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My Kitchen Rules – Another Team Goes

Reade said ” Winston Churchill said ‘when going through hell keep going'” I don’t think he was talking about the being on a reality TV cooking show…

Anyhow, tonight was the elimination cook off between Artie and Johnnie, and Donna and Reade. As regular readers will know I thought Stefania and Daniela should have been the ones to be there tonight instead of Donna and Reade.

Tonight there were now more judges in the mix with Tobie Puttock, Karen Martini, Liz Egan, and Guy Grossi as additional judges.

Donna and Reade were not having a good time of it, with Reade having issues with the polenta, and Donna managed to knock over one of her espresso pannacottas.

Artie and Johnnie appeared to be much more relaxed. But they have some weird cooking styles. I agree with Manu that they cooked their prawns in stock powder and this is not a positive thing.

For entree Donna and Reade served up quail with polenta and a grape sauce, and Artie and Johnnie dished up a topsy turvey prawn salad.

Donna and Reade’s dish got better reviews from the judges, particularly because there was a lot more work in their dish.

Main for Donna and Reade was snapper on cannellini beans, zucchinis and zucchini flowers, for Artie and Johnnie it was thai style duck. I thought both looked great.

The snapper was overcooked for most, however Manu got a good piece. Guy thought there was something lack lustre about the dish.

Artie and Johnnies dish was criticised for the mushrooms however the judges were positive about the duck.

I did fell sorry for them as Johnnie were having a disaster with their vanilla ice cream for dessert. They had made fig and pistachio pudding, but had to substitute the ice cream for cream.

Poor Liz Egan got slapped down by Tobie Puttock when she said she would have liked to have had more coffee in the pannacotta. He said he thought it was perfect.

Tobie loved the pudding and gave Artie and Johnnie a 6, Karen gave them a 7, as did Liz. Guy gave them a 7.

Pete also thought the dessert was the highlight from both teams. Manu gave them a 7, and Pete a 7.

For a total of 41.

Donna and Reade scored a 6 from Liz, Guy gave them a 6, Tobie gave them a 5, and Karen gave them a 5. The whole issue behind their scores was lack of technique. Both Manu and Pete gave them a 6. Artie and Johnnie easily beat them to remain in the competition.

I was surprised at how comprehensively the SA couple were beaten.

UPDATE: If you think you have what it takes to be on Season 3 of My Kitchen Rules go the website to apply.


1 Sourkraut { 03.02.11 at 9:34 pm }

At least they listened to my previous suggestion to have different judges on the eliminations.
Sorry to see the SA couple gone but in reality i think the banana benders apart from the crappy prawn salad produced the better looking food. Actually they were the two couples I least wanted to see gone. Still dont like the sandgroper who shrieks manically cook coook cooook at the oven full of crap pie. That couple should have been the ones in the cook-off tonight.

2 Liberty { 03.02.11 at 10:07 pm }

Don’t know how Donna holds her nerve in the used car yard! She really only had to produce one dish and looked like she was about to have a nervous breakdown.

3 Chris { 03.02.11 at 11:41 pm }

Just watching Donna, and listening to Reid, made me cringe most of the time.
I’m from WA but agree that the two ladies should have been in the cook-off.
Glad that the Butchers got through.

4 Sares { 03.03.11 at 9:56 am }

Yep agree that WA should have been in the cookoff.

They had a huge advantage in that didn’t have to change up their dish when the switch happened and yet managed to waste 40 mins and only put the Calzones into the oven 20 mins before they were due to be served. In the end their food was raw which in my opinion made it completely inedible (& it looked nasty too).

5 PollyB { 03.03.11 at 10:19 am }

Oh gosh, how dumb am I? I couldn’t even remember who was eliminated first. Just got it, they couldn’t risk both WA teams being eliminated first. Geez I hate being treated as less than intelligent by these entertainment producer types, and hate it even more when I prove to fit their perception!!! Grrrr if only I didn’t luuuurve watching foodie shows…

6 Liana { 03.03.11 at 10:29 am }

I watch MKR all the time but honestly last night I turned it off half way through the show as I found it most boring actually.

7 Reality Raver { 03.03.11 at 11:15 am }

Polly B – you are soo right I had not thought about THAT. Does this mean they will be safe for a few weeks? I hope not.

Liana – you thought it was too drawn out?

8 Anonymous { 03.03.11 at 12:29 pm }

Polly b I have been ranting for the last two years about that exact same thing. These`shows are rigged, and if an idiot like me can see it, surely the rest of the viwers can too
My suggestion is to view it with the same attitude that I adopt to the Tour de Farce and the olumpic games. Realise what is happening re the drugs and treat it as entertainment and not as sport (or cooking ability0
SAY there’s a thought for an enterprising young up and coming chemist out there……. Invent a drug that enhance a persons cooking ability, or another drug that is slipped into the food that hypnotises judges and makes them think it is perfect. SAAAYYYY!

9 sourkraut { 03.03.11 at 12:31 pm }

yes you guessed. Anonymous above is really that sour bitter twisted cynical me

10 Chels { 03.03.11 at 12:40 pm }

The way Reade speaks to Donna in the kitchen sometimes could rival Mel and ol puppy dog eyes

11 Chris { 03.03.11 at 12:41 pm }

Here was I thinking it was Drop Dead Dave……
Oh yea, he watches Biggest Loser on Wednesdays.

12 Reality Raver { 03.03.11 at 12:44 pm }

Which reminds me I need to put up a biggest loser open post.

13 PollyB { 03.03.11 at 12:53 pm }

Anonymous – Yes understand you. I loved the original UK MC version cos, although a bit boring, it seemed to be very honest – contestants, judging, the production. Now they’ve copied the Oz over produced version. I lament the dumbing down of society and this type of media production is a major part of that. MC admit it is geared toward the kids of the family cos they love the drama and suspense, and they rule the house, and parents allow that. And it is rigged, and now another show obviously rigged, and … aaargh, OK I’ll step down from the soap box now!

14 brain daed dave { 03.03.11 at 1:54 pm }

I do watch Lo$er on Wed….Jarrod put on 2.5 kilos since he was booted out. One of the Blacks wolfed over 100 Smarties for a visit home. Not happy Commando.

Switching over during the ads ,I saw Toby Buttock…who I can’t stand.
Someone should give him the ar$e.

There’s a couple of disturbing new Scott Cam commercials doing the rounds ,too.

15 Jasmin { 03.03.11 at 1:58 pm }

It would be less drawn out if they played everything once and once only! Seeing replays after every ad break just makes the show boring. I’d rather see more of the cooking technique or even hear more comments from the other competitors.

16 Anonymous 2 { 03.05.11 at 8:28 pm }

I agree with Anonymous, sadly, MKR is rigged for the most popular personalities, not their cooking.