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Altiyan Childs Talks About His Drug Use

The TV WEEK have finally asked the question on everyones lips about whether Altiyan Childs quirky ways are due to illicit drug use.

It appears that he is clean in this area as well as his sex life, whereas previously he revealed he was celibate for seven years. I have to admit I think the article is unclear about whether there was past drug use or is he just talking about his performances on The X Factor. You decide.

The articles states:

“I’m glad someone has finally asked me about drugs because I’ve been accused of taking them ever since I hit the stage,” he says. “I am the cleanest rocker I know. I have never been on stage under any influence and I am very clean and straight in my private life, too. I don’t do drugs – I didn’t even have my first drink until I was 19. I’m anti-drugs; I’m anti- anything that is addictive and brings you down.”

That said, Altiyan 35, admits he finds the constant chatter that he is on drugs “flattering”.

“Most people take drugs to lose their inhibitions, whereas I don’t need them to do that,” he explains. “I have something naturally that most people look for in drugs and I am so grateful that God gave me this electrifying feeling when songs come on and make me comfortable in myself.”

As for the talk that his quirky antics are a publicity stunt, Altiyan insists he doesn’t “know how to manipulate” people.

“I think lies are the greatest poison the world has ever known,” he says.


1 Culinary Boner { 11.08.10 at 2:05 pm }

No sex, no drugs, no wonder there aint not rock’n’roll happening.
This guy’s a dud pop-music wannabee pretending to be a rocker. Acting insane and delusional makes you…insane and delusional, not a rock’n’roller.

2 Paula { 11.08.10 at 4:18 pm }

Oh please!

3 skye { 11.08.10 at 4:34 pm }

Something seems askew with his brain chemistry, self-inflicted or otherwise.

4 brain dead dave { 11.08.10 at 5:39 pm }

Explains why he hasn’t got the cash to buy some shampoo.

5 The X Factor – Luke And Joel Eliminated | reality ravings { 11.08.10 at 9:22 pm }

[…] stunt from Altiyan does nothing to put rumours to rest. (See Blog post here where Altiyan talks about his drug use). But seriously this guy needs to hook up with someone soon he looks like he is about to […]

6 Gillian { 11.09.10 at 9:59 am }

I can totally relate to Altiyan on this. I have never been drunk, done drugs or smoked cigarettes which is more the exception than the rule. Like Altiyan, I’ve never needed to. And yet, people would look at us strangely because we don’t need artificial supplements to make us confident and self assured.

I don’t agree that you need to take drugs or be a sex addict to be a successful rockstar and people should look beyond the stereotype. I think those who are on drugs are more likely to be frauds and less true to themselves. Glad to see Altiyan standing up for what he believes in. He seems to have had a good upbringing and very supportive parents like myself.

7 Callan { 11.09.10 at 3:43 pm }

Right, because going to a fricken cave in a well known spot for junkies to buy and use heroin is totally normal right?
He does know that Methadone is a drug too right?
He may not be using anymore, but he has smack written all over his leathery face. Yuck.

8 unknown { 11.10.10 at 9:16 am }

this is all a bunch of you know what!
i actually know him in real life and we use to hit it almost every week end.
But since he started xfactor he was too good for his friends and palmed them off, maybe it was the drugs talking! he is such a smooth talker but in reality he is a bloody douche!
that is all

9 Lettie { 11.11.10 at 6:31 pm }

Thanks for this article – I like to read about Altiyan & what he has to say – in fact, I find him more interesting to read, listen to and watch than any other ‘celebrity’ or TV personality. I don’t know who this ‘unknown’ user is, but if there is any merit in what you have to say, why haven’t we heard about it on the TV yet? Why haven’t you gone to them & instead posted a defamatory post here? Why don’t you prove it?

10 Reality Raver { 11.12.10 at 11:33 am }

Unknown if you do know him in real life, do you have any idea who the mythical ex-girlfriend is?

11 mick { 11.16.10 at 7:26 pm }

unknown, You sound like a real loser. You sound jealous, how about giving him some credit rather than bagging him. With mates like you, i don’t blame him fo ignoring you!

12 susie { 11.17.10 at 8:14 pm }

Unknown…just go away…get a life…leave

13 rocky star { 11.21.10 at 7:09 pm }

OMG this blog is so funny.
Why does everyone associate Altiyan with drugs because he is ‘high’ on stage? What is everyones problem? Jealous, cause what, when you hit the stage you clam up and cant sing, cant dance cant do nothing?

14 Sanja { 11.22.10 at 3:52 pm }

I’m never drink too. I’m very glad when you stop using drugs.

15 rocky star { 11.22.10 at 3:58 pm }

For crying out loud people – he is not on drugs….hes clean as!

16 anon { 11.26.10 at 11:55 pm }
review on Altiyans old band. scroll down to artist biography

17 TheLilynz { 11.30.10 at 9:58 pm }

If Altiyan is bothering to read this – best of luck for the future. Ignore the negative comments – stay strong, live your life as it suits you to live it (not how others think you should), stay true to yourself and your own beliefs. The right woman will come along sometime. Come to New Zealand – we are excellent people :) Under no circumstances join INXS – those bitter egomaniacs, desperate to make money would destroy your gentleness.

