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The Amazing Race – The Episode Of The Dating Couples

Tonight was the episode where we saw how the dating couples were coping with the race thus far. Jill and Thomas, and Nick and Vicky seem to be tracking ok, but for Chad and Stephanie things were not looking so peachy in what was a trying leg.

Chad as we have seen glimpses of in previous is a douche, and I don’t know why Stephanie is so in love with him, his ego is larger than his IQ.

Tonight the teams had to get from Norway to St Petersburg, and  for Mallory who had never been on a train before it was an amazing first trip. All the teams arrived in Russia at the same time.

However it all started going pear shaped after that. The detour was diabolical this week a nice change from some of the easy challenges in Norway.

They had the choice between Classical Music  where they had to listen to three composistions and then try and identify it with the live pianists. The kicker was handing in all three scores at the same time.

The other choice was classic cinema where they had to find the film matching what is on the screen, and it was like finding a needle in a haystack.

Jill and Thomas were the first to complete the detour, and in the end the cinema one was quicker to complete then the music one. In fact most of the teams ditched the music one to go to the film studio.

I note Brook the home shopping host didn’t try and plant a kiss on the Russian guy at the film studio, something she has done in most of the other legs of the race.

Chad and Stephanie were just randomly picking out music sheets and Chad was angry, in the end he had to take the back seat which apparently he did not want to. I hope Stephanie reads the signs and leave him. Particularly as he said after the baboushka roadblock he said keep the outfit you can clean the house with it back home. Nice!

Jill and Thomas quickly blew their lead by getting lost again so Brook and Claire arrived at the roadblock first.

At the roadblock they had to dress as a baboushka and plant potatoes and top with manure.

Brook got lost finding the field, and had an episode about getting manure on her, that compared to getting a watermelon in the face like her partner Claire is nothing.

Nick and Vicki were not having a great day they were having issues with both detours, but finally after returning to the music one they got through.

Kevin stuffed up and told his Dad the pit stop was not across the street from the monument and missed coming first on the leg, so Jill and Thomas won the trip to Brazil.

Brook and Claire were team number two with Michael and Kevin coming in third.

Back at the roadblock the girls were having trouble finding the wheel barrows.

Mallory was raced off by a fifty year old russian but had a blond moment saying she couldn’t understand his Russian or Swedish.

For Nick and Vicky they were unable to catch up and were last to arrive. However I was glad it wasn’t an elimination leg as even they were having a really difficult day they handled it  with dignity and without screaming at each other. They deserved a second chance.


1 Colls Bolls { 11.05.10 at 9:34 am }

They were really hard detours, that’s for sure. I was surprised at the amount of girls who were able to be talked out of their musical choices by their partner though. It was so frustrating watching it when you knew they were right.

2 Suzanne { 11.05.10 at 10:23 am }

A strange dynamic between Chad & Stephanie. She wanted him to make the decisions and then got angry when he wouldn’t, yet complained that he always had to have things his way. Not an attractive couple.
Go the doctors!

3 seepi { 11.05.10 at 1:31 pm }

The pierced country couple came across well this week. And chad did not.

The music challenge was interesting. I thought they should have each taken a single song and tried hard to get it right, instead of just rushing around like loons.

I did like the challenges this time. they managed to showcase the incredible culture of Russia, as well as the basic living conditions.

I have sympathy for people who have a meltdown, as I could imagine having the odd moment under such difficult conditions, but someone like chad who has had quite a few ‘moments’ I have lost sympathy for.

I mean when she asked him what they should do, all he did was sulk about what they should have done hours ago – not helpful.

4 reality raver { 11.05.10 at 1:57 pm }

Colls Bolls – I agree I think it would be one of the challenges that it would have been easier to do by yourself.

Suzanne – he has been a dick since day one, but this episode it really highlighted his emotional inadequacies.

Seepi- I think both challenges were difficult and I would have gone for the music one. Chad was just not able to move forward.

5 Panda { 11.05.10 at 2:55 pm }

Did anyone notice how on the first leg of the race when they were introducing all the teams that Chad said he is going to propose to Stephanie on the race?
Everytime he cracks it at her I always think. ‘one, two, three, propose… wait not yet…
one, two three.. propose..’

Kinda hoping they get eliminated and then he will have to propose on the mat while trying to contain his temper at getting eliminated.

The other teams seem pretty nice but team Sunshine, Gary and Mallory are my favourite! Followed by Team Jumba, Micheal and Kevin. I’m glad both of them are still in the race.