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Rhys Uhlich Has Had An Encounter With Police When Drunk On NYE

Rhys Ulich - Cleo Swimsuit Party

Make Me A Supermodel winner Rhys Uhlich has hit the papers with news he was given a penalty notice for being drunk in a public place.

The Herald Sun reports Rhys was chased by police after he overturned a wheelie bin full of bottles.

The article states:

Uhlich said he was sorry for his bad behaviour.

“I was just trying to show off to my mates,” said Uhlich, who is staying at his mother’s place for the summer holiday period. “It was like, ‘Who can be the biggest d—head?’ And it was me.

“I wasn’t trying to hurt anyone, but like the police said, there were bottles on the road.”

He added that he didn’t run away from the scene in an attempt to evade police.

“I didn’t know there were cops – I just panicked because I saw a whole lot of bottles,” he said.

“When I found out there were police I was already on the ground because I fell over.

I apologised a million times over.”

Uhlich said he took full responsibility for his actions.

“Sometimes people in the public eye – I guess maybe there’s a bit of pressure and it gets too much for them and obviously they can explode, but I think that’s a poor excuse,” he said. “I’m just not going to let myself drink if I can’t handle that sort of pressure.”

Good on him for taking responsibility, but I had not realised he was still in the public eye. The article does say he is now a former teacher so he must be getting work modelling.