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The X Factor Final – Altiyan Childs Wins

Well no one could have been surprised that Andrew Lawson was the first of the eliminated from The X Factor final tonight, as for weeks it has looked liked a Sally Chatfield and Altiyan Childs top two.

Well I was wrong I thought Sally Chatfield would win, please note I was ignoring my own poll which overwhelmingly said he would win.

Altiyan was looking very intense while he was waiting for the result, so it probably was a positive thing he won other wise he may have imploded.

Highlights from the final:

  • Seeing Suzi DeMarchi looking ageless, and if anyone has the number for her beauty “therapist” email me;
  • The duet between Sally and Altiyan with the violin players suspended on chairs;
  • And seeing James McNally again, I would have liked him to stick around a bit longer in the competition.

Funny how reality TV gives you 15 minutes of fame, I have already forgotten the kid’s name who was eliminated.

Were you happy with the winner? Is Altiyan going to be a superstar like Guy Sebastian or will he fade into obscurity like Wes Carr?


1 Heléna { 11.22.10 at 10:20 pm }

Chris Doe *sigh* – I thought he had a great voice

2 Kaylen { 11.22.10 at 10:21 pm }

Altiyan who?

Sally won in my eyes, and will be the only one I’ll be following who has any worth at all from this competition. :)

3 brain dead dave { 11.22.10 at 10:25 pm }

Chris Isaak nominated Wes a “superstar” on Idol, even promised to do lunch in LA with him. Wes put out two appalling CD’s. His career is moving slower than a glacier.

Ronan has been making similar grandiose statements regarding Altiyan. Somewhere in the world,somebody is being chiselled.

Guy Sebastian “performed’ at the races on Derby Day. He can sing when the microphone is nowhere near his mouth. Backing track carried him. How can his fans like it like that?

4 Reality Raver { 11.22.10 at 10:33 pm }

Helene – I kept on thinking John so now that makes sense.

Kaylen – These things are always controversial.

Brain Dead Dave – I thought Guy was good as a judge. Tend to agree I don’t think Altiyan will be huge.

5 Izobel2 { 11.22.10 at 11:17 pm }

I reckon Sally was thinking that she should never where that nose ring again as she looks much better without it! Chris doe,i forgot his name too, I dont think he’s washed his hair since he was last on! Thought James B was good. Glad Altiyan won, but agree this may b the last we see of him! So what can we watch now that this is all over?

6 brain dead dave { 11.22.10 at 11:44 pm }

No complaints about Guy’s judging /mentoring. As far as bloopers go -highlight of the season him being “blown” by Mahogany.

“international superstar”-
*appearances on $unrise and the Today show
* gigs on KAK,The Circle,Larry and Kylie,7PM project
*Carols by Candlelight
*20/20 cricket entertainment
* Westfield Shopping Centre appearances
* Rooty Hill RSL appearances.
*sleeping in car with Damien Leith

7 bella vita { 11.23.10 at 12:30 am }

I think Altiyan will do ok within the Pub circuit and perhaps even doing some rock stuff overseas and in my opinion has way more star quality than Wes Carr ever would. The fact that he has a personality and doesnt seem up himself is a great start.

Sally will perhaps struggle to find a market here…yes good voice, but aussie audiences are not too kind re anyone looking a little different. Perhaps again, fronting a girl rock band or something like that.

Can possible see James McNally in a Jersey Boys type Musical…and Mahogony releasing an album of gospel songs through their massive church base.

As for the others…sweet nudda…I had forgotten Chris Doe’s name too!

8 rocky star { 11.23.10 at 7:15 am }

I can see James McInally doing the Mardi Gras 😉

Chris Doe is a p**** know of him – dont wanna know him.

Quite a few of the contestants reckon their shit dont stink…..and this is going from what Ive been told so personally I wouldnt want to know them.

9 annon { 11.23.10 at 8:32 am }

brain dead dave….. name says it all really. Guy doesn’t need to lip sync or have a backing track. See him live in concert and you would already know this. In fact he is one of the very few that sounds better live than recorded and that IS why he fans like it like that!

