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Claire Winton Burn’s Masterchef Dream Is Over

Third place getter Claire Winton Burn has returned to work in the law, signalling her career in the food industry is over.

Talking to TV  WEEK she said:

“I have gone back to law, but I don’t want to make a song and dance about it,” Claire says. “I’m still doing freelance food writing, so I haven’t thrown in the towel, but I have to make a living.”

Claire also acknowledges that the press interest in her personal life last year played a part in her wanting to step back from the spotlight.

“I got the butt end of some really negative publicity and I’m not interested in going back that place. It wasn’t pleasant,” she explains.

She’s a nice girl – good on her for giving it a go,” says Claire’s former agent, Lyall Mercer.

The article does not say whether she went back to the law firm she had previously been with.

Personally I found her Age articles impenetrable, but that could say more about me rather than her. Also her From The Hearth restaurant dream must be not eventuating either.


1 Annika { 02.08.11 at 11:38 pm }

What was said about her personal life?

2 Reality Raver { 02.09.11 at 9:01 pm }

Search Claire winton burn on this blog and you will find plenty.

Her current partner was allegedly married when she started a relationship with him. Something she denies.

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4 Culinary Boner { 02.10.11 at 3:24 pm }

And she couldn’t even generate much ‘heat’ for her ‘scandalous’ private life. Certainly not as much as former Hi-5 chanteuse Charli Delaney has managed to generate over the last few days, and a 2-bar heater with one bar busted compared to the solar flaring that is Warnie’s private life – now, you give our Lizzie a good seeing to, says The Sun.

One word describes Claire Droopydraw’s entire realitytv/media adventure – squib.

5 brain dead dave { 02.13.11 at 2:52 pm }

She ended up flat on her hearth.

6 Reality Raver { 02.13.11 at 7:40 pm }

Culinary Boner – I am sure she found it underwhelming in the end. Maybe she should just change the area of law she is practising in.

BDD – I had to read it twice to get it, but once I did I laughed my head off.

7 GourmetGetaways { 04.08.11 at 6:17 pm }

I couldn’t see her going from law to a kitchen. Although with buddying up to a married partner in the law firm she was going from the frying pan into the media fire.

8 the sims social cheats { 08.06.11 at 11:29 am }

my granny told us before that having a mistress brings in bad karma.. hmm…