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Masterchef UK Has Taken On Masterchef Australia’s Format

Masterchef UK has taken on the Australian Masterchef format, including a new set, but the purists are not liking it. It has lost 500,000 viewers overnight. Is the show tanking? It will be interesting to see if it claws back some viewers or gets new ones. (Source: Daily Record)


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2 PollyB { 02.20.11 at 10:25 am }

Oooooh nooooooo. This is bad. I’ve been hoping latest UK series is coming to Oz soon, but no, we’ll have to wait till Oz Masterchef has been shown…. months awaaaaay.
Admittedly UK version was a bit boring in the early rounds, but gee, it was interesting to see some of the muck served up! The whole concept didn’t have the superfluous production of the Oz version, had ‘real’ challenges in ‘real’ kitchens, and you could see real progress in the ‘chefs’. Also, those left in the last weeks showed a real passion for cooking, wanting to be chefs, not just looking for exposure in the media. Hopefully Toady and Shrek won’t try to change their presenting styles. I think they keep it real compared to G & G. Thankfully I have an IQ so don’t need to sit through the Oz condescending ‘suspense’ and that scripted verbal diarrhoea that is repeated ad nauseam.

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4 Snoopy Jnr { 06.24.12 at 4:39 pm }

Follow the USA format. It is more interesting and less long-winded and drawn out. The Aussies down under has a lot of times on their hands to waste.