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The X Factor – Let’s Just Go Straight To The Finale Now!

Seriously can we just fast forward to The X Factor final now, as it has turned into a two horse race.    Alytian Childs, and Sally Chatfield, the only  ones capable of winning the competition.

Alytian singing the Summer of ’69 was more about the performance rather then the song, but it was entertaining. But the question needs to be asked does he actually play guitar or was that a performance affectation.

 Sally Chatfield again was a show highlight with Kelly Clarkson’s rendition of Since You’ve Been Gone.  The only criticism was that I would have liked the full 3 minute rendition of the song.

 Luke and Joel have to take a hit this week by doing a Beach Boy cover. Personally I think those songs need to be left in the past. They were cheesy then and they are cheesy now. They will be lucky to avoid bottom two as it was pretty average vocally.

 Andrew Lawson crooning rendition of Sunday Morning  by Maroon 5 was predictable, I don’t think he is capable of throwing any surprises, but will stick around for awhile.

Mahogany who sang Survivor  were far better this week, but sorry Mahog fans I still don’t see international stardom in their future.

 And poor Hayley Teale who was given some sort of hospital pass by mentor Natalie Imbruglia with California Girls by Kate Perry. It is not a great song NOT sung by Ms Perry. And it was far too poppy to showcase Hayley’s fabulous voice.

 I don’t normally comment too much on the clothes, but Hayley who has been looking smoking hot over the past few weeks look shocking in what was also a homage to Kate Perry, the spangly top and the leggings. Tyler Sheridan needs to get over his leggings fetish.

Bottom two prediction: Hayley Teale, and Luke and Joel.

Also come back Natalie Garonzi we need your quick wit on The Xtra Factor. I thought for a second when she wasn’t on last night she had been sacked because last week she had put her foot in it by telling Ronan Keating it takes two to tango. It was unintentional but not great after all the drama that has been going on in his private life this year.


1 Mel { 11.01.10 at 12:55 pm }

While I think Altiyan does do a pretty convincing impression of a ‘rock star’ on stage, his success so far has depended on him singing massively well-known and previously successful songs (e.g. Beautiful Day, for one). But truly, those great songs are few and far between even for great bands like U2, and realistically I think if Altiyan were to win, unless he has a huge hit machine behind him writing big anthemic numbers, his star is going to fade rather quickly. Soppy ballads from him (like the traditional but forgetful Idol winners’ songs) won’t cut it, and surely you can only sing cover songs for so long.

Sally, I think, has the vastly superior voice and decent confidence on stage when she’s enjoying what she’s singing. Different to Altiyan, I think her remarkable voice is more likely to lend itself to new songs, not just covers, because I know if I have the TV on during this show I stop everything just to see her sing. Based on that alone, I hope Sally is the eventual winner.

2 Lea { 11.01.10 at 2:10 pm }

I’d say you’re right about Altiyan and Sally. Altiyan particularly has a lot going for him b/c of his experience and the kook-factor which everyone loves.

I don’t think you’re giving Mahogany enough credit though – they have amazing vocals and their performance last night was really great. Also I always enjoy Luke and Joel’s performances, although I’ll admit their vocals aren’t as polished.

My bottom two picks: Hayley (despite her awesome voice) and Andrew. Nice though they are, I find them the least interesting to watch.

3 Linda Skinner { 11.01.10 at 2:19 pm }

There’s only two reasons why I watch the X factor, to see Altiyan and Sally’s performance, the rest was A ok but no personality on their performance. So those are my final two.

4 brain dead dave { 11.01.10 at 2:42 pm }

Altiyan is a schlock star. I’ve hated that song for years so I had the mute on for him. He’s on a road to nowhere with Stan and Wes.