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Craig McLachlan Is In UK’s Dancing On Ice

I seriously need to get out of holiday mode as I missed this gem that actor/singer Craig McLachlan was performing in the UK version of Dancing On Ice.

Channel Ten news had  a little excerpt of his routine in the first week of the competition, and it looks like he stayed up on his feet. I know that reality TV is the second most watched genre on TV after sport, but is it really mainstream news?

Anyway in other Craig McLachlan reality TV news, apparently is girlfriend is Kelley Abbey, she of So You Think You Can Dance Australia fame. In fact there are rumours they are actually engaged.

But I am not sure what she would think of this interview that has hit the internet with Craig being a bit over the top with an interviewer.

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1 Knight Industries Two Thousand { 01.12.11 at 2:14 am }

This guy is like the Australian version of the Hoff.