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Well If The Hunks Does Come To Australia Scott Cam Won’t Be Starring In It

I seem to be going from the ridiculous to the sublime on the blog today. This morning we had Scott Cam in speedos (this was not a positive thing), and now there is news that the UK are trying to foist upon us a reality production called The Hunks.

Believe it or not I am not excited about this new show.

TV Tonight says:

Now which Aussie network is game enough to bid for The Hunks, a new six-part reality series produced by Back2Back Productions in the UK?

The series promises to reveal how men really behave and what they really think about women, love, marriage, fidelity, sex and fatherhood.

According to the synopsis, “Cameras follow the guys 24/7, as they set up home in two spectacular, adjoining penthouses perched high above a beautiful sandy beach. We see the drama and rivalries that occur between the lads as they constantly strive to prove their manhood and attempt to outdo each other on everything from surfing to working out to success with the ladies. There’s metrosexual grooming by the bucket load as the guys wax, work out and dress to thrill. The guys’ pulling techniques, pack instincts and real views on women are put under the microscope, as they bare their souls and tell us their most intimate thoughts. The insights go deeper, as the lads debate more risqué subjects such as unplanned pregnancy, abortion, fidelity, fatherhood and sex.”

Seriously if these guys have been hard at work on their six packs, when would they have had time to think indepth about the above issues?

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1 brain dead dave { 03.11.11 at 6:13 pm }

Doesn’t The Footy Show already cater to these gorillas?