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The Block – Erin and Jake Caught Out Cheating And Lying

Oh how embarrassing for Erin and Jake to be caught out cheating and then lying on national TV. I think they may have lost a lot of fans tonight.

First when questioned about Paint gate Jake said “It’s not like he was painting painting” said Jake. Right then what was he doing? Erin wailed “We were up all night”. So? The other teams probably weren’t getting much sleep either.

But the thing that made them look not great was they lied. When asked about whether Jakes brother had continued painting after he was told not to at 9.30pm. They said he did but for only 15 minutes. Duh hidden camera reveals he was painting at least to 11.00pm.

And then later Jake goes it was tough getting the accusation, I think the accusation was proven. But they showed no remorse at all.

But gee Chez was enjoying pouring salt on the wound.

Was there actually any renovation happening this week on The Block?

First we had ten minutes of the boys from The Block at Hurricanes in Bondi eating steak, and I hope for Channel Nine’s sake the restaurant paid more then the ten steaks they stumped up. If not they got a great deal.

Also we had a couple of minutes on Mark’s weigh-in, a couple of minutes on Chez stopping to buy chicken and veges for her tradies, and the obligatory Freedom shopping scene. Oh they did hit a wall with a sledgehammer a few times before the tradies moved in to remove the wall properly.

Anyway even though Erin and Jake are unlikeable, they do have the best taste on The Block. Everyones lounge room was overstuffed with furniture except theirs. However they were disqualified so could not win.

Neisha and John won with their neutrally furnished living room.

Next week is the last room renovation so they must be going to auction soon, and I wonder if the producers are worried about whether the increase in interest rates will effect the auction result.


1 scruffnkelsmum { 11.15.10 at 2:07 pm }

I think it is highly likely that ALL of them are fudging interpretation, bending the rules, misunderstanding the rules, cheating- call it what you like, but I would be very surprised if any of them are squeaky clean!!! I guess that’s why I find certain people taking the high road, when they probably aren’t much if any better, a tad annoying, but meh……