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Come Dine With Me Australia – Relatively Sober Start To The Week

The first episode of each week of Come Dine With Me Australia, is always the one where mostly they are on their best behaviour, and they are getting to know each other. By episode three it can all start getting a bit ugly, thankfully.

But Cheryl’s night would have been one I would have loved to have been at, as it looked so much fun. Cheryl was the former Wonder Woman of Asia. Something she was keen to tell everyone even though that career highlight was about two decades ago.

Regardless of that she was a lot of fun, and her somewhat “simplistic menu” looked fantastic.

Now what of the other contestants, it appears if you want to be cast on the show you have to have some quirk related to food.

There was Doreen a hairdresser, who is poultry phobic, but is on a high protien diet as she is a body builder. Tonight she came across as quite dull.

Tony the train driver, and artist who does not like to eat when he is entertaining but likes to watch other do so.

Donna a software sales person who does not like seafood, and lastly Lachlan a real estate agent, who does appear to like everything. But then the week is but young. Apparently he single, and so is Donna so narrator James Valentine is implying there could be a love match. Interestingly they don’t consider setting up Cougarlicious Cheryl with him or Tony the train driver. But is Tony straight? My gaydar is so broken these days it is embarrassing.

The menue:

Entree Crispy Chicken, Pork Spring Rolls.

Main – Finely sliced scotch fillet in soy sauce and asian vegetables, and James Brown I feel good fried rice.

Dessert – Lychee and Mango Sorbet with a mango tango cream

On paper it looked a bit ho-hum but it translated nicely once it was on the table and she ended up getting a very competitive 32. I thought Donna was a bit stupid giving her a 10 as it gives her no room to increase her score if someone gives her a better evening.

At the moment I like most of the contestants, but they all seem a bit grey and flat after the sparkly Cheryl. Hopefully she will get drunk this week, because I reckon she will go off.

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1 davsimp { 01.24.11 at 11:39 pm }

Cheryl’s food was very impressive. She went to a lot of trouble and it showed. She seems like a fun and far out gal, but the constant references to the 20 year ago asian wonder woman gig got a bit tiring after a while. I know a lot of editing goes on but she seemed to talk about herself a lot, and didnt encourage the others to open up. It was definitely the Cheryl show tonight. As for Tony, well, put it this way, I reckon he is as gay as Shane from last weeks gig. LMAO.