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American Idol – The Year Of The Geek

I am not sure what I think about American Idol without Simon Cowell. Something is definitely lacking, and I am not talking about Steve Tyler’s facial movements. He has had so much work done he is looking younger than Jennifer Lopez.

Tonight it was the semi final for the top twelve guys, and it is the year of the geek. There are very few heart throb guys which I think could be a positive in the long run, as the talent might get through.

Clint Jun Gamboa –

This karaoke singer sange a great version of Superstition. He is no hottie but had some appeal. However I think he will struggle to get through due to being

Jovany Barreto – Oh this guy might have a six pack but hes song was extremely boring. But JLo looked like she was in raptures. Duller than Michael Buble. Randy and I were seeing eye to eye, he thought it was just OK.

Jordan Dorsey – Looked great but had dodgy vocals As Randy would say it was pitchy. But in the year where there were few hotties he might get through. But then throwing himself on the floor at the end of the song was over the top.

Of course Randy picked up the pitch problems. Jordan admitted it was not him and hinted the song had been foisted upon him.

Tim Halperin – who had that independent quirky thing going on . I think he has potential it just wasn’t shown in this song. The judges were saying it was not his best.

Brett Lowenstien – Oh God he is my favourite. This guy is the first one to show any star quality. His version of Fire was excellent. Steve Tyler said “you brought it home.” J LO “That was more head tossing that me and Beyonce have done in the last ten years.”  Randy said ” You are definitely fun and bold.”

James Durbin – who was hitting the notes but did not really do it for me. I more butch version of Adam Lambert perhaps?

Steve Tyler thought it was crazy good. But Steve judgement was poor all night.

Robbie Rosen – The NY Post were trying to drum up this guy as a heart throb. Um no not at all. He had a nice voice but thought the star quality was missing. Steve Tyler thought it was a “beautiful thing”.  Randy said “It was not a good performance.”

Scotty McCreery – who is the country boy of the competition and it did a nice job if you like that genre. It is popular in the US so he should get through to the top 12.

Stefane Langone – who was a bit of a cutie sang a nice rendition of “Amazing” which should see him voted through on a very weak night.

Paul McDonald OK this guy is quirky cute with blazing white teeth. But I could have done without the Rod Stewart song. However he has a nice voice, a rock star vibe, and looks good in skinny jeans so he has my vote.

Jacob Lusk – sang Luther Vandross, yes he it all the notes and will get into the top 12 – can he win? I don’t think so.

Casey Abrams – yes talented indeed. Will his nerdy bearded look bring in the votes? Yes for awhile but if he turns out to be one dimensional expect the voters to turn to someone else.


1 @spunkybean { 03.03.11 at 1:55 am }

Jacob Lusk is definitely the best singer, but certainly can’t win. And if he did, I’m not sure he could have success as a recording artist. It’s not the 80s. We don’t go for R&B ballads anymore. Nice, concise recap. See you tomorrow.

2 Anonymous { 03.03.11 at 9:39 am }

I saw this post on wednesday night. It isn’t airing in Aus until tonight so this is actually a spoiler…

3 Reality Raver { 03.03.11 at 10:01 am }

Anon – I know I should have put something up the top of the post. I am in US and was curious to know if I could get any US traffic. But over here every second blog is doing American Idol recaps.