10 SteveMolk { 11.23.10 at 8:36 am }

The winner, in the end, was the judges. It was all about them and think no differently.

11 SteveMolk { 11.23.10 at 8:37 am }

BTW – “Somewhere in the World”… Sheesh

12 Wurstsemmel { 11.23.10 at 9:06 am }

Guy Sebastian? Superstar?????

13 Sally { 11.23.10 at 9:18 am }

As someone who’s often heard Guy Sebastian live, including brilliantly soaring vocals in pitch perfect a capella, I have to disagree with Brain Dead.

14 Lea { 11.23.10 at 10:20 am }

Ditto with Annon and Sally – Guy is an amazing performer and I hope he continues to do well. When was the last time you went multi-platinum, BBD? :)

I thought Sally would win too RR, although I’m happy for Altiyan. I must say he kept me riveted throughout his performances. Good luck to him. Let’s not be cynical even before his career begins.

15 reality raver { 11.23.10 at 10:24 am }

Izobel2 – I wish Sally would get rid of those two piercing on her upper lip. Not attractive at all. I live in an area where half the young girls and guys are metalled up and they look gross.

BDD – Yes the “blown” was the blooper of the season. I must confess I have grown to like Guy over the years, not particularly is music. However he appears to get to record in the US so cannot be a complete dud. One thing I have learnt in my time as
a reality TV blogger Guy has a lot of passionate fans.

Bella Vita – Was Wes Carr up himself. I hope James gets something I really liked him, poor song choice saw him go.

Annon and Sally – I turned down tickets to a guy sebastian concert a few years ago. Maybe it was the wrong thing to do. I must say I wasn’t that rapt with his song last night. Though I did like what he was wearing.

Stevemolk – yes I won’t be buying the single.

Wurstsemmel – Well ok maybe I was being a bit OTT, but he does get to record/work in the US, and is not washing dishes in a restaurant. I think what he said the the contestants last night was apt. You have to work hard.

16 Paul { 11.23.10 at 10:26 am }

In BDD defense, Guy was definitely lip-synching on Derby Day at the races.

At one stage he stopped moving his mouth and the vocals carried on without him – it was quite embarrassing.

Don’t know why he had to resort to that as he has an otherwise excellent voice.

As for the OP – all contestants will disappear into never-never land.

I am also very skeptical whether Seven will renew it next year as well.

17 Culinary Boner { 11.23.10 at 10:31 am }

“At one stage he stopped moving his mouth and the vocals carried on without him – it was quite embarrassing.”

Maybe he just hit the sustain pedal?

18 reality raver { 11.23.10 at 10:39 am }

I bet BDD is a legend on Singstar…LOL.

I thought Guy could have been lip synching last night or autotune was on as he voice sounded very electronic.

19 Muru { 11.23.10 at 4:37 pm }

My niece knows Sally Chatfield personally, so I’m disappointed that she didn’t win. All the best to her though! :)

20 Jaime { 11.23.10 at 7:15 pm }

So agree with RR on the Guy thing. Grown to like him and his dress sense but not his songs. The last one sounded like it should have been the theme to a Disney Movie.

Susie DeMarchi …. TOTALLY ageless … how stunning is she still!!!

Brain Dead Dave … I think I love you.

21 Teejay { 11.23.10 at 8:13 pm }

Well, I loved the show last night – congratulations to Altiyan – he kept us entertained and that’s what it’s all about. Good luck to Sally – yes she should lose the nose rings. Andrew, well, I’m surprised he made it that far – again all in all a good night with some really good vibes emanating from the show – call it a ratings failure, cheesy wotever, at least it’s better than all the negative and depressing crap we already have TV –

22 Maddie { 11.23.10 at 10:30 pm }

Ha Ha brain dead dave. I like your Guy Sebastian appearance list there, but let me extend it for you.

* His own concert during the 2010 ARIA Award’s genre award concert series.

* Closing the show at this year’s ARIA Awards.

