyone else think that it seems to take place in the lobby, possibly during elimination and it also looks like the Beauty is in the position to nominate? So her speech may be her nominating Daniel.

9 Missy { 11.07.10 at 9:33 pm }

I know Thomas, and yes, he is a geek. They didn’t have a label to pin on him, so just went for ‘hawiian shirt enthusiast’ as he has a few in his wardrobe. He’s very shy, which is probably why you don’t hear a lot from him on the show. He’s a lovely guy, very geniune, honest and a great friend – he will do anything for you. He is pretty much exactly as you see him on the show.

10 Peter Goodwin { 11.14.10 at 11:05 pm }

We all love Tamika and Thomas,they are so so funny and they Rock the show. Tamika is so Hot Hot,she will go places. We just love watching her every week,Tamika is a Hot Babe :-)