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Beauty And The Geek – A Few Thoughts

Channel Seven must be wondering what the formula is a for a successful reality show.

Beauty and the Geek again this year is a huge hit for them,  easily hitting the magic million mark and beyond, and Four Weddings which they probably produced with change from their petty cash tin was fantastic as well.

But then the productions they have poured money into like The X Factor, and Iron Chef have not rated as well as expected.

However The X Factor is starting to pull some decent figures, so hopefully it will be renewed for a second season.

They will definitely be renewing Beauty and the Geek for a third season, but their problem is finding the geeks. Rumour had it they struggled this year to find nerds.

It is an engaging show when watching it with good looking dim-witted girls, and guys who are brainy but allegedly socially inept.

Some thoughts on the series:

  • The show appears to  be harmless, but I do think some of these boys are getting a bit emotionally involved. Watching Tim last night tell Kara how he felt was painful.
  • But I did laugh when he was teary when she reached over to get a tissue and then used it herself, I thought she was going to hand it to him;
  • Tamika is fantastic, puffed up lips and all, and needs to become Brynne Edelsten’s intern now;
  • I am secretly a little bit in love with Michael, as he has a cheeky sense of humour, so I hope he gets a decent girlfriend;
  • Daniel Iachini is no geek, but then each season one of them appears to slip through the casting net;
  • Tim is a cutie now he has done is make over, and has a dry sense of humour so hopefully he will be popular with the ladies;
  • I think Thomas the Hawaiian shirt enthusiast was serious when he was talking about his dancing skills.
  • I find it appalling that what men what a guy wants in a girl is looks, wouldn’t Tim be bored by Kara after a few weeks?

Who is your favourite geek and beauty? I would like to see a show where the girls were geeky and the guys were the brawn. In fact I am sure it is in production somewhere in the US.


1 seepi { 11.19.10 at 11:53 am }

I think Tim is gorgeous. Unfortunatley I think he is destined to hook up with some dragon like Kara who will emotionally blackmail him into doing their every whim.

I think Kara is a bit of a nutter – her looks have got people chasing after her I would guess, and she has learned to withhold attention and whinge and whine to get what she wants. Not attractive.

Michael seems lovely, and will be fine. I think he will come into himself as he gets older.

Thomas – I’m not sure how he will go. I hope he finds a nice group of friends and relaxes a bit.

I was a bit horrified by the ads for last night. It was all ‘whooaaa boobby girls are jumping in the mud’ stuff. The actual show wasn’t quite ass slezy as that.

Still – they are trying to non-geek the man, why not try to non-bimbo the women a bit too.

2 seepi { 11.19.10 at 11:58 am }

ps Daniel giving Kara the huge hug with arm rubs was a bit off I thought, considering that she doesn’t even like him, and he knows that. I find him odd.

3 Culinary Boner { 11.19.10 at 12:28 pm }

Raver, i like your idea of a geek-girl vs meat-head concept.

I can see it now. Buck-toothed, freckled, mousy-haired nerd chicks with braces and thick-rimmed glasses and shy, down-cast eyes – female versions of Robert Crumb, basically – matched up with arrogant but dumb-as-dog-shit, oiled-torsoed tradies, AFL/NRL players and Manpower Australia rejects with six-packs and a penchant for budgies over boardies, sock included.

Girls whose primary interests range from either 24/7 World of Warfare geekdom to collecting Garfields. Guys whose interests begin and end with preening in front of the mirror, trimming their pubes to make their dick look bigger and pumping iron. Should be a TV classic. As both types of contestants need to have scorn poured all over them, I’m suggesting Seven fly Danny Bonaduce out to be the host.

4 sourkraut { 11.19.10 at 1:31 pm }

funny thing. last week i thought what a B eautiful personality Kara had after the way she rewacted after the geeks transformation, but this week it was back to princess bitch normalcy for her after her geek did not obey her orders re the dance. Guess you cant trust a blonde eh raver?
Anyway I’m sad sghe and Tim are gone as I really WANT to see Daniel get the bone, although his beauty seems to hve a good personality, so it would be a shame to see her gone.
I quite like the chubby geek (mathematician) and the overdone pneumatic beauty also seem
I think the hawaiian shirt geek came out worst from the makeover as he still looks a bit weird but has a pleasant personality in a weird way.
Anyway there is still plenty of boi oi oing factor left for the boner to wood over
As to long term relationships raver you are right, after poking the same fireplace for a few weeks all the geeks would be bored ratless from the beauty’s conversations, and imagine it in 40 years when the beauties are not so Beauty any more…………..

5 brain dead dave { 11.19.10 at 3:02 pm }

The show you’re imagining could be called “Asshole Magnet”,RR.

6 KC { 11.20.10 at 1:29 am }

I like Daniel even though he’s not a geek cause he’s quite the hottie 😀 Italian pony is my nickname for him 😀

AWW TIM LEFT T_____T He seems like such a fragile man…

They did have a girl geek on the American Beauty and the Geek. The funny thing was the beauty/hot guy of the girl geek hooked up with one of the girl beauties LOL

7 Anonymous { 11.25.10 at 11:13 pm }

Seepi I agree with everything u said bout Kara. I use to think she was beautiful and intelligent. But after the many times she mistreated her geek I have lost all respect for her. I think part of the show aims to give an experience to the geeks that would help their confidence socially, but this seems to have been the opposite for kara’s geek.
During the dance competition all the geeks were having so much fun and all the other beautys were so supportive of theirs they all had fun…. Except Kara who was the only grumpy one watching her geek, and he definitely copped an earful back at the house. I really was glad to see them eliminated so that it could end his misery.
On another note, I would like to say all the other beauties were very nice and actually genuinely cared for their geeks.

8 Tim Young { 02.17.11 at 4:02 am }

Wow, I stumbled across this by accident today. Thankyou Seepi, Sourkraut, and KC for your kind comments ^^ (and of course, thank you RealityRaver)

Kara was portrayed really badly on the show, and while she can certainly be moody, she can also be very nice. Also, keep in mind that we are VERY sleep deprived on that show, which means emotions run a bit higher than they normally would on the outside; I know I am certainly a little embarrassed about how I reacted to some things (and I think you know what they are).

I am glad that you ultimately enjoyed the show.


(Also, Michael isn't actually chubby; the TV doesn't give you an idea of just how tall he is! He is actually quite well proportioned^^)

9 Indriani { 04.19.12 at 6:44 pm }

@Tim Young

Tim!! i love youuuuuuu!!!!

10 Michael Price { 09.13.13 at 9:04 am }

Thanks Tim, you’re partly right, I am tall, though I am also a little chubby 😛
Can’t believe it was all three years ago now. But was tons of fun.