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The Apprentice – Guerilla Marketing Meltdown

Ok if you really wanted the video to go viral, why didn’t the boys just throw a bag of popcorn on Ivanka Trump as she walked out of Trump Tower.

Dave the unemployed sales rep is going to find it hard to get a job after The Apprentice as he comes across as a complete tool. And to be the alpha tool on a show which really is all about ego is a pretty big accomplishment.

But I fear his time on the show is limited due to him alienating  most of his team meates.

On the latest since David got sidelined to the dentist (a bagel split his tooth), the drama was happening on the ladies team.

Now as the series of The Apprentice have been going on the strategy has been to cover your ass before going into the boardroom. So if you are project manager you ensure there is someone you can scapegoat, by either giving them a task they are not suited to or sidelining them.

Or if you are a team member you start opposing everything the team leader in what they are doing or be passive aggressive so you can say in the board room that at the time you raised your concerns with the way the challenge was heading.

Tyana was was being passive on the challenge when she realised she was being lined up to be the scapegoat. And I do tend to agree if you are going to say “this is not guerilla marketing” over and over try and suggest an alternative.

But the project manager was a shocker she took total control and the was trying to lay blame on the three girls who had done the shopping. I would like to know what the other women who were on the task did.

Anyway Tyana was eliminated a tad unfairly, but then why should the project manager be fired whenever the the team loses?

Your thoughts? Who do you think Trump should have fired?

Here is an interview with Tyana where she says she did have an idea, and Mahas the project manager was kept because Tyana was not loud or crazy like she was.


1 bella vita { 11.11.10 at 11:57 pm }

Mahsa is like a time bomb waiting to go off…Tiana was always gonna be elimated, as the oldest one in the group, I’m guessing she didnt gel with the young ones.
Like the fact they actually talk about in the credits what work they are actually doing now…not so down and out after 10 million ppl watch you on tv every week now are they?!

2 TMC { 11.12.10 at 8:13 am }

Tyana for some reason reminded me, in looks of a Tracey Grimshaw.

3 Pollywaffle { 11.12.10 at 9:15 pm }

I’m saving Davids script on his tooth malfunction for a really duddy work function I’d rather not attend . Pinnochio would have been envious.

4 Sourkraut { 11.13.10 at 1:38 pm }

Cmon raver forget this tosh. write up beauty and the geek

5 reality raver { 11.14.10 at 9:42 am }

Sourkraut – I couldn’t face B&G this week, funny it is one of the those shows, I don’t think i will like but when I watch it I love it.

I have it taped I will watch it.