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My Kitchen Rules – One Of The Fave Teams Is Going To Go

Sorry guys it is only half a recap tonight, as the preview disc only had half the episode on it. For once I was glad for the recaps throughout the episode.

I missed the sandwich challenge, where I presume, Sammy and Bella, Esther and Ali, Nick and Ann- Marie, and Kane and Lee did well enough to avoid the soup challenge.

If there was anything controversial or interesting about the first challenge can someone please fill me in the comment section.

The four teams that had to do the soup challenge had to base it on the components that were in their sandwiches.

Stefania and Daniela finally changed cuisines and made a Chinese Dumpling Soup, which apparently was OK. Daniela looked like she was exhausted and over it.

Ash and Kelly mushroom, beef and barley soup with caramelized onion crouton Β which did look spectacular, I am starting to think they could win.

The Queensland butchers continue to hang at the bottom of the pack producing a pretty ordinary lamb and vegetable soup.

Also the NSW boys wit had deserted them as they struggle to stay in the competition. Their chicken and pork meatball soup had virtually nothing positive about it. They missed a component of their sandwich, the sweet potato, and Bill was told he needed to work faster.

They landed in the Wednesday night cook off, which means one of the stronger teams will be going home.

If I was betting person I would say the NSW boys will be the ones to go, as I think they find it a bit harder thinking on their feet.Β  Also Mal and Bec are both strong cooks, whereas Alex is the lead cook on the NSW team.


1 Jasmin { 03.08.11 at 10:57 pm }

The sandwich challenge was carried out by only one member of each team; the other member had to sit down and do nothing except call out tips to (or in some cases, heckle) their team mate.

The butchers used far too many ingredients in their sandwich.
The NSW boys attempted a stuffed chicken breast sandwich, which was judged as terrible.
Stefania made a Chicken Foccacia, which was, of course judged as boring.
Surprisingly, Ash and Kelly also produced a bland and unexciting steak and mushroom sandwich.

The challenge was then to choose 3 of the main sandwich ingredients and use them to make a soup.

2 Reality Raver { 03.09.11 at 2:36 am }

Jasmin – If Stefania did the sandwich then why was Daniela looking so pooped. Thanks for filling me in.

3 sourkraut { 03.09.11 at 8:34 am }

The fix is still in. Bet your house on the NSW bimbos. Roast beef and beetroot sandwich not one of the 4 worst, You must be joking! What are they going to do when they cant use beet root?
Also we cant have 2 QLD teams facing each other in the elimination, although I must admit there was some justice when the judges nominated the NSW guys for trying to cheat by saying bread was one of their previous ingredients, and their soup was not soup, it was sauce. Anyway, I hope they go tomorrow as I still think their first nights effort was a successful FLUKE

4 PollyB { 03.09.11 at 9:46 am }

Agree sourkraut, we can’t have 2 QLD teams in an elimination, NSW tonight, QLD butchers next week. Then hopefully the Italians.

5 Jasmin { 03.09.11 at 10:24 am }

I think Daniela was exhausted because … actually, she had no reason to be. Stefania did all of the work, and came up with the idea of doing dumplings. Daniela seemed a bit taken aback that Stefania was taking charge, and stopped caring because it wasn’t her idea.
The NSW boys did pretty badly coming up with a sauce instead of a soup! Looking forward to tonights cook off – I think the hipsters will come through with the goods.

6 seepi { 03.09.11 at 10:33 am }

Why did the boys not make a sweet potato soup??

And ARtie and Johnny a potato zuchini and lamb soup?

The mushroom soup did look fantastic.

7 AngelSN86 { 03.09.11 at 12:48 pm }

I thought the butchers did a worse job on the soup, they just kind of threw everything into the pot with some stock. At least the NSW boys went to the trouble of doing meatballs.

8 Kaylen { 03.09.11 at 1:06 pm }

Which would you prefer to eat – something that didn’t taste the best, but was still edible and had some redeeming factors? Or something that should have been served on pasta?

Yeah… I know which one I would go for. πŸ˜‰

9 sourkraut { 03.09.11 at 1:29 pm }

The Qld butchers produced a reasonable version of a vegetable minestrone soup, which although not spectacular or original was at least a soup. The NSW boys meatballs were so huge they were lucky to fit them in the pot Manu even told them so and they took no notice. As to their “liquid” base. it looked nasty and you could probably walk on it and it certainly was not soup. Pity the NSW girls were not in the bottom, they could have done that revolting beetroot soup again for another perfect 10

10 Reality Raver { 03.09.11 at 2:06 pm }

Sourkraut – Are you anti beetroot, do you have it on salad sandwiches or hamburgers?
Agree with your Qld theory.

Polly B – agree with your assessment with the butchers and WA team should be the ones to go next.

Jasmin – I don’t think Daniela realised how hard it was going to be.

Seepi – If they made sweet potato soup would they have had to have put chicken and some other veges in it?

AngelSN86 – maybe the butchers got more flavour, or Sourkraut suggested they didn’t want the Qld’s teams going head to head.

Kaylen – neither looked that great.

11 Darryl { 03.09.11 at 4:04 pm }

The promo says tonights will only be one point difference. Yeah right. NSW to go so it can be “Qld v NSW” State of Origin showdown

12 sourkraut { 03.10.11 at 1:39 pm }

You can beat an egg but you cant beet a beer on a hot day!
No I dont have beetroot on my burgers. Its usually hard and the cloying sweetness does not mix well in taste with the lovely pungency of the meat and onoins etc