* Around 10 concerts this year in the US, plus 3 guest performances singing Art Of Love with Jordin Sparks on her Battlefield tour over there and playing support for Chicago at a special event concert in Oregon.

* Chosen by the Jackson Estate along with Delta Goodrem to sing The Earth Song at the Australian launch of the Michael Jackson This Is It dvd early this year.

* The headline act at an Oscar Haven event in Hollywood in 2009. Haven is held during Oscar week so invitees include all Film Academy nominees as well as actors and insiders from film, television and music industries.

* Performed with American Soul legend Steve Cropper at the 9th Annual NON-COMMvention inPhiladelphia in May 2009. The event is the premier annual conference for North America’s non-commercial Triple A radio.

* A number of performances at SXSW, Austin Texas in 2009. One of the major American music festivals.

* A month long residency at the Drom in New York in mid 2009.

So much more I could add, so many other special performances, plus sell out concerts at mainly theatre venues ( not RSL clubs) on his tours in Australia, but even my edited list gives so much more of the real story about Guy than yours does. I won’t get into anything about lip synching. That is just a ridiculous notion to anyone who has seen Guy perform live. His voice is talked about with reverence by soul legends.

23 Mary { 11.23.10 at 11:13 pm }

Raver you seem to really resist embracing Altiyan or opening up to possibly liking the man or his performance or his music, which is incidentally no.1 in Australia on Itunes today, so I guess some embittered ppl on this forum are exactly that a minority. Great blog though I think not admitting he would win was a major blunder since you were exposed to so many overwhelming positive responses. I have to concede, I may be a minority in the ‘His ‘winning single’ sucks’- big time. Though I am a major fan, I won’t buy it, it’s way too cheesy… for anyone. Cheers

24 Reality Raver { 11.23.10 at 11:40 pm }

Mary – LOng time readers of the blog will know that I suck at picking the winners and losers of shows. If I say someone is going to win it almost guarantees they are the next person eliminated.

25 Gillian { 11.24.10 at 8:18 am }

I’m very pleased that Altiyan has won. He deserved to win but I didn’t think the Australian public would vote him. I think he’s got more X-factor than the other contestants.

It makes me sad that when someone is different or not considered ‘normal’ in other people’s eyes that they are ridiculed both by children and by adults. Not taking drugs or sleeping around is considered a good thing in my book?

Altiyan to me seems like a very honest and good person which is very rare these days especially with someone who is in the public’s eye. I hope he doesn’t change but I don’t think his family would allow him to. He obviously has a lot of respect for his father and his family who have shaped him into the person he is today.

26 Ollie Do { 11.24.10 at 9:25 am }

Forward to Nov 2011, who won x factor 2010??? cant remember.This guy must have stood in front of mirrors emulating Michael Hutchence, Bono etc perfecting their movements. Would be good if we could have seen something of his own work. his voice is quite good though but not enough to crack the tough o/s or Aust market, cause he’s face lets him down, he’s not pretty enough as the song goes. He is also unstable in his head to sustain whats about to come. look at Susan Boyle.

27 Gillian { 11.24.10 at 9:35 am }

@Ollie – I think Altiyan sang one of his own songs at Parramatta Westfields. I wish they didn’t have to sing covers or certain genres either.

28 brain dead dave { 11.24.10 at 2:07 pm }

Thanks Maddie. My “international superstar” appearance list was more to do with the typical career trajectory of post Idol/ X factor contestants rather than Guy specifically. I was thinking more of Wes Carr, Stan Wanker,Natalie Gauchi, Matt Corby and Altiyan Childs. I forgot to include a last guest appearance on Ready,Steady ,Cook.

It was more to do with Ronan pronouncing Altiyan an international supertar. He’s been talkin’ to leprechauns
As you point out , Guy has done somewhat better than that with the overseas stuff. He’s smart enough to know that if he’s successful in a relatively small region Stateside,that ‘ll be better than hitting it really big over here.
Still…appearances with Delta Goodrem…yawn. In the 60’s Steve Cropper was indeed sitting on the dock of the bay but hey ,it’s forty years on and he’s now sitting on his ar$e at the buffet. He looks like he’d talk in reverential tones about anyone for a few hamburgers. Steve Crapper might be a legend but he’s gotta eat.

