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David Hasselhoff Is Making Outrageous Media Demands

David Hasselfhoff will be hitting the shores of Australia very soon to promote a local ice cream, but apparently he is making media demands about what the local press pack can and cannot as ask him about.

According to the Sunday Telegraph, he has said no questions about his private life, and indeed questions have to be submitted prior to media conference.

Now I think David Hasselhoff needs to have a reality check about where he is on the celebrity foodchain.

He has just had his reality show cancelled after two episodes quite a feat in itself. He is currently starring in a Peter Pan pantomime in the UK. Also he was the first person to be voted off Dancing With The Stars so it would appear he has a smaller fan base then he thinks.

Ok Simon Cowell may be giving him a life line to appear as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent but God knows how that will pan out.

There have been numerous stories about his struggles with alcohol issues which has brought the world some memorable YouTube moments. Including the drunken hamburger one (See below).

Also there was that time when he was banned from a flight at Heathrow Airport and then were pictures (which I now cannot seem to find) of him with a suspicious wet patch on his crotch.

So I am not talking high end here. Considering all these demands are rubbing up the local press the wrong way this may back fire on the ice cream company that is paying the big bucks to bring him out. What does he actually think

Personally I think the local media should tell his PR company they won’t be turning up or giving the product any publicity unless he relaxes his media demands. I’m mean serious does the guy think he is Oprah?


1 enVuelo_M { 12.27.10 at 11:23 am }

When I heard about this I thought ‘David Hasselhoff? Really?’. Bargain basement ‘celebrity’ endorsement. I hope the media pass on this. F@*k Hoff!

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