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The X Factor – Luke And Joel Eliminated And Altiyan Steams It Up

Well the highlight of the episode was Altiyan Childs frottaging Mel B in the group song. Props to her for not cracking up laughing in the middle of the performance.

That stunt from Altiyan does nothing to put rumours to rest. (See Blog post here where Altiyan talks about his drug use). But seriously this guy needs to hook up with someone soon he looks like he is about to explode.

Today I wrote emphatically that Mahogany would be walking the plank tonight. I was wrong. After the judges went two all it went to the group with the lowest vote and Luke and Joel were eliminated.

I agreed with Ronan and think that Luke and Joel have more selling records potential. Also good on Kyle Sandilands for putting a bit of heat on Guy for wimping out again on picking who he thought should go home.

UPDATE: Maybe the Australian version needs to enforce The X Factor rules as they do on the english version. The Daily Mail reports when Cheryl Cole refused to cast her vote second it then became best out of three.


1 brain dead dave { 11.08.10 at 9:35 pm }

Altiyan reckons it’s a God given gift to behave like that on stage?

Tonight God took the pi$$ out of him,make no mistake. He ruined the group song with his horny puppy impression.

2 Reality Raver { 11.08.10 at 10:04 pm }

BDD – I love the horny puppy analogy. Not something Mel B was expecting.

3 Karla { 11.09.10 at 5:50 am }

X Factor rules in the UK are no different. There was an uproar here because Cheryl refused to vote. I believe its only because they were running out of air-time that they went for the majority vote, instead of going back to Cheryl so she could take it to deadlock and enforce the public vote.

4 Reality Raver { 11.09.10 at 7:49 am }

Karla – It annoys me that the judges are allowed to worm out of making the tough decisions. they get big bucks for the job.

5 dmc { 11.09.10 at 12:07 pm }

Just make sure the mentoring judge vote last (just like they give the final comments) – that way either they don’t have to vote or they can send it to deadlock.

6 liza moloney { 11.22.10 at 1:33 pm }

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