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Come Dine With Me Australia – Anita’s Night

This will be a quick recap tonight, and just a few thoughts about the episode, where it was Anita’s turn to host.

She surprisingly did an OK job, and continued to get the air time with her quirky personality.

A few thoughts:

  • Was that an Ed Hardy frock she was wearing whilst she was prepping the meal? Or was it Versace which does do a bit of a line in high class slutty.
  • Her apartment was amazing, but over the top with Versace. Does her or her husband have the importation rights?
  • How old is Anita, and what do you think her age is and what is the age difference between her and her husband?
  • Vanessa so has a crush on her? I think she would have gone for the pash in the pantry;
  • Vanessa also decided they were soul mates;
  • Again Warren’s jokes were poor, and Lachlan barely spoke;
  • I would love to know what Sheila thinks of Anita and Vanessa’s shenanigans;
  • Why do people even bother with cabbage rolls it is all stodge;
  • Her food was OK, but I was still not convinced that she actually likes cooking

However she got a respectable 31 points.


1 muzza { 02.03.11 at 1:36 am }

onya anita you made a pretty bland line up of people come out of their shell and made it very entertaining l think you should have your own show.its people like you who bring entertainment to the box loved it congratulations

2 Paul { 02.03.11 at 9:18 am }

I like this group – they all have their own quirks and are all very pleasant.

They can put the drinks away too – don’t know how they back up 5 nights in a row.

3 sooty { 02.03.11 at 10:42 am }

Anita is adorable. She’s 40 – mentioned it in the first ep and said so in the comments part of her page on the official website.

4 Reality Raver { 02.03.11 at 12:23 pm }

muzza – agree I reckon she should have her own reality show. I reckon it would be a crack up.

Paul – I don’t know how they do it. I would be a mess by Wed

Sooty – Thanks she has rocking body.

5 sourkraut { 02.04.11 at 1:12 pm }

cmon raver
wot about wednesdays ep of MKR? It gave me the screaming irrits and I have nowhere to whinge about it!

6 oozeboss { 02.04.11 at 9:42 pm }

If ever anybody is the walking talking squarking personification of the Gold Coast, it has to be Anita. A fake blonde blow-in from Anywhere Else, with the best body that money can buy (although her hairdresser should be shot), obsessed with labels solely for the sake of labels (all artifice & no art), & hopelessly, utterly shallow and vacuous.

And, as this episode so clearly showed us, not at all backward in pulling the odd shonky move in order to be seen to be far more talented & adept than she is in reality.

So, being typically Gold Coast, she served very basic food significantly camoflaged behind pretentious & ostentatious labelling, which even Anita herself was unable to pronounce. But, put into the context of the week, Anita not being able to pronounce anything polysyllabic is pretty much par for the coarse. At least in this regard, what we saw was really what we got.

It was plastic, of course, and it totally sucked in the wannabes, of course. It was assembled rather than created, and like the pair of blonde bimbettes who heralded the evening, it was pretty, bland & unappealing for anybody with even a modicum of sophistication. Or sobriety.

And the token indigenous sideshow, although so refreshingly brief, smacked of the Chinese made toy koalas available at “very reasonable prices” in tourist traps from Surfers’ to Coolangatta. It was patronising & insulting, and would only have made any sort of sense if the hostess had the wherewithall to actually incorporate some bush tucker into her menu.

The Anita Show has been the highlight of the week, but I sense that she came on this series with the hope of being our own version of a Kardashian. Or Hilton. Or even a reincarnation of Noeline Baker (does anybody remember ‘Sylvania Waters’?).

Like Ms Baker, The Anita Show has already run its course. She has been honest in her appraisal of her peers, bordering on generous. I am convinced that she is basically a very nice human being.

But her dumb blonde act is actually no act, and she plays a one note solo that does not actually lend itself to any extended viewing. In retrospect, we’ll see that her retorts were school yard smut level, that her fashion sense is school formal standard, and that her level of sophistication, wit & wisdom were … well, you get the picture.

A word for Anita’s BFF Vanessa the Caresser: if anybody is ‘playing the game’ in this series, it has to be this gal. Smiley smiley to her hosts’ faces, & consistently the most brutal in her marking, she has played everybody for a fool. It’s ironic that her own evening so chronically underachieved that her white anting makes not a jot of difference.

The only interest for afters will be if Anita is quite so on-hand available after seeing Vanessa’s score summary in the cab ride home.

I’ve enjoyed The Anita Show enormously, but I for one won’t be waiting with bated breath for the repeats.

7 Reality Raver { 02.05.11 at 2:36 pm }

Sourk – sorry the Sydney heatwave got to me, plus this new no carb diet I am on and I feel like a refugee from Survivor – weak and tired. I should have just put up an open post. Sorry about that.

Oozeboss – I agree with the indigenous entertainment that just came from left field. I actually thought Anita was extremely engaging, and handled Vanessa’s girl crush well.
Considering her food did not look great she must have done something right as she got high scores in a week where the food was pretty good.
If this had been the week to go on this would have been it. All five had a nice rapport.
Sheila last night was a crack up giving it to Warren, whose food was not as good as he talked it up as.