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The Daily Telegraph List The 25 Most Influential People On TV

Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris

It is that time of year for lists, and the Daily Telegraph has now put out their list of the 25 most influential people on TV. What was interesting was the reality stars that were on the list as well as the ones they left off.

Matt Preston was number 2 on the list, behind Jessica Marais who took out the number one spot. Also George Colambaris and Anna Gare were on there, but where was Gary Mehigan? He did not make the list. If I was him I would be feeling a tad peeved today. As I thought he proved when he was absent for two weeks from Masterchef Australia this year due to an injured knee that he brought some levity to the show.

He is a nice balance to George and Matt more exhuberant personalities, and ham acting.

Other reality stars that made the list were Manu Feidel, Danni Minogue, Peter Maddison from Grand Designs, and Scott Cam from The Block.


1 dmc { 12.30.10 at 8:45 am }

Scott Cam???

2 bella vita { 12.30.10 at 11:37 am }

Scott Cam? Are they kidding. He brings nothing to television!
Surprised about Anna Gare also….most people don’t even know who she is…all the Masterchef boys need to be on the list…I love Gary and certainly should be there.

Personally I don’t see all the fuss over Jessica Marais…to me, she seems fake and insincere all the time.
Asher Keddie…no way!! Kat Stewart? Will always only be remembered for Underbelly.

If they are talking influential stars..this is who should have made the list.

Kyle Sandilands: Love him or loathe him, viewers can’t help but wonder what he’ll do next and is a publicits dream
Sam Newman: The whole reason the footy show AFL has been enjoying good ratings for 18 years is because of this man…and advertisers should be applauding
Eddie McGuire: Personally not a fav, however snared the co host job from Daryl to host with Bert on the Television Special on 9 as well as every show he does, does it well.
Tracey Grimshaw: A better interviewer as she gets older and starting to get some real coups as a journo.
Andrew Winter: Real estate shows take note….natural, experienced, and actually knows what he’s talking about
Sarah Murdoch: Polished and handled that blunder very well, and is now producing shows, as well as being a family member of a very powerful media clan.

I’m sure I will think of more!

3 brain dead dave { 12.30.10 at 2:02 pm }

Scott Cam and Fifi Box are insane inclusions.

Karl and Lisa , Kochie and Mel all deserved to be left out,too.

4 Reality Raver { 12.30.10 at 6:22 pm }

DMC and Brain Dead Dave – I think we all agree Scott Cam presided over the most uncomfortable moment on TV this year when he could not think of anything to say when the Chez’s apartment was not selling.

I think jamie Druie could have made the list.

Bella Vita – Agree with most of your suggestions. Because I am from Sydney I have not seen Sam Newmans work.

5 sourkraut { 01.13.11 at 1:25 pm }

Holy crap batman
I agree with Brain Dead Dave
Oh Dear