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The Biggest Loser – Four Families And A New Trainer

The Biggest Loser is being made by a new production company this year, and already there are a couple of new changes.

There will be four family teams made up of four people, so it will be interesting to see how eliminations work. Also a new trainer Tiffany Hall will be joining the show.

Channel Ten say:

The Biggest Loser has grown even bigger. This year, 4 families of 4 will be taking part in TV’s favourite weight loss challenge, and to help them on their way…4 trainers. Veteran Biggest Loser trainers Michelle and Shannan will have to make a little extra space in the changing rooms as combat clad Commando takes on a full time role training one of the families, and a brand new member joins the training team.

Recently voted one of the ten healthiest people in Australia by The Herald Sun, author, journalist, martial arts expert and one time Gladiator, TIFFINY HALL has become the latest addition to the Biggest Loser training family and it’s a role that she seems to have been preparing for her entire life.

Daughter of an Olympic taekwondo coach and born to a mother who is also a black belt, she was always destined to have a fighting spirit, something she intends to bestow upon her contestants. The message is simple, but feisty:

“Fight for your lives. Fight for your pride. Fight for your health. And if you’ve given up the fight, I’m here to help you unleash the inner warrior. You can change your life in a heartbeat. Anyone can be Weight-loss Warrior.”

Most recently, Tiffiny has been appearing on The Circle as the show’s health expert helping Chrissie Swan to lose weight but when she was approached to join this year’s Biggest Loser, it was a resounding YES!

“I see it as an amazing opportunity to give Australia their black belt in health”….and given that she’s a 5th Dan black belt in taekwondo herself, that’s not out of the realms of possibility.

Each trainer will be assigned one family to train, teach, and occasionally torture through that most cruel of tools – exercise! They will be competing against each other just as the contestants will be and as always, the stakes are high.

Michelle Bridges, returning for her 5th series, offers words of wisdom and encouragement to the “newbies”:

“It’ll be great to welcome some new blood this year but they certainly shouldn’t underestimate just how tough this job is going to be. Good luck to them, but if they think they’re in for a chance of winning then 2 words…..bring it…..”

Game on.


1 brain dead dave { 11.07.10 at 8:51 pm }

I’m going to miss Fremantle Media not doing the show. They are masters at producing trash.

A bit ho-hum about the new trainer. All those qualifications when all it needs is someone to explain the facts of life to the Losers;
*stop eating so much $hit and quit the crying.
* get off your fat ar$e and do something.
* You made the whale sling-so sleep in it.

2 Reality Raver { 11.07.10 at 9:26 pm }

BDD – And you would have done the job for half the price

3 GO WESTRENS { 04.22.11 at 10:48 pm }

i think that this year was the best they ever had because of the families and the new trainer and i believe she is AWESOME! ! ! but im still going for the westrens WOOOOOO! !
i like it how Leigh, Lara, Sharlene and Craig team up with Shannan Ponton because this year they will be unstoppable