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My Kitchen Rules – Urban Hippies Cook Urban Hippie Food

It was the start of the second group to present their home restaurants. It was Queensland couple Mal and Bec, who are described as urban hippies turn to cook.

What is an urban hippie? Are they people that call zucchinis courgettes? Wear skinny jeans and caps? Or do they care about the environment and against urban sprawl but then live in a house that could comfortably fit six?  But what I do know is a good urban hippie will have a high end menu.

Their menu:

Stuffed courgette flowers with pumpkin puree and edible flowers for entree, their main was tea smoked duck with brussel sprouts and duck fat potato stack, and sherry soaked muscatels. Finally dessert was frangipani tart with berries.

Tonight we again have a punter who is using a technique that he has never done before, this time it was the tea smoked duck. Why? I don’t get it.

I felt sorry for Mel and Bec being caught in traffic and arriving home after the three hours of prep time had commence. But if they had been good urban hippies they would have been riding bicycles.

It was not long before the other five teams had arrived.

A quick generalisation about the other teams:

WA – This mother and daughter team are going for the most pretentious and precocious team yet.

SA – They are the nice newly married couple and I suspect “I wowed her with my lamb shanks” was a euphemism.

NSW – These guys appear to be blokes crossed with a tiny bit of metrosexuality. They appear disappointed there are no “birds” to crack onto.

Tas – The blonde one of this policing pair looks like she could have a touch of the Mel’s about her, I saw a few pursed lips.

Vic – This high achieving couple like to cook and watch AFL, I am still yet to find out how they got the title. Maybe in MKR land it is just holding down two professional jobs.

The entree did look lovely, and Pete thought the dish was pretty smart.

Mal was having a semi-disaster with the duck. He had to give up on the smoking of the duck and pan fry and put in the oven. That turned out to be a positive thing as Pete Evans did not want anymore flavour of the smoking.

Esther from Tassie, had issues with duck hunting because they were extinct in Tasmania. Also she revealed she dumped a guy because he was a duck hunter. What was he actually shooting if all the ducks are extinct?

Both Pete and Manu wanted a sauce with their duck.

However, the NSW boys, Bill and Alex thought the duck was delicious.

Holly, who has a weird way of holding her cutlery, thought her brussel sprouts were too hard, and she also wanted a sauce.

The teams had to wait an hour and a half for dessert. Now this is where filming would get boring, you are tired, you’re allotted alcohol allowance has run out, and conversation has petered out. Finally the tarts emerged, but they were not fabulous, some burnt, others undercooked. This pair just couldn’t manage to bring lift off to any of their dishes on the night.

WA gave them a 6, NSW gave a 7, SA gave a 7, Vic gave a 6 and Tas gave a 6 for a total of 32.

Manu scored the entree a 7, main a 7, and dessert a 5.

Pete scored the entree an 8, main a 6, and dessert a 6.

For a total of 71 which is respectable but not spectacular start to their group.


1 smauge { 02.15.11 at 7:46 am }

Cougettes were anoying me too. If one of them had a hint of a pommy accent I would have forgiven it, but I think it was because they thought Corgette sounded toffier than Zucchini.

2 red { 02.15.11 at 9:58 am }

Funny that the mother and daughter team were such pretentious wankers when the daughter clearly needs to go on Ladette to Lady to learn how to hold her knife and fork. I’m smelling cashed-up bogan…

3 smauge { 02.15.11 at 12:18 pm }

That girl ate like George Columbaris.

4 essjayeats { 02.15.11 at 1:02 pm }

My brother – who still lives in Qld was greatly amused by the Urban Hippies and wanted to know how on earth a “..guy wearing a grandfather cap managed to snag a nice girl like that?” (I don’t think he sees many ironic hipsters in his neck of hte woods).

But there is obviously some kinda copnnection going on here as I blogged my Tea Smoked Duck recipe on Sunday – if only Mal had known!

It’s a shame they were so badly organised as their menu sounded pretty darn good.

Can’t wait for the snooty Perth “gastronomes” to come a cropper – which they will, you can just tell.

PS: for comparison, there is a tea smoked duck recipe on the JUNION masterchef website – so it’s not really hard Mal!

5 Culinary Boner { 02.15.11 at 1:12 pm }

What theme do you reckon the Tassie Cop Tottie Duo are going to stump up? I’m expecting a night of Underbelly Chic, complete with plunging necklines, lotsa leg and a performance that should get Manu and Pete’s trucheons standing up and paying attention, if not their palates.

6 Wurstsemmel { 02.15.11 at 1:15 pm }

If saying courgette is going to make me an Urban Hippy, I’ll have to mend my pommy ways fast!

