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Come Dine With Me Australia Is On The Gold Coast

You just know as the week goes on that this group of contestants  are going to go off. I would expect nothing less from the Gold Coast.

There is Vanessa a very personable vet, Sheila a sophisticated lady who sells lingerie, Lachlan a little bit dull surfer and teacher, and  Warren an art gallery owner, and wannabe comedian. And quite frankly if the footage from his open mike night is anything to go by a wannabe he is going to stay.

I thought Warren exuded a smug sense of superiority at tonight’s dinner party something I hope Anita belts out of him by Wednesday. Anita is a director of a security company and she has the expensive skank look down pat. She seems a little be nuts but I wonder if she is playing up to the cameras.

Anita may not be that bright, but she got Warren in one when she said “Warren wants to be heard, and we are all hearing him.”

Vanessa was hosting tonight, and according to the website, she says she is an average cook, but she produced a nice menu, and let’s face it no ones meal is going to be worse than Aimme’s in week one of this series.

Her menu was Pan Fried Scallops With Pea puree followed by marinated flank steak with jus, green beans, roasted cauliflower with creme brulee for dessert.

Anita may not be that bright, but she got Warren in one when she said “Warren wants to be heard, and we are hearing him.”

Anita gave a seven, Sheila gave a 7, Lachlan also gave a 7, Warren gave her a 6 for a total of 27. A solid start to the week, and if she hadn’t used skirt steak she may have received an even higher score.


1 oozeboss { 02.01.11 at 6:12 am }

Sorry, but was there a show on? I’m still sleeping off last week’s snore-fest.

Kudos to whoever is doing the casting for this show, as it’s becoming very apparent that they recruit to a theme. The Sydney show was all about economic & social diversity, heavily over sauced with pretension & bitchiness. Except for Mary Harding, who turned out to be everything but what the others had pegged her to be.

Melbourne is clearly not a city the casting staffer knows or likes, because that great city (and I’m writing, enviously, from just around the corner from Shane’s butchery in Sydney) is nowhere near as bland, boring & unimaginative as the quintet who represented it.

And now we have the Gold Coast: a bunch of blonde (predominantly – bottle or otherwise) blow-ins who trumpet their sophistication but already come across as somewhat tacky. It’s gilt instead of gold, and from the start promises to not live up to their promise (kinda like said wannabe comedian).

And for me, having endured 5 years living in Brisvegas, the really (sadistically) delightful aspect is knowing how much Queenslanders, with their snobbish parochialism & borderline xenophobia towards anybody living south of them (so the Gold Coast is despised by all else in the state), will be completely cringing as this horrible collation represents that state.

2 davsimp { 02.01.11 at 12:18 pm }

“Sorry, but was there a show on? I’m still sleeping off last week’s snore-fest” oozeboss.

Hahahahahaha classic comment.

Vanessa’s entree and main were okay (skirt steak should have been substituted with a nicer cut of meat) but her ginger biscuits with dessert were unforgivable. I wouldn’t have fed them to a hungry dog.

And why is everyone omitting the entertainment lately? A young bit of stuff mixing up the cocktails and a smoking sneaker take lame to an entirely new level. Aimee’s food was bollocks but at least she did a dance.

3 PollyB { 02.01.11 at 12:20 pm }

‘Anita… and she has the expensive skank look down pat’ – LMAO. too true!
‘Anita may not be that bright, but she got Warren in one when she said “Warren wants to be heard, and we are hearing him.”‘ – Hear, hear. Methinks it’s gonna be a good week.

4 essjayeff { 02.01.11 at 1:02 pm }

what’s wrong with skirt steak? It’s possibly the best mix of flavour and tenderness on the animal, much sought after as there is only one skirt steak per beast.

Will have to try to find this one online as I *must* know! (also as a refugee from Brisvegas the temptation is too much,”gilt not gold” “snobbish parachialism” heh!)

5 bella vita { 02.01.11 at 10:49 pm }

The absolute highlight of the episode for me was Anita’s intro piece filmed at Palazzo Versace, where she talked about brand names and how much she loved to shop especially about the “VER SAR KEY” bag. I kid you not! She hails from Geelong…says it all really

6 oozeboss { 02.02.11 at 5:55 am }

Woh, Bella Vita: I resemble that remark!


I’ll pin my colours to the wall, and although exiled in the pretentious tribalised concrete maze that is Sydney (sydney sydney, oi oi oi), my heart wears navy blue & white hoops (especially during winter).

I think that the key to Anita is not where she was from, but where she is from. She left Geelong quite some time ago, and I think that Corio Bay is now well & truly out of her system.

The Gilt Coast is all bottle blonde hair, boobs & blow-ins, so she’s a perfect fit. It’s the Sutherland Shire, only louder & tackier. And is it just me (and those of my friends & colleagues who are watching this series), but has she had work done (at least) on her face?

This week really is the Anita Show, which was recognised by the network when they made her the representative of this group in the series’ promos.

Last question: what would Ammie give to be Anita?!!!

7 bella vita { 02.02.11 at 6:10 pm }

oozeboss….apoligies…I know many nice people from Geelong!
But you know what some of those footy hangers on are like from there…my sources say she was one of them previously