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The X Factor – The Top Five – Australian Show

Russell Crowe has said he is a fan of reality TV, if so he should be reading this blog…

However I really think Channel 7 should be trying to get him to be a guest judge one episode, as he would tell us exactly what he thinks. Or get his wife Danielle Spencer and Russell to mentor the contestants, they could do no worse than what Mel B did last night.

At least they would have a bit of fun with it. And imagine the ratings.

Quick recap of last night: Luke and Joel – They will lose votes now that it has been revealed that Joel has a fiancé and had to cancel his wedding to go on the show. But really their vocals were woeful, but they do have appeal.

Sally Chatfield – I thought she struggled with this Veronica’s song and thought Ronan must have hit the Abisinthe Bar before the show when he thought it was one of the best vocals of the competition. Personally I thought she was pitchy at least half way through.

Andrew Lawson – Yes he looked spunky, and it was entertaining and for once Kyle actually picked a great song for him. But I am still not sure he can win. Does anyone else think that when he looks at Kyle he has a look on his face that says “you are a fuckwit”?

Mahogany – Guy, Guy, Guy, how could you let Mahogany butcher such a great song White Horse, and yes I do know the Daryl Braithwaite version is completely different of Ricki-Lee Jones. But Mahogany will be eliminated tonight. Just an aside I think India-Rose Madderom would have done a cracker version of Chuck E’s In Love.

Altiyan Childs – It was inevitable and predictable that Altiyan would do an INXS song. Yes it was OK and should keep him safe for another week.

Bottom two will be Mahogany, and Altiyan Childs, with Mahogany eliminated. Next week could be very interesting as it is anyones race now.


1 Heléna { 11.08.10 at 12:18 pm }

Sally although she does have a great voice – always sounds really nasally to me :-(

LOL re Andrew – I have been thinking that every week – he looks like he could cheerfully beat Kyle up

I couldn’t agree more re Mahogany and think they will go tonight if Luke and Joel don’t – Altiyan in the bottom two is a big call!

2 Reality Raver { 11.08.10 at 12:34 pm }

It seems we are on the same page her. I still think Sally will win.

3 Liss { 11.08.10 at 1:57 pm }

Andrew irritates almost as much as Kyle, closely followed by Luke and Joel.

If we are truly looking at talent – I certainly hope Mahogany doesn’t go home, that would be a bloody shame, and tbh I’m only watching for them and Sally (and the odd Altiyan schitzoid moment)