18 TheLilynz { 11.30.10 at 10:01 pm }

Get a life unknown. Wish you’d stayed mates with him now do you? I bet you do – you would have been one of the knockers “back then”.
Don’t be envious – it’s a wasted emotion – be happy for the person you say you knew and wish him well – he might send you a Christmas card then.

19 adora1ification { 12.14.10 at 4:23 am }

I love Altiyan, what ever his past is. I believe he is such a gentle and humble person that he deserve the win. By the way Australia has spoken, he’s got the talent and the look/charisma and good upbringing what else you need. To those who are bombarding him with negative comment… get a life , maybe you are just jealous because he “wow” the Australian public and he’s worth it. he shines like a true star. A wonderful/charismatic /talented performer. Good on him. May God bless him along the way as I believe he deserve it.

20 lina { 12.22.10 at 6:42 pm }

FUCK YOU Unknown… i love you Altiyan

21 Lolligirl { 01.18.11 at 2:44 pm }

Altiyan you made my 7 year cry at your concert he will always remember your caring nature when you took the time to acknowledge him whilst you were performing beautiful day at revesby workers. Wow he has a long way to fall if he thinks the rest have the stage presence and sincerity of you. Totally loved your show it felt so personal and you looked so much hotter in real!

22 Lindsay Hampton { 03.28.11 at 1:35 pm }

Thats a complete load of crap…he smokes the pipe i know this for a fact, ive done it with him and have pictures to prove he does it… and celebate? ha ha what a jerk off… he smokes drugs and also has 15 year old girls coming to his home every week…. complete looser.. was a fan once and now im NOT…

23 marr { 04.05.11 at 7:44 am }

Hey Lindsay Hampton…..bugger off with your untrue statements!!!
I know what you are saying is a down right lie!!!!! stop going around trying to flog this off as the truth!!!! the only complete looser around here is you …you sad little thing!!!!!

24 ree { 04.05.11 at 7:58 am }

I know Altiyan too…..and he is a good person….and you unkown and Lindsay Hampton I would suggest is the same person!!!!
I have never heard of you Lindsay…. your no friend of Altiyan’s not now nor from his passed…..your an unknown just like you first stated!!! and you have no idea what your talking about…your just a trouble maker & no one wants to hear your crap!!!

25 Anonymous { 04.10.11 at 7:31 am }

This dude is the biggest smacky going around!

26 Altiyan Child’s Was Living In House Prior To Firearms and Drugs Found | reality ravings { 04.10.11 at 7:57 am }

[…] Altiyan Child’s has been on the record previously that he does not do drugs . […]

27 Anonymous { 04.10.11 at 6:37 pm }

i seen that cunt in rehab ay he wasnt singen tho just talken shit ay

28 waaahhhhh { 04.11.11 at 5:17 pm }

That is all.

Seriously, people are so gullable. LOL This blog has been HILARIOUS!!!

29 marion { 06.13.11 at 7:12 pm }

the truth is coming out now

30 Marion { 06.14.11 at 8:18 pm }

Hey anonymous….I need some info…how do I contact you?
I also need to speak to someone whose daughter was admired……mine was

31 tracey { 06.14.11 at 9:35 pm }

I think there is more to Altiyan Childs than meets the eye…I dont believe for a second that he is as pure and inncoent as he and his followers make out. The man has “cult” like fanbase and from what I hear will nearly kill you for speaking against their “God”. The fanbase states 49000 fans , but only 300 marked as attending his new tour ???I met him in Melbourne and it seemed to me he preys on a sympathy card every time and uses his “sick father” as an excuse for a bad performance. As for the rumours re TT interview…I think it was the downward spiral to the end of his career….something definately not right…gut instinct. I hope the truth with the whole story is laid on the table and am suspecting there will be a new type of Tsunami…lol

32 marion { 06.14.11 at 9:58 pm }

I think it’s fair to say it’s become obvious he has something big to hide

33 Marion { 06.15.11 at 8:49 am }

Us Aussies like honesty……

34 Marion { 06.15.11 at 1:49 pm }

well, well, if his dad can behave in this manner under a fake profile………and I know it is him and can proove it……….he sent this to me…no wonder his son is screwed up

Raymond Nelson June 15 at 1:28pm Report

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35 Marion { 06.15.11 at 4:20 pm }


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39 Marion { 06.17.11 at 10:17 pm }

give it up Altiyan and come clean. You are lying through your teeth- enough crying now!! Thought your dad inspired you back into music, what bullshit, you were gigging around before x don’t drink or do drugs, but now suddenly have a “couple of times”..if you want to gain some respect, come out and tell the world who you really are, no one is going to care, they will admire your honesty much more than your cover up bullshit stories now. Sorry Buddy but your 50 fans can’t get you out of this one, neither can a certain member of your family faking profiles and making threats! If there was nothing to “protect” i.e. scandals, then he wouldn’t be so hell bent in bullying people into submission. Shame on you, your family and the few one eyed idiots who can’t see past their nose. It was ok for you to go on TT to slander but it’s not ok for the other side to speak out? How does that logic work? GO BACK TO YOUR REAL JOB AND BUY SOME TISSUES……GIVE NIKKI HER LIFE BACK, SHE IS YOUNG AND INNOCENT YOU DIRTY DOG