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Altiyan Childs The Mystery Of His Ex-Girlfriend

Altiyan Childs has made it to the final of The X Factor with his cool rock persona and crazy out there performances.

Over the last three months he has disappeared into a cave, and also revealed he has been celibate for seven years. (See previous blog post here).

But one of the enduring mysteries of Altiyan is who is ex-girlfriend?

I am surprised that she has not emerged to claim some of his publicity considering he said:

“My fiancee was a wounded soul and I was attracted to that – I even helped her get into music. But she fell in love with the limelight and then she left me after four intense years together.”

But there has been not a peep from her, her family, his friends or foes.

So here are some of my theories about the unknown lady:

1. She doesn’t exist she is a figment of his imagination;

2. Her seeking the limelight meant she is now a showgirl in Vegas;

3. He said she was a wounded soul – is she having treatment somewhere?

4. She is not in any shape to front the media;

5. She is embarrassed to admit she went out with him; or

6. She is Lady Gaga.

Does anyone else have any theories on where Altiyan’s ex-girlfriend is?


1 laughing { 01.19.12 at 4:06 pm }

Altiyan is a douche bag. He lied from the start so who knows what the truth is but i tend to believe bushieyes

2 one - less - fan { 01.22.12 at 10:20 am }

I know he wasnt celebant during his time on XFactor lol