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My Kitchen Rules – The Wrong Team Was The Bottom One

I really like Stefania and Daniela, but seriously the calzone they made tonight was a joke. They don’t seem to be amping it up, but just pulling out their old standards they make at home. I am sure they are great, but as we all know a calzone is a bit like chucking leftovers into pizza dough.

Whereas I thought Donna and Reade’s pie looked nice on the plate, even though they were told there was not much flavour in it. But compared to the calzone it looked far more high end. Maybe Stefania’s flirty ways with Manu made them safe.

The challenge tonight was to cook meat and three vegetable dish in 90 minutes, but the twist was after 30 minutes Manu and Pete Evans announced that it had to be turned into a pie. Luckily they could go and get extra ingredients from the pantry.

Mel from Tasmania was clearly struggling as she was very sick. However this made her much more placid in the kitchen, and it worked. She was saying complimentary things to her husband James. She said he was a good cook but he just lacked confidence. In the end they ended up putting a very nice dish on the table, and she even made the pastry.

Ash and Kelly are starting to make their move on the competition with another strong dish, theirs was a pork and apple pie. Kane and Lee got kicked for poor presentation, however their spanish style chicken pie had a lot of flavour.

The tassie girls managed to turn their lemon thyme chicken into a tasty pie, as did the South Australian couple Ann-Marie and Nick who I think are turning into the new Mel and James.

Who do you think should have been the bottom team to face Johnny and Artie in tomorrow nights three course elimination challenge?


1 Jasmin { 03.01.11 at 10:35 pm }

RR – I agree, Daniela and Stefania’s ‘pie’ didn’t step up to the challenge. It looked stodgy and they seem didn’t use their extra time wisely.
I was surprised at the number of couples cooking roast potatoes after being instructed specifically not to.
Whilst Mel was more placid due to feeling ill, it didn’t stop her patronisingly calling James a ‘good boy’ when he cut the meat without making a mistake.
Donna and Reade’s Floating Pie looked fine, however I guess looking good and tasting good are two very different things.
Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s elimination!

2 PollyB { 03.01.11 at 11:07 pm }

I agree, the calzone looked woeful, Manu said it was ‘boring’ and Pete said the pastry wasn’t cooked underneath or on the inside. What’s with this forgiveness for undercooked food? Or is this reprieve a result of Stefania’s flirting?! 😉

3 Anonymice { 03.01.11 at 11:30 pm }

while not really consistant with the topic….MKR was off to a great start – now its reeking of Masterchef…

4 Reality Raver { 03.02.11 at 1:29 am }

Anonymice – that is NOT off topic at all. It is definitely taking bits from Masterchef now. The cook offs, the off site challenges, but I suppose there is only so many things they can do with cooking shows. Unless they turn it into a Hells Kitchen.
Maybe Masterchef needs to do that to sort out the contestants who do want to make cooking a career. Four hours of prep daily should sort them out.

Jasmin – LOL that is right about Mel and the “good boy” comment. Interestingly enough he just adores her. Maybe that is the way to treat guys.

Polly B – Maybe they think Stefania and Daniela make better TV – I don’t mind Reade his too camera pieces are not as boring as the other SA couple.

5 smauge { 03.02.11 at 8:47 am }

James lacks confidence? Who wouldn’t living with that patronising cow? I heard her make some comment at the end about how it was the first time cooking virtually by himself and GEE, he did a good job!!

6 sourkraut { 03.02.11 at 1:10 pm }

Egg White Egree! It is becom ing Son of Mastercrap or Return of Mastercrap as the end result also seems to be getting rigged by the judges and ch7 in playing up to the demographics. (Paul, see I dont just criticise your Ch 10 only) ANYHOO…………….
I yam insulted!!!!!! To even contemplate the turgid tassie twosome twits making Sauerkraut out of purple cabbage with no previous marination made me LMAO. Lucky for them they got to change their glop into a pie
Further what’s with the touchy feely feely garbage going on with the judges and the sandgropers. their so-called pie looked the crappiest of the lot
Finally did my (eye)balls deceive me or did manu(re) pick up some of the food off his plate with his fingers. charming. tends to confirm BDD’s earlier observation perhaps a course of ladette to lady is required?