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The Amazing Race – No Speedbump For Nick and Vicki

TAR 17: Nick & Vicki

In The Amazing Race episode in St Petersburg, Russia, there was no speed bump for Nick and Vicki after they had come in last the previous leg.

I had noticed it at the time of watching the episode but I thought it had been taken out in editing.

However Reality Blurred writes the reason there was no speed bump was there was a production hitch in the previous leg of the race.

Production hitch can mean issues with cameras, but he cites a source which says Nick and Vicki in the classical music detour had been told one music pieces was wrong when it was in fact right.

Also in the next leg, all the teams took off at the same time. I had not picked that.

Props to Reality Blurred as he updates the story here and he goes on to say the production issue effected a few teams.