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The Amazing Race – Unfinished Business

I always love it when Survivor or The Amazing Race bring back contestants that have been on the show previously, and this latest season has them bringing back the teams who came close to winning or had some terrible luck which meant they were eliminated.

It was gut wrenching when nice guys Zev Glassenberg and Justin Kanew, had to leave the race when Justin lost his passport in Cambodia. So it is great to see them get another shot at the $1 million. The list of who are the teams are in a previous post here.

Kynt, partner of Vyksin  has changed his name to Kent . My theory for the name change was after his awful behaviour in Italy he was being called C**t.

Anyway the episode started of in Palm Springs, with Phil Keoghan declaring the first clue was not on their back packs. But then there was a shot of the clues in Phil’s back  pocket. Most females would get very excited at the thought of grabbing Phil’s butt as they were getting the clue. But unfortunately that did not happen.

The clue was Queensland and Northern Territory Air Service – meaning they had to grab the sign that said Qantas, and this did stump a few teams.

However it was off to Sydney, Australia.

Eight of the teams were on the first flight, however this flight was delayed in Hawaii as some on had a heart attack  and the plane was diverted. The teams were trying to be nice about it but you could tell they were pissed. In Phil’s diary blog on the site he was on the first flight, and had to head straight to the pitstop, arriving just 20 minutes prior to them.

Kris and Jamie had had a lucky day considering they had been the last to find the Qantas clue and this meant when they hit the detour they would have to do both challenges.

Once they landed they had to go to Ocean World at Manly to swim with the sharks to find a dish with a code breaker on it.

The african american girls had difficulty due to their lack of swimming ability, however Mallory continued to lead the way.

After that there was a puzzle which half the teams did not get, but other teams gave them the clues. I hate that when that happens. However the cowboys struggled and it is still unclear whether they moved forward.

At the pitstop at Shelley Beach the teams were told the leg had not ended, and rumour has it that they are on the way to Broken Hill.

Vyksin who clearly knows her boyfriend Kent well paid him out when she said they were on the way to Manly, even she was being ironic when she said that adjective described him so well. Also as eagle eyed Injera pointed out, Kent also gave the dishy surfer guy on the pitstop mat a grab on the butt.

If Kent gets lost on Oxford St it would be interesting to see what occurs.

At this stage Gary and Mallory are in the lead, but the cowboys are struggling. Hopefully a bit of luck will swing  their way soon.

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1 Injera { 02.28.11 at 6:31 am }

Credit where credit is due – I only saw the bum grab because @essjayeff commented on it so we rewound. Also… Great recap, drunk or not!