29 brain dead dave { 11.24.10 at 2:14 pm }

Thanks Jaime,you’re very kind.

“Somewhere in the world,someone loves me

Somewhere in the world ,someone hates me

It’s the same old $hit….. but I’ll get over it”

(clutching fist to heart)

30 Bstar { 11.24.10 at 6:15 pm }

Stopped watching the night Kyle predicted
Altiyan to win, definately not a fan. Can’t see
many people buying his record, I think most
votes were because he was quirky!! (not the only
word I would use to describe him) I really liked
Sally, hope she gets a break. Winning os sometimes
not the best result.

31 Ollie Do { 11.24.10 at 6:36 pm }

its interesting that the runners up usually do better than the winners.

32 treacey { 11.25.10 at 9:55 pm }

when is the next concert?

33 lyndon { 11.26.10 at 3:52 am }

Simple fact…I have never seen anyone perform live like Altiyan. He was born to sing and perform…He shouldve been in the 80s…domination!!

34 Nick C { 11.26.10 at 3:57 pm }

This board has been infected by haters who want to reflect their own peculiar brand of Australian reductionism. Against all expectations, I found myself riveted by Altiyan’s performances & the drama of his personal story (on what would have been an otherwise boring, predictable and conventional “reality show”). He transcended the limitations of the show by exhibiting powerhouse rock performances worthy of international attention – everyone from Billy Corgan (of the Smashing Pumpkins) to Russell Crowe, has been praising him online. Admittedly, he is going to polarize people, as most brilliant performers do (think Nic Cage). I will be buying the album & I hope to see much more from him.

35 Jaime { 11.26.10 at 4:10 pm }

I think you mean Nick CAVE … yeah Altiyan is a great singer … for a local cover band. How did you not notice the insincerity??

36 Reality Raver { 11.26.10 at 9:22 pm }

Nick C – Thanks for comment. Altiyan is polarising. But I agree he was about the only personality or person of interest on the show.

I am not convinced about his post show success as towards the end I thought his performances were starting to become like parodies.
However I hope for his sake he makes some $$.

37 anon { 11.26.10 at 10:56 pm }

Ollie Do check out masonia his former band and there’s a news clipping scroll to artist biography Those qualities all come to the fore in the tensile, direct and lyrically concise 3168 and the elegant, piano-driven King Is Dead, the songs which close the album and which both Altijan and Daniel cite as personal favourites. “3168 was one of the first full songs we had as a band,” recalls Daniel. “It came together on the spot. That seems so long ago now because Altijan has enough material for us to do a second album tomorrow. The songs keep coming.”

As does the attention and the praise for a band of substance, dimension and towering potential. And the word is most definitely getting out. A recent sold-out show at the Gaelic Club, the audience split event between the sexes, “went off”, with Altijan storming, stalking and attacking like a man possessed – possessed by a passion that starts somewhere in the guts and roars out through the heart. “Maybe it’s that men like a ritualistic manhood ethic,” contends Altijan. Maybe they do, and a whole lot more as well. Nothings new, you can see Altiyan has been like that always . ok

38 Nick C { 11.28.10 at 6:59 pm }

@Jaime: I actually meant Academy Award winning actor Nicolas Cage – there’s a more than discernible difference between Altiyan & Nick Cave, although they do share abounds of raw energy.

39 Jaime { 11.29.10 at 12:03 pm }


40 Nick C { 11.29.10 at 2:16 pm }

@Jaime: I compared him to Nicolas Cage because of their similar manic street preacher performance styles, weirdo off-camera persona’s & because they both totally split public opinion.

41 Nick C { 11.30.10 at 2:04 pm }

@Jaime: I compared him to Nicolas Cage because of their similar manic street preacher performance styles, “weirdo” off-screen persona’s & because they both totally divide public opinion.