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The Biggest Loser – Open Post

Sorry guys I have been in the air for the last 24 hours due to going on holiday, so I missed Wednesday, Thursday and also tonight’s show.

This is just an open post for people to vent or say what happened in the episodes.

My Kitchen Rules episodes will still be recapped as I have the upcoming episodes. Also The Amazing Race as I will watch it on catch up TV. Also I believe the latest Survivor has also started in the US.


1 Darryl { 02.25.11 at 12:33 pm }

Yes Survivor has started and pretty good first two episodes. First tribal Council is just gobsmacking. One guy getting a lot of air time claims to be a “Former Private Investigator”

2 brain dead dave { 02.27.11 at 3:10 pm }

RR Wed ,Thurs and Fri ‘s eps were all geared toward the producers’ insatiable desire to bring Damien back into the game. It seemed pretty obvious they wanted him back and this was duly achieved after several nights of mindless challenges,the worst part being having to wait until the following night to find out the highly suspicious result.

All this to bring an over sized, lumbering wombat back.

A “knowledge” aspect to one of the challenges showed us once more that the contestants are some of the bluntest crayons going around. The only times these whales would get their head in a book is if it was a menu.

I watched Friday night with the mute on. The mindless sporting cliches are excessive when you know that the whales could only be bothered to “dig deep” into a bucket of ice cream.

The highlight for Fri for me was the look on Jarhead’s face when Damien dragged his fat ar$e back into Lardar$e Lodge. No sound required to convey how annoyed he was about that. His Southern Cro$$ tattoo just exemplifies what a bland,cookie cutter Aussie he is.

3 Reality Raver { 02.27.11 at 11:42 pm }

BDD – thanks for that. This series looks like it is being overly manipulated, but I am glad Damien is back in for his sake.

I note that red team booted out Jarrod in revenge. I am sure he is not happy about that.

Daryl – I will have to watch it on catch up tv.

4 Emily Jones { 03.01.11 at 11:56 am }

RR – please catch up on TBL!!! You have missed weeks now!
I am particularly interested in what you think about the business surrounding Joe – he voted for his OWN TEAM to go home (or face the one against three challenge)… and the producers seem to have brushed that very odd fact aside… there has not been a scene where Michelle found out!? Then after this act, he got rewarded with seeing his family when none of the other contestants had such a priviledge! It all worked out well for the red team since they got damian back and won the challenge and Joe got to get rid of Jared, but the way they got there was so bizarre and I want to hear your take on it all!

5 Reality Raver { 03.01.11 at 1:52 pm }

Emily JOnes – I am so sorry but I am in the US so have not seen it. That is why I had the open post. I do know that Nathaniel has sworn not to speak to Joe again. I think he is what is known as an absolute prick…

Let us hope he doesn’t win.
Now BDD what do you think?

6 Littlepetal { 03.01.11 at 4:15 pm }

I think it was a strategy that Joe used. If he didn’t vote for the red team, the White team will be the one against the other teams and they will make sure white team win and they will vote Joe out. Thus by voting for the red team, he is at least in control of his own fate rather on the hands of the rest of the teams.

7 brain dead dave { 03.01.11 at 4:17 pm }

It’s easy to dislike Joe but I ‘m always wondering why the Challenors went on the show. They hate each other.

My favourite Joe quote…

“Our team will take up the challenge with both teeth”

Tonight the white team sledge Joe about booting Jarhead. I suspect Jars will be brought back later.

8 Emily Jones { 03.01.11 at 4:31 pm }

Littlepetal – i think it certainly looks like that in hindsight, it looks like a brilliant strategy by joe in hindsight, but at the time he did it he had no way of knowing how others would vote so i think it was just resignation to seeing the red team all gone! weird. but if your theory is correct, then Joe is smarter than he looks!

BDD “some of the bluntest crayons going around” LOL yeh the knowledge contest was pretty cringey… you would think that they have time in that place to read through their calorie counting books. Some of the question were a bit strange but to not even know how many kJ in a calorie?? a bit of a poor effort.

It is really strange also that Joe and Nathaniel did not AGREE on who to vote out, after all they won TOGETHER. I guess, like you say RR, Joe may just be a prick, but i try so hard to give them the benefit of the doubt considering the contrived situation they are in and that it is heavily edited.

I feel sorry for Nathaniel. Michelle describes him as a “very young 18″ and he does seem young and in a very distressing situation… plus he commented on having suffered from depression. I really hope he stays in the competition and does well, he is young and could go into a career in health and fitness off the back of this if he does really well.

9 Littlepetal { 03.01.11 at 5:49 pm }

It’s interesting that Jarrod think Sarah should be voted out as she is a threat !!!! What a lot of rubbish. So far she has lowest total percentage weight lost even though she may have lost abit more in last Sunday weigh-in. Sarah is not motivated, think everything is funny and pissing the Commando off. She needs to be in the house to continue with her weight loss. The white team and the others all jump at the red team for putting Damien up for elimination and blah blah blah about Damien need to be there. Shouldn’t Sarah need to be there? So the white team – do as I say but not when we are involved.

Waiting for Wed episode when the white girls attack Joe for voting Jarrod. So it is o.k to vote out Leigh or Sarah??? Joe should stir the pot so that they can see through the white team.

Red team is a trouble team. They don’t seem to like one another and wonder why they want to be on the show. They should have watch the previous series and should have some ideas what is involved. They think they will just lose weight if they are in the show !!! Like a magic wand !!!!

10 Reality Raver { 03.02.11 at 1:43 am }

Little Petal – Interesting enough in this weeks woman’s Day and I am only getting to see it online ( Sarah Moon from the black team says she barely knows her cousins Jodie and Kellie.

Suspect some families were having a hard time finding a fourth team mate.

Emily Jones – I hope Nathaniel is getting some good psych care in the house as he needs it. At least he is diagnosed depressive and has reason to be as the poor bugger lost his brother.

What I would like to know is why/how Damien got so large.

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