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My Kitchen Rules Apparently Copies Masterchef Australia

Wasn’t this a story last year, when there were claims that My Kitchen Rules was ripping off aspects of Masterchef Australia? In fact some commenters on this blog were particularly skillful at picking the phrases used on both shows. (I can’t find exact blog posts as searching for them brings up a squillion results – however the call on this was made early in the series.)

The Sunday Telegraph writes this season of My Kitchen Rules mirrors Masterchef Australia .

The article states:

Time clocks counting down while participants work on studio kitchens constructed from wood and steel, cooking while other contestants look on, and group challenges that end with the famed MasterChef catch cry “step away from the benches” have all slid into the extended second season of My Kitchen Rules, a current ratings winner for Channel Seven.

Pete Evans actually calls it for what it is and say there is actually quite a few other reality TV cooking shows other than Masterchef Australia.

He says:

“In regards to similarities between MasterChef and MKR, all you have to do is look at the LifeStyle Channel and there are 20 different reality-based cooking shows,” Evans said.

“I don’t know that MKR is copying MasterChef. There was My Restaurant Rules before MasterChef, there’s been Top Chef in America, Iron Chef pre-dated all of them, so we can talk about copying if you want but I think there are better things to talk about.”

As we all know Masterchef Australia has many challenges taken from Top Chef (see previous blog post on that), and I don’t see that as a negative thing.

Also are they trying to say that having a french judge Manu Feildel, is the same as having a Greek judge George Calombaris? Quite frankly I don’t think so.


1 brain dead dave { 03.13.11 at 12:18 pm }

“Step away from the stenches !” is more “bang on” in my book.

2 sourkraut { 03.14.11 at 1:29 pm }

who cares? MKR is now copying the rigged aspect of masterfarce