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The X Factor – And We Have Our Final Three

By putting through Andrew Lawson first into the final, meant there was no suspense on who was going to be eliminated.

It was a no brainer that Mahogany were going to be eliminated, as there is now way Sally Chatfield or Altiyan Child were not going to be there next Sunday.

What is disappointing is that Guy Sebastian who was the strongest mentor (in my opinion) has no one in the final.

Andrew Lawson should have been eliminated as he was the weakest last night but that was never going to happen.

If I am going take a punt I think Sally Chatfield will win.

Just an aside I was disappointed in the Ronan Keating and Paulini duet, it fit in with last night’s theme – lame arsed songs.


1 brain dead dave { 11.15.10 at 9:30 pm }

Altiyan on Thursday at Parramatta Westfield. Isn’t that what rock and roll is all about?

2 Reality Raver { 11.15.10 at 9:44 pm }

BDD – I don’t think I will be bothered going out for the Altiyan show.

3 Heléna { 11.15.10 at 9:50 pm }

I was shocked Andrew got through – imagine if he wins 😮

honestly? – they only showed small snippets of the new single, but I really liked Alityan’s voice in the studio, I think his voice will record really well and that he should win

4 brain dead dave { 11.15.10 at 11:33 pm }

Andrew could be a real beige horse here. To think he made it after that appalling Sinatra cover the other night. He turned it from a bossa nova into a crassa nova. He’s not even up to bingo hall standard.

How will he fare without the might and power of Fremantle Media’s dazzling light show and backup singers{The Fabulous Turd Polishers)?

5 scruffnkelsmum { 11.15.10 at 11:58 pm }

I thought Paulini sounded shocking- off key and as breathy (in an annoying way) as she always used to. never saw much in her, and tonite was another disappointment.( for me at least)

Thought the song was ordinary too…..

6 Alex { 11.16.10 at 8:41 am }

Either there are a lot of aunties voting for Andrew…or could Kyle have a roomful of backpackers with mobiles voting repeatedly? There is no other rational explanation. :)

7 scruffnkelsmum { 11.16.10 at 9:29 am }

Alex- I agree!! :)

8 BarbM { 11.16.10 at 9:48 am }

Not much into the X Factor but usually get stuck with the last 30 mins of it as I change channels while waiting for something else.
Yet even with the 30 mins I have seen over the time, I’ve seen an improvement in confidence with Altiyan Childs, and although not a rock and roll fan, I have found his singing is very hypnotizing, and one can’t help but to toe tap to the beat.
Therefore I hope that he does win, I am impressed with his style and his confidence. Good luck Altiyan.

9 Lea { 11.16.10 at 9:49 am }

Agree with the post and all the comments. Sad for Guy Sebastian (great mentor, unlike Kyle), reckon Sally will win it although Altiyan will give her a run for her money (will be fun to see if Ronan Keating sticks to his word and produces an album with him) and there’s NO WAY Andrew could possibly win. Please God, no.

As an aside, the snippet they showed of the new single sounded really good.

And can someone explain to me how it’s a ‘grand final’ with 3 contestants?

10 Culinary Boner { 11.16.10 at 10:15 am }

Andrew’s the new Max Bygraves…
In Xmas stockings across the nation this year, via Demtel, “SingaLonga With Andrew, Vol 2”.
*Comes with a free pedi-egg

11 Reality Raver { 11.16.10 at 3:57 pm }

BDD – Love the “crassa nova” and “beige horse” both terms I think I will start to use in my day to day vocabulary.

Scruffnkelsmum – I was surprised Paulini was lucky enough to do a duet with Ronan on his album. I thought she was just doing the rounds on corporate gigs. And yes it was disappointing for her as she didn’t really grasp last night’s opportunity of putting her back on the public’s mind again. Also did not make me want to rush out and buy the CD (oops showing my age or downloading it)

helena and Alex – It would be an embarrassment if Andrew won.

Barb M – Altiyan may win he has a lot of fans.

Lea – I had made the presumption it would be two in the final but maybe X Factor is different.

CB – I won’t be buying it.

12 kenobi { 11.16.10 at 6:46 pm }

Believe Again is a song that Ronan wrote for a Eurovision winner a couple of years ago if I’m not mistaken. I’m not a fan of the electro-dance-pop arrangement of this version. Orianthi did a decent cover of the song for her album Believe in 2009. And she’s a South Aussie (though based in California these days); Ronan should have asked her to duet with him instead of Paulini. 😉

13 brain dead dave { 11.16.10 at 8:56 pm }

Paulini and Ronan performed a doh-et…

14 Reality Raver { 11.16.10 at 11:16 pm }

BDD – I think you nailed it.

Kenobi – yes orthani would have been a much better choice.

15 chezza { 11.18.10 at 10:05 pm }

yeah i reckon karl sandilands is sneaky enough to thousands of dollars in pre paid mobile phones for everyone to vote for andrew (he has an alright voice) but hes not ready for x factor like sally and altiyan i hope altiyan wins its his time and sallys time will come

16 loz { 11.19.10 at 12:24 am }

Altiyan was fantastic at Parramatta Westfields thursday night.He seems like a really nice guy, even hanging around after the performance to talk to fans. Sally is a great performer also, but andrew no way ! ALTIYAN TO WIN

17 juzz { 11.23.10 at 9:36 pm }

@scruffnkelsmum, kenobi: u serious? paulini actually had to tone down her vocals so not to overpower ronan, and to go from lower register to high register the way she did is difficult for any professional singer – ronan did not change his register that much. and to think ronan will want someone like orinthia sing with him is ridiculous – like he said the collaboration is not for the average (mainstream)…he obviously wanted real artists who can actually sing dueting with him