Nice couple but I really wanted to put a bomb under them to get them moving early on. It’s nice to be so laid back but it ended up biting them in the proverbials later on.

BTW Before this post ends up as a main story in this week’s no idea – Death threat to Urban Hippies – note the bomb sentence was just a metaphor.

There’s quite a few around the table that I can’t wait to see stuff up…Mr. Anger Management…..perfectionism is not an excuse…the darling daughter who probably has mommy wrapped around her little fingers…..the blondie cop.

7 Wurstsemmel { 02.15.11 at 1:17 pm }

Oh, and for gawd’s sake, practice whatever you’re going to cook rather than experiment in such a pressure cooker environment. Either these people are lying or are unbelievably stupid.

8 Wurstsemmel { 02.15.11 at 1:56 pm }

That would make for an arresting sight, CB.

9 brain dead dave { 02.15.11 at 2:10 pm }

Far as I know , “hippies” originated in the very urban Haight Ashbury district of San Francisco. The Buddy Holly glasses just confuse the issue more.

10 smauge { 02.15.11 at 3:51 pm }

Geez Boner – sexist much? Would you be expecting Male cops to be copying the Underbelly standard?

11 brain dead dave { 02.15.11 at 4:00 pm }

A Collingwood supporter with anger management issues that can’t cook.

Not exactly unique.

12 Anna { 02.15.11 at 7:03 pm }

I noticed the way Miss WA was holding her cutlery. Think 5 year olds can do a better job. She looks as if she is 16. Hope the princes does a better job next Wednesday.

BDD, you hit the nail on the head as always :-)

On the subject of ‘never done before till now’, do they really think we are that dumb? Since they put up a menu for the show, they would have made the dish at least once. You only practice for the family, not for friends and especially not for a national TV show.

13 Rhu { 02.15.11 at 10:52 pm }

Getting stuck in traffic on the way home indicates to me they get TOLD where to shop. The shops they filmed were 30 mins away from where the couple live – AND there is a Coles, 3 organic F&V and 4 organic butchers close by and in their suburb.

Very suss.

14 wallah { 02.15.11 at 11:07 pm }

Thought the distance thing was perplexing as well. They bought duck in White’s Hill and live in Shornecliff?

15 Reality Raver { 02.15.11 at 11:16 pm }

Rhu thanks for the run down on their suburb. The time factor is a furphy. I they have six and half hours to shop and prep, why do they need to leave home at 8 or 9 in the morning? It means they would be expected to serve up at 4.00pm. Not exactly dinner time but probably more convenient for filming.

Red and Anna – Agree I can’t believe she is 26, she has maturity issues. She must still live at home.

Smauge – also the constant hat thing peed me off as well. An affectation.

Wursts – if you are from the UK the use of courgette is more than allowable. Also it has been great casting this year.

essjayeats – so Mal got lucky then? Those nerdy/quirky types in the inner city always have good looking girls all over them.


Anna – you would think they would try it just once. Also practice plating up.

16 Reality Raver { 02.15.11 at 11:22 pm }

Wallah – Don’t you mean lamb? Maybe they prefer that providore. But it is strange.

17 essjayeats { 02.16.11 at 7:25 am }

RR: I think wallah is talking about the Brisbane couple. That lamb was from Melbourne.

18 seepi { 02.16.11 at 7:49 am }

Wierd scores this time. It seemed clear that entree was the best, but manu gave it the same as the main. And pete gave the main the same as the dodgy dessert.

Sooo – is timing assessable. Is it better to keep punters waiting fo 2 hours for a perfect dessert, or serve up the first go promplty, but with a burnt edge?

19 Darryl { 02.16.11 at 9:30 am }

So the hippies live 30 minutes away from CBD, but they showed them twice driving over Story Bridge. No wonder they ran into traffic

20 Reality Raver { 02.16.11 at 10:19 am }

Darryl – maybe that is why they start filming so early in the morning for the re-takes.

Seepi – I thought there was a time frame on when they were meant to get it out this year. As the contestants keep on saying “we have to get it out” or “it is time to get it out” or something like that. Because remember last year there were long waits, and I thought they may have been given a strict timeframe. An hour and half wait would have most people leaving the restaurant

21 Sourkraut { 02.16.11 at 3:37 pm }

Anyone that cooks brussel sprouts deserves a 1 for their main course

22 Angie { 02.16.11 at 8:27 pm }

I thought their entree looked fantastic and the length of time to cook the dessert ridiculous. Couldn’t believe the mother/daughter trio – seriously the brat needs to learn basic manners in holding a knife/fork properly.