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Come Dine With Me Australia – Ep 1 – A Diverse Group

I sometimes wonder why people go on reality TV shows. In the case of Come Dine With Me Australia I have narrowed it down to a few reasons.

These are:

1. To promote themselves or a product;

2. They think they can cook;

3. They think they will come across well on TV because they have such a great personality; or

4. They just want an experience.

I think this week’s contestant’s cover all of the above. As always on this show I am wondering who I like and I know it will change during the week.

This week there is Leonie an artist, musician and psychic and it was her turn to cook tonight. I think she should have been told that an onion bhaji does not equate to a vegetable dish.

The others were Lance an embalmer who seems like a sweetie,  and Mary Harding a writer and poet who has the biggest perfume selection I have ever seen, and a glamourous apartment with a harbour view. Thinking she must be a successful author I google and went to the Come Dine With Me website and it appears she is not published, and in fact she is a retired office administrator, beauty therapist and interior designer. I’m thinking she must have got a good divorce settlement. I actually feel a bit sexist writing that.

Then there is Shane an ocker butcher who is single, and I am not surprised. A mixture of ockerism and arrogance who clearly thinks he is the life of the party. If that party involves belching and bad lewd jokes which he is the only one laughing at. And that laugh… Also what 40 plus guy does mini burnouts up his street? Also I am not sure about the nipples being pierced but then each to their own.

And then there was Amy who is of short stature and who dreams of being a chef but cannot get a job as they think she will fall into the deep fryer. So she has to make a buck as Baby Gaga – a Lady Gaga impersonater. I feel she will be the perfect entertainment if I ever hold my Jersey Shore style party…..

Is the show about the food? Well sometimes but not often, and tonight the food was ordinary. Leonie served up an Indian feast which consisted of daal, onion bhaji, tandoori chicken, butter chicken and beef vindaloo. Where were the vegetables? Dessert was fruit art, which as straightforward Amy said they were fruit kebabs.

I also loved how Amy was so funny explaining about the look peoples faces get when they realise she is a dwarf.

Mary was not proving to be very popular as Lance, Amy and Shane thought she was “hoity toity”, and here was Mary thinking she was the “perfect dinner guest”. I thought the perfect dinner guest bought great booze and was entertaining. She may have done the former but she definately wasn’t the latter.

Leonie the psychic did not pick up that no one really liked her food or there was a bit of a split in the group as she was feeling the love in the room. She seems slightly irritating but lovely.

However that must explain why her score was higher than it should have been. Mary scored her 7, Amy 5, Shane 6 and Lance 7 for a total of 25.


1 Paul { 01.18.11 at 8:40 am }

You described all the contestants perfectly RR.

I think I am a typical Aussie bloke but fair dinkum, spending more than an hour in Shane’s company would be enough to do my head in.

No wonder he has so many beer fridges. His guests probably need them to calm them.

Of course, he might just be being badly edited and I might be being unfair but…..

2 Reality Raver { 01.18.11 at 9:11 am }

Paul – the laugh would be enough to make you put in ear plugs. But what did you think of the food? It is allegedly a cooking show.

3 Paul { 01.18.11 at 9:22 am }

I did appreciate the amount of effort she put in although her use of the bought garlic and ginger paste’s was a bit lazy.

However going by the feedback it seemed to be very bland which was unfortunate. I reckon all that cream she put in diluted the spicyness that she was after.

4 Culinary Boner { 01.18.11 at 11:49 am }

Raver, you forgot reason 5. – to get shitfaced whilst appearing on tele.

5 enVuelo_M { 01.18.11 at 3:37 pm }

Couldnt agree more RR! Amy has also featured on “Short Stories” (no synopsis required, right?) on BIO and her story is about to air again. I LOVE this show, both oz and uk versions, but didnt really feel it last night.

6 Sourkraut { 01.19.11 at 9:19 pm }

Sorry, I still refuse to enrich Moredick just to watch this. I bet The Greek version on SBS